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Fortinet NSE4 Certification Practice Test Questions, Fortinet NSE4 Exam Dumps

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FortiGate Firewall V6.4

6. Lecture-06:Install FortiGate Firewall in GNS3

Second method. how we can install a 40-gate firewall in GNS 3. the GNS three, which I am running. So, give them any name you want. I believe I'm using two to eight or something, two to seven; it can be anywhere. And by the way, it's almost the same procedure almost.And I'm using Windows 7 with 16 GB of RAM. It can be less RAM or more RAM. It's okay, but this is my detail, VMware. It has to be enabled for KVM. KVM has to be enabled on your system. a kernel-based virtual machine. KVM. So, if I go to my virtual machine, which is running GNS 3, and see if KVM support is available, It claims to be true. So these are the bare minimums you should look into. Okay, now let's go. How do we install GNS 3? So go to anywhere. By the way, if you click on the router switch here, it's better to click on the firewall. This is the security device. And click here for the template. Also you can go from here as well, preferences. And here is Kim UVM, brand new. It's the same way to go. and so many other methods as well. But the easy method is to click on "security device," click on "new template," and choose the first one recommended for installing an appliance from GNS 3 servers. just the GNS. Three. This e from GNSnext, and you can filter as well. Type "40 gate," and it will show you "40 gate proxy," 40 gate sandbox web," and so many other "40 gate." But anyway, the one that I need is 40. Gate, which uses Kimu. Okay. So you can filter either. If you don't want to filter, go to the Firewall section. And here is a 40 g and click you don't wantIt will show you only one option, which is the GNS three VM. This one will be uploaded to the GNS 3 VM. Click next and choose the Kimu binary, which is running KVM. Next, it will show you so many versions, up to 6.22 version.But the one that I downloaded, okay, by the way, I didn't download by the way.Now we need a separate operating system for GNS 3, not the VMware one. So what you need to do is go back to support Fortinet. Go to Fortinet Services and click Support Login. This time it show me login. You can register here if you don't have an account. In my case, I have three accounts. So let me log in with any account. Yes, I'm logging with and download from accounts. So let me log inVM images. Again, forget but KVM, I just told you. KVM kernel-based virtual machine, which is used by Eve and JNS 3. And this is the one that I need. This table one This one. And again, this is an upgrade. And this one is for the new deployment. Click on "Download." Okay, this one, and because I already downloaded this one, I renamed it because your naming convention is very difficult to understand. That is why I use compress and OVF. and this one is the KVM. So let me unzip cult to uSo my KVM is here. This one is KBM. The extension will be named Kubecow. I told you, Kubecob. Later on, Kim Yukapi And write this. The abbreviation of QCOW Two KOB. One was the old one. Now they have introduced a new one, Qcow. Okay, keep your copy unwritten. And that's what we need here. This Q-cow extension But the one that I downloaded is 6.24. Is there any 6.24? No, it's only showing. It's okay. You can create it here; there is a button. Create a new version and type 6.24. Even if you spell it wrong, it's okay. It's not an issue. It's not mandatory to type the exit, but it's better to type exit 1624. Then you will say, "What the hell is this? 140 gate. It will come automatically. Don't worry. And pe the exitAnd now, when you go to the end and look, it has come up automatically. 40-gate version 6.2. Okay. And when you click this one, it should be downloaded the first time. If it is your first time, click on this one. Because it's already downloaded. Click on this download mt three G. This is a small file that is required to run Q. So click on that one. It will download automatically. That's it. There is no need to take any action. It will download from the Source Forge website and automatically empty something that is required for many firewalls and many other things. That's one. And download first time for you. Because I already have someone showing me it's there. But in your case, if you want to doit first time, so it will be not there. and the image. Now I will show them the image. But for this one, you have to download first time.Now 6.24 of the image Click on import and the image we just download. It was in the compress. and I give them KVM. So KVM. I unzipped them somewhere. This one. And this is the 40th operating system, Kimu. Click on that one, and it will ask you for the MD files. It's okay. Just tell them it's okay. It was inNow it's uploading this file to this o KVM. I unzBecause it will run from there. It's done. Now click on this one and send it next. 6.24 et seq. Okay. Yeah, it's okay. It's missing, so let's do it again. because I've already done it So it's showing me that maybe he's doing it again. I already have. So for this reason, it's