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ISC ISC-CCSP Certification Practice Test Questions, ISC ISC-CCSP Exam Dumps

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Domain 1 (Architectural Concepts & Design Requirements)

6. Forces Behind Cloud

Hey guys, good morning. Welcome to my next video, which will discuss the Claude's driving force. So why do we look forward to Claude? Why not to be the old traditionalway of computing so understand than it. There are three basic points. Here we will discuss the desire to reduce complexity and consumption-based pricing. The more you consume, the greater your business agility. So let's discuss the first one here. Risk reduction. You can test your idea. So that's something very good in that one. Risk reduction. So if you are looking to test if you want to install SQL Server or if you want to install a server just for a test, you can do that, okay? And that is something you can do in a container-based testing environment or pay as you go. So you can just do it for an hour, and it will cost you that much. For that, you do not have to buy a server and then test it, or buy something and test it. So if you buy something, licence it for a year, and test it, it will cost you more. So if you can see here, let's see here. In this one here, I have subscriptions like, and you can simply go to Google and type in "URA," "subscription," or "login pass," and you will get a free login for at least $100.

So, if you look to the left, you'll see a dashboard and the resources that have been created. And here you can basically say this is "infrastructure as a service." Right now, this one is "infrastructure as a service." So I want to test something, and for that I need maybe an SQL database or maybe Windows Server. Or I want to test the app. I am already using some services. I can use containers, and inside containers, I can test operating systems without paying as well.So that's something very good. Like if you click Windows Server 2016 machine andbasically you simply go with the name and someof those settings and you can create it. Let's see the name. I'm giving my name here, Mukesh, and what kind of virtual disc we are looking for. premium SSD or traditional hard drive. As a standard hard drive username, I'll simply give my name. Let's see what I can come up with here. Any password and subscription I'm using as you repost resource group is udemypassword. A resource group is needed to be created. A resource group means something. Some sort of group where you are keeping all the virtual machines and all your resources Inside that resource group, you can create multiple resource groups or only one resource group.So if you have already created it, use "existing." Otherwise, click on "Create New." So Create new is here my email ID westlocation where you want to create the Claudia. And that's something important from a security standpoint; there are multiple options we have here, which we will discuss in the upcoming slides. Okay, but let me say West India, and sorry, let me say West United States. It won't allow me to create in West US. Because I'm using a free subscription here. So let me say West India; no, West US is allowing me; it is asking if you have a licence already. We will save 49%. But we don't have already license. So we say okay, and this is the first step here. We're not talking about Claude right now. But now look forward here. If you look here, these are available. Machine one, Machine two, Machine three, Machine four, Machine five, and Machine six So B one S CPU here, look for the CPU, the RAM, the hard disk, the local SSD, and so on. So I'm looking for something—maybe B or S. Okay, b two S with 4 GB of RAM, and so on and so forth. So select as per your business need, and then click on "Select Third" to select the disc type. Okay, it won't allow me youhave chosen a standard disk. Okay, so it won't allow me to choose availability set.We will discuss later how we can have a backup and set some sort of availability set.Standard hard drive name, default IP address This default IP address also has a public IP address, which is dynamically defined. Or you can do that, but let's simply select public IP inbound traffic. So I'm selecting all https traffic and allowing everything, which is not a very safe ID to do, but it's just a session extension, no auto shut down. You can programme this machine to shut down automatically at 8:00 a.m. to save money and time.

You can set the timing to that evening at 7:00 p.m. Auto shut down or evening maybe 05:00 p.m. auto-shutdown and simply click. Okay, so this machine is ready. I simply need to grant Microsoft permission to contact means, and then click Create. So this will take following maybe 510 15 minuteshere and my infrastructure as a service is ans so on anSo here I can test my idea, I can do any testing on it, and I can test any idea on any server, which is very easy for me. And if I don't like it, I simply go to my dashboard and delete my server. Within a few clicks I can create, test, and delete, which is a very good feature here. So risk reduction is there; scalability and a large number of resources are there; excess is there. So we will discuss that too. My company's size is like, for example, here. So this is my company, and this is a switch. This is the server. And here are people who are connected to it and can access it. So I opened my office with a staff of about ten people. But the office is expanding that multipleswitch, multiple users are connecting and thenagain it's expanding after some years. So what happened in that case is what you will do: in Claude, you will be able to upgrade your server with a few clicks for the load for all of the people, or you will be able to add extra service. Or you are using an email server; you were using email for ten people earlier, but now you have 50 people. You can go ahead with that. So Claude is the one; scalability is the one; it allows you to access a large number of resources, plus there is no elasticity is there.Let's discuss these two points again here in detail. Elasticity here means, if you understand it, that you have one employee who needs a one-desktop computer. Let me explain it here. So, if you have one employee, you need a desktop computer for him. In that desktop computer, you need to find a CPU processor inside individual RAM for him and a hard disc drive for him.