showing again. Missing. So what I need to do, I need to change the version. because I have the same version anyway. Let me do it again. I just saw the refresh. It will be there sometime. When you refresh the page, it still says missing. So just give me a minute to do it again. Yes, in your case, it will be straight away. Don't worry. In my case, because I already have two or three versions installed, it's because sometimes it overrides them and shows an error. Okay, so let me delete this one. In my case it's showing error so I willuse the existing one because it's already there. So let me choose 40 gates. Okay, install Let me now make a new version 6.24. OK, in your case, what you need to do is download this empty file and import this one. In my case, it's already there, so I will say "next" and you have to also do the next one after you upload them and click "yes." It says there is an admin username, which we know, and no password is set and finished. That's it. It was too easy to install so this was 6.24 this one. Okay, drag it, and from here, drag a net cloud. Don't change anything; normally users change this one to this one, so there will be no internet on this one. Keep in mind, you don't need to change anything when you drag it. This name displays your system name, either your username or the same as before. I'm repeating now that the student sending me the message says that I don't have internet and I cannot access the device because there's no need to change this one. Keep it the same when you drag it. Okay, and from here, sorry, this one click connects. And the first port is management, which I just noticed has DHCP enabled and turned on because anet cloud DHCP is already present. We know this one. The net cloud is basically taking this range of IP, so it will take the range 192-16-8114. You have to check yours from here. Now let me type it. I already know it will get an IP from this range (1140), but it can be any IP. Now let's see which IP they want to assign. port number one. Okay, and this is port. Okay, if you want to change the name every time, it will show you the huge name. So click 6124, and from here remove this and type FG. Now when you next time 6124 it will say FG one. FG two if you drag a new one. That's it. It will be like this one. Okay, it's already done. Let me remove this one just to show you how you can change the name. And it's not like a four-day ticket that takes time. Follow alto Click on console, right-click okay, and then select any console you're using; perhaps Putty. Perhaps you're using Super Putty. In my case, I'm using default as a secureCRT, so it will open in that one. In your case, it can be open in anything that is here, and in my case, the console application is secure CRT. Perhaps in your case, it could be putty, super putty, or anything else. Okay, normally putty is there. If you need secure CRT again, I can share it with you. Okay, so now it will take a long time to format it and reboot the device. Okay, so I've basically connected to the net cloud. Net clouds are enabled by default in GNS 3. This one is the net cloud. If you are using your own cloud then youcan use this one net cloud basically providing youinternet access in GNS three is getting the IPfrom here the same range VM net eight. So if you don't know your net range, you can come here and find out from there. 192-16-8114 Okay, it's still starting. So let me show you another way to find out your range. Go to your interfaces change adoptor option OK, and click on VM net eight and detail. Here you will see your 192-6811 fourand either you can find from CMD. So let me go ahead, go. Now it started to type "admin." There is no password. I told you. Enter 12312 three.Okay, and show the system interface. Let me give you another diagnosis. There is another command, diagnosed as IP. Let me see, here is another command as well. You can find it in that one as well. Diagnosed IP address list command you canfind from this command as well. So the IP address gives them one one four, which we were expecting, and we go to the browser again and type http. You're probably wondering how it gets from GNS 3 to our browser. Because this network is getting IP from our net interface, and the net interface is my system interface. So definitely impeachable here. So click on here, admin, and the password is So I use the GNS three this time and log in here. If you don't want to change it this time, you don't want to change the name. So it will keep the same name. Okay, this time it's with KVM. So this is the method by which we can install them. We clicked new template," then we recommended "Next." Here we 40 gate install click Next. Okay, win next. So there is nothing you can create on your own—either you can click Next or click Yes Next. Okay, there's no password there. You need more details. So you can go there. Admin set the password. New password. Use the diagnosed IP address. Either show system information or the system interface. In the case of a question mark, it is entirely up to you. Type in the browser and login, and you can see. So that is the way to install a 40-gate firewall in GNS 3 if you are using GNS 3.

7. Lecture-07:Install FortiGate Firewall in EVE-NG.

To install 40 gates. Firewall is both an evangelist and a simulation software. Just like a GNS three, it requires some devices. First, you have to download and install VMware. If you don't know, you can follow my video on YouTube. But just let me show you where we can download Eve. a community edition, which is a free edition where you can run more than 64 devices at the same time. type, EVNG download, and Google. It will take you to evng.Net, and from here you can download this one. The community doesn't download professionals; it requires a license. Okay, free. And here we have a Mega link as well as a Google link. The second thing you need is the client-side application. It has to be run, otherwise you will not be working again. You can download from Google either way, or you can download from a mirror. Okay, these two things require the second thing, which is WinSCP, to upload the Win SCP.SCP is an FTP utility where you can upload and download images from GNS three and e images.So you have to download free utilities. So three things are required. And, of course, you'll need VMware, which I mentioned where you can get VMware Workstation. Okay? So if you have already, then it's okay as to how we can install an Eve. So I have already running Eve and my IPS one, one 4138. So let me go to IP to open myEve, the default username is Edmund, and the password is Eve. If you want to log in here, there are roots and Eve. So root and EV is the password default one. Okay. And graphically, we have this one. Okay, let me close this one. This is the old lab which we are running. And let me create a new file with FG. Anything save. Okay, so maybe I have an old 40 kWh, but I don't have 624, which now we have. So how I can bring it? and your cargo will be nothing. When you type here 40 gate, it will be greyed out, and nothing will come. just like this one. Like apple I don't have showing a red. Yeah, I have SFR wall CSR outer is showing me. So what can I do? I need Vin SCP, which I justtold you how we can get them. Type in SCP, and from here type this IP: 119-216-8114, 138; in your case, it can be different. So, let me see. Not this 138, but root is the username, Eve is the password, and I'm using SFTP. Okay, and login. So it will take me here in unit length, but maybe it will take you here. And this is your main directory, not this one, this one. That's the root directory in Linux. Okay, so what you need to do,you have to go to opt option. Okay. Then you have to go to the unit lab, then you have to go to Amazon. There is a key me.You have to go to Kimu. This is the directory. It means this is the directory where you can put your 40-Gate firewall opt-unit lab It's at Kimiu. Okay, as I have already had so many—like, maybe I have 14 here— Now the only thing here is the name convention. It has to be followed correctly. Otherwise, your device will not come up. And it is from here that I discover this naming convention. It's okay. Go to and get the documentation just to show you. And there is Kimu. Image naming: Kimu. I already told you what Kimu means by Kimu.Okay. And in 40.Net, Kimu image naming and control are laid out. So, if you go to the top, you'll see keymew folder name and vendor, as well as Kimu image name by extension queue queue two, as I told you. So JNS three and e were using the same extension, QCAO two. But there is nothing to change it. But there is a permit here, which means the queue folder name should be "let me go back now it should be start from it." Then the next thing has to be the firewall name. Okay. And inside the file name has to be this one thing. So it has to be like this one. The first one is the Firewall. Second, there's another thing. This one is the mail. This is the manager. So they have fortigated so many things. So it means my folder name has to restart from this one. So let me go back to Kimu, and let me make a folder. Here we are in the Kimu folder, and I'll give them the name. This one. Sorry, I forgot. It has them as capital. Okay, same as you, dear. The second thing they say is that if you're using a firewall, your domain name should be Again. The last thing is, what is it called? Version. So what is our version? Let me go back to our version, 6.24. Type that one at 6.24. Okay. So there is only one dash. Keep in mind the 40.Net firewall. There is no capital, no something. Then install version 6.24 with full permissions. I want to give anything to this device. I don't care. Full permission in Linux So my folder is ready for Firewall 6.24. This one is the folder that was created. However, there is nothing inside SMT. So now what they say the name should be is "this one realtor" or something like that. So let me copy this one. And this side this side is my system. And this side is evil. So let me go to where I put that device. So let me go to that and see. Let me go back to it is in compress folder. So download, compress, and drag it here. Okay. It will not take much time because it's a small file. But the name shouldn't be like this. It has to be this one which they suggestcopy and rename this one by f two eitherby right clicker and give them this name. That's it. And now go back to here and command this. You must enter one command-based and one opt-unit lab. Whenever you make changes and have to apply this command, keep in mind that anything you delete is removed. You have to type this command. I can give you this command, and you can copy from here as well. It will be mentioned here as well. That's it. Now go back here. Before, it was not showing me four. If I go to look at now I have 6.24. But is it installed correctly? So let me choose this one. How many hours do you need? I'd say one. What will the name be? Let me change the name to FG. What will be the icon? How many interfaces do you need? What is the name you want to set? Just leave it default one. But yeah, this termination is okay. Console start on it and save. So now this one has come. However, right click again, this time on network, and select Management Cloud from the menu. Okay, keep in mind so let megive them mgmt connect this one. Don't start before because in connect to port one. DHCP is enabled and saved on port one. Now you will say why you choose a management. Let me add this one, then I will tell you that story. So I choose management. Basically, this management came from how many interfaces I have here. So let me go to my EVEN. Okay, so the first interface is net, and the second one is the host one. So here is the first interface in this one: This one. This is the first, not this one. So this is the net cloud, and cloud one is the other one. This one host only. If I add a new interface, then I can choose the third one, cloud three. This is the internet cloud. In my case, if you are using your host only for the first one, then your management cloud will be the host only. Okay? So now come here and right-click. Okay, sorry. Here, double click this not a GNS threedouble click and open secure again using secure30 in your case it can be put. Here's something else. Okay, whatever you put in your EU system. Okay, so now let's see who enters. So it's already started. The username is set to admin; no password is required. Enter, set a new password (one, two, three), confirm one, two, three, and show the system interface question mark. It will show the IP again. It's got the same range. Because I'm here. I'm using NetCloud, so copy this IP address into your browser with http, not https Enter, and edmund.Now I'm logging and say begin. Suppose let me change the Fe. Okay, now I change the host name and log in. I'm using this time to connect to my topology. Now here you can connect external, internal,whatever DMZ you can do whatever. But the first port will work as a management port. You can use them for netting as well. for when as well. It's okay, you can take two things from it. So let me show you quickly what I have done. This is my side, and this is my system size. Okay, we go to Kimu here. This is the path. We create a folder that you can drag and drop into your system. But I created it here and dragged the folder. I already created this site and just dropped it. but this time I created here and imported here. So it's up to you. Whatever you want to use. The last thing is that, whatever you change, you have to apply this command. Then we connect to the network management interface, type admin, set the new password, and diagnose the majority of the ideas. It's up to you to decide which command is best for you. And type this one. and we log in with the device.

8. Lecture-08:FortiGate Firewall Dashboard.

Now let's discuss when we first time login so whatyou will see in 40 gate firewall so there aretwo ways to set your 40 gate firewall dashboard whenyou first time login escalade dashboard dashboard whatever you cansee this call a dashboard Dashboard can be a network operation central knock, which we call knock; that's how they're used, and knock what the union sockand is. knock where you can see security operations centre andnetwork operations centre they want to monitor network devices andnormally you will see the same structure like this onethere will be many devices you can see so that'swhy they give them this dashboard network operation centre or responsive layout will give you a response, and you can change the thing. You can move them. You can resize them horizontally, and you can make them fit. You can fit them vertically. You can change them, which is why it is called responsive; it gives you a response that is flexible, as you will see the first time you open it. You will see this dashboard thisdashboard is basically divided into fourcategories those four categories status. Top usage. Land DMZ. security and system event, so let me show you when you first log in. In the top left corner, there is a logo for 40 Gate Firewall, as well as a name for Tiger NBM, which version you are using, and then the name of the host. This host name is here you can change the host name. Go to configuration settings; it will take you here if I say 40 gate one and apply so now it's 40 gate one okay and you can change the house name from here as well; okay, so splogo then the name and then the host name of the device, and we have a green theme; you can change the theme, which we will see later in the course; it's somewhere here let me go to them. In the system settings, this one is green again; if you want to change it to another color, or if you want to change them all to blue, this one is the one to do it. Yes, it's very open to this one quick question. When compared to Pale, this firewall does not exhibit the same behavior, right? Whatever the things in parallel, we need to commit, but here, after changing the host name of the device without giving a commit, it will reflect on the box. You are asking this question; that's a good question. I was about to tell you it's not like a 40-gallon tank for all whatever you do on the spot. When you click the apply and save buttons, it will directly say the same as an LTM, which we had done in F-5, okay? So yes, whatever you do, it will be on the spot, but there is a configuration; we will see the backup in the store, but anyway, right now, I will say yes. So there's the logo, the name, the host name, "greentheme," and whatever theme you like you can change from here. The theme here is a search button. If you want to search for something specific, you should go to system administration or something similar, and then go shooting zooming anything you can clear from here and make them a filter as well. Here is one slightly greater than this one. This is CLI. Rather than go to CLI, they give you an option to open CLI. Here is the command-line interface. CLI: command-line console. So you can also check your things from here. Suppose whatever you want to command shows the system. The one that we run here shows the system interface and question mark. So it's showing me the IP here. If you want to record the script, there is now a record button, so it will be recorded and you can watch it later if you want. I don't want to clear it right now because I want to download it. Okay. Click on "Download" and "Save." Okay, you can save this command; maybe you run so many debug commands and you want to see them. So click on this file and you can open Notepad and Notepad Plus, so you will see the same command that I run here. There is a good reason to export them as well and copy to the clipboard rather than download and copy; now it's copy and go to any note page and you can paste here. This is the same result, which I downloaded, and from here you can make them bigger. As a result, clicking it will provide more information and open the large screen separately. You can run all the commands separately rather than here in this small window. Okay, and the last thing, which I didn't tell you, is to clear the screen. It will clear the screen for you, and then if you want to close it, it will give you this option. This will make the screen bigger; it will remove everything that is coming here. You can bring them back as well. Okay, and you can close, so it will come back here. So there's another option for going full screen here. If you need help aligning videos or any documentation, you can go from here. This mail notification will show you whatever happened on your system. It will be shown here. Okay this one so right now it's showing me onlythe VM evaluation licence detail the right in the cornerthere is the user who login and 48 Visa. It was here in the corner. Okay, so the name of the operating system we are using is "Virgin," and the build number, which we will see later on, is "System Reboot." We will reboot the system and shut down the system. We will backup and restore just leave this one; we can backup to take a backup, we can restore the backup, and we can revision as well because if you have two versions to check which one has changed, we can see this one and also run a script to change the password. Suppose I want to change the administrator password—one, two, three. So if you want to change the password, log in big. Okay, so let me click on this one. Sorry, whatever user logs in, it will show "Change Password." I told you to log out. If you want to log out from here and then log back in, this was the first part. Now, here is the dashboard, okay? The dashboard has four categories: status, top usage, land security, and system events it's divided into four categories and status onethe one which is selected will be green if Iclick this one, this one is green. Now if you are using the green theme, or if you are using any other theme, you will understand that this one is selected. Yeah, it looks like this one was selected. So now let's go back to the status. Okay, so the dashboard is divided into four categories, and this is called "widgets." If you click on here, you can reset the widgets as well. So now it's bigger and, if you need, you can make them single again as well. If you need a small visit, you can remove them as well. If you require system information, I remove it. Again, there is a small button in the corner. Okay? and click on the widget. I told you it's called "widgets." So which widgets? I removed system information. This one in the system information requires a click and close, so it's come up here again. But they put the system information here; it's okay; you said no; I need whatever it was to say reset dashboard. Okay? It will return them to their previous state, as if they were new. So if you go back, it's not showing you, so you have to refresh. So does a refresh. So you'll see it again, whatever it was like before; it's reappeared. So don't worry, just play around with them and do whatever you can to reset them back.Okay, so for system information, we're just showing the name of the system serial number from where? In version mode, we can see that there are two, three modes of operation. Twelve minutes is passed and van IP because we arenot using license, it is showing me unknown licence information,virtual machine CPU usage and all those information how muchis used and how much is allocated. Ram 40 gate, cloud-related stuff, fabric-related stuff security rating because we don't have access against not showing an administrator who is logged in, so the administrator logs in with http So there is one small one, but in Fort Explorer, there is nothing. Fort Explorer is our tool utility, and from here you can login as well, just like a CLI http, so there is a foot explorer as well as a checkpoint There is another way, and it is written here again: you can maximize, resize, and remove the CPU from the previous 1 minute, 10 minutes. You want to see 30 minutes of CPU time and you can maximise full screen and resize the window well, same as memory-related last 30 minutes: twelve hours, 24 hours maximize, and if you want to resize and remove sessions, how many sessions are currently connected? If you want to see the session for ten minutes, maximise it, and if you want to remove ten minutes, there are many options up to 24. Is this the status mentioned above, and what is the 40 gate telemetry? Yeah, I will tell you everything. Don't worry right now I'm just telling you that indashboard what we have so it's divided into four categoriesand there is widgets the widgets can be maximized. Minimize. The top usage land DMZ has been removed, renamed, and reset, so everything should be clear now. What does "top usage" mean? means the top usage for the land and DMZ traffic, so whatever the top things mean, it's the top source. Top destination. Top application. Top website and so many things you can add your own as well as change the name; suppose I want to give them the name "Test" okay now the name will be changed to "Test" okay and whenever you say no. Okay, I just need the receipt dashboard, and now it's topusage lane in vain again, so the top thing it'll show you in the top thing means the top source from where? You can change your source and buy it again right now. The reset is huge now, okay? You can change them not like a status one sitting if you want to do something setting like 40 view you can change them time period you can then bubble chart rather than enable view you can check by session here is written top source by bite you say no check by session so it's changed to session so there is a small button to change the setting of this one okay so top source will be shown meaning the source IP and their usage then destination When you need top things, use top applications and top websites. top source. Top destination, you have to come to top usage land and DMZ, and it will show you like this because when I took a screenshot, it said, "In that time there was traffic," so let me show you if there is traffic at top usage, this is the IP and it is being used by itself. And these are the destinations on Google they visit, and these are the top applications: https, ping commands, and so many other things, plus the top website, whatever they visited. OK, the third dashboard is security-related, which is what you were asking. So, of the top compromised hosts, which host has been compromised on your lane? Okay, top thread by top thread, it will show you thread level application and 40 client abilities, as well as any vendor abilities we will see later in the course; don't worry, we will access the websites of some viruses. So, it will come up here that this piece is infected. I think so, maybe when I'm done. So at that time, let's see, I didn't take the screenshot at that time. As a result, it will appear here. So these are related to security stuff, okay? It could be 40 client vulnerabilities, scanning, thread-related hosting, or anything else. And the last one is system events related.So definitely, as the name suggests, this dashboard will only show events that are related to the system. Again, you can refresh them, you can maximise them, you can minimise them, and you can set them, you can change the setting, you can resize them, and you can remove them. The last thing, which I didn't tell you, is that some of the widgets only appear when you click, not when you right-click. So they will give you some settings, like this one. It will take some setting. Some of them will require you to upgrade the firmware setting. So rather than to go to systemwhich is here and from where here. So you can go from here as well; it will take you there. So some of them are like this and will take you on a shortcut there. So this was the four dashboardwhich we discussed four different ways. This one was so security-related. Okay? Now if you say no, I need my own dashboard, and whatever I like, I want to put that one on there, so it's okay. There's a small gear in the corner; click on it; it says addwidgets, which means eight widgets like this one. Suppose you want to add an extra widget; the one that is greyed out is already added. Botnet activity is not added, so click on this one; it will be edited, and HOA status is not edited close. So when you go down, there will be botnet activities, and there are ho activities as well, so you can add extra widgets as well. And, for your convenience, you can add there in-system resources related to security fabric; you can add so that now we know in the gear icon add widgets with add widgets reset dashboard. As I previously stated, it will restart and make the deferred one add dashboard. If you want to add instead of change status, you change the name, which I show you, so you can edit them as well. Add a new dashboard, not a widget. So if I say I need a new dashboard mydashboard responsive or notwise responsive, it will give you responsesvery quick and every apprentices sorry, like mobile and other,it will be changed the layout, but now it willbe the same, which is not one. Okay, so now my dashboard has been added; it's here, but nothing is there. You can add whatever you like, eight widgets I need adminbotnet, H, a license, virtual machine house, and this one; sorry, I need to give them anything to add them. Add widgets, 40, memory, usage sessions, or whatever you like, Ed. And now your dashboard is ready. But this is the customised one, which you require in my dashboard, not the other four, which are the deferred ones. And anytime you don't need, you can go and youcan delete a dashboard and say okay, I don't need. dashboard has been deleted. Okay? So let me go if I miss something. We see there is a system information detail, a botnet detail, a land detail, a desk detail, a detail for the top, and you can add a bot and activity log. There are so many things there, which we will go over later in the course. From here you can add new dashboard, you canedit dashboard, you can delete dashboard, you can resetand you can add a widget, which is different,and dashboard is a different thing. We make our own gear icon from this one; give them whatever you want, and we'll use it, okay? There is more information when you click "It told you" when you click on this one. So it will take you to the more information table, and you can see we've gone by 1 minute, 10 minutes, 1 hour, 12 minutes, whatever. so it will give you everything differently.

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