And let's say it costs you $400. And this user may not be using all of the processing, like this is a CPU; he may be using 5% of micro processing.Sometimes you use ten, fifteen, or even more. similar way if you have other users as well. But if you have a CPU, an individual CPU for him, RAM for him, and a hard disc drive for him, and the user is not using this user, he's not using the full speed and everything at its full potential. So in that case, organisations might purchase one desktop for every employee in the model. The organisation would be paying for the entire capacity of the desktop, its processing power, its storage capacity, et cetera. even though an individual user would probably not be using the full capacity of each device at all times. In the cloud environment, the organisation is paying not for a device but for the use of a service when it is being used. That's the difference. The ability of a cloud vendor to offer this type of server while remaining profitable is based on the elasticity and flexibility offered by recent enhancements in technology, including virtualization that we will discuss later on. With virtualization, the clock provider can allocate partialusage of each resources to every user andcustomer when those user and customer require itand nothing more, thereby avoiding wasted and underutilizedresources and access non production cost. So in virtualization, users can also access their data from almost any device, any platform, and almost any location. This allow portability ability and accessibility. So, instead of having this physically, if we give him a machine on the cloud, we can give him a specific RAM as per his need, and so on and so forth with multiple users, and he can access it from anywhere, and we can make it flexible. When he needs more, he can access more. When he needs less, he can access less. So there is some wiggle room. So the next three will be discussed in the next slide. Thank you. Bye.

7. Consumption Based Pricing

Hey guys. In last video we have learned aboutdesire to reduce the It complexities. The one is called risk reduction. Second is scaleability, and third is elasticity. Now, we are learning about the cost and virtualization of this video consumption-based pricing. As a result, each has their own independent view in the virtualization. So if there is a machine, if there is an infrastructure as a service, if there is a platform as a service, if there is software as a service, whenever each independent user logs in, they have their own independent view. Somebody's login from Europe, someone's login from Asiaand Africa or anywhere in the world. Second is cost; pay only for the resources. So it's very important to understand this.

Let me try to elaborate on it here. Now, let's see. This is my server. It's only one server with 32 gig of Ram, 1hard disc drive and I seven core, eight, eight core,I seven microscope or any number of , eight coreSo this is what I am usingit for my today to the activities. So, for example, let's say there's a Flip Cart Part or Amazon is an online retail shopping website. So let's take any of them, as if they have a big billion days, and put them in a flip cart. In big-billion-day sales, they have a yearly sale, the cheapest product. So the normal traffic to this server is maybe 70,000 people in a day or in a minute, from one country or from anywhere in the world. However, during these sale periods, there is the salebig billion day, which can last one or two days. So the chances multiply by ten times. People are going to visit this website. So this website is on the plot and they cango with the pay as you go with the resources. As they can say multiple times. It's called multiple instances or multiple VM instances. So they go with the four more servers like that,similar to this configurations, they go with four four more So when the usage of this goes to 75%, you can set it to 75 or either 80, 90, or 60 automatically. The instances you have created will be live and will be active. So these are four plus one. Five will be balanced with the help of a virtual load balancer. They will balance the website load and thatmany users can access the website at thesame time without the website getting done. After this big billion day, when the sale ends automatically, these instances will be deleted according to the time you set. Or you can delete them so you do not haveto you have only to pay for one day. You don't have to pay all the time. So if you need it again, you create it again. So that is called the "pay as you go option."

8. Risk & Security in Cloud

Hey, guys, let's start with the risk and security in the cloud. So as we learn the benefits of clone computing, the last slide explains the reasons for using clone computing. So clot computing also possesses some challenges, and one of them is that we need to understand the risk associated with the form of clot, okay? because it is accessible from anywhere in the world. So, as the attacks on the organisation Corbett, Koso, and Nishikawa framework is for mitigating the risk the nonprofit organisation working for it compared to the existing model, decide how much security is present. And automation in Claude makes daily life easier. So there are multiple tools available. It is not easy to say that particular tool is there to manage the clock. But, as you already know, they have their own AWS, and there are several others like it. You can use these two to make your life easier and to manage cloud computing. And who does that? Actually, cloud computing roles are there. There's a clawed administrator there to actually implement and monitor the Clot. and Claude's application architecture is to adapt and deploy the app. Claude data architecture would define the storage type. Claude, a developer who Claude, an infrared developer. Claude operator, user, operation regulation, and upkeep Clot service manager who implements the policy, design, service level agreement, SLA pricing, and model a clot storage administrator who works on admin or clod storage. So let's start the cloud service model in the next video. Thank you, club

9. Cloud Service Model, IAAS

Hey guys, let's learn about cloud service models. There are three cloud service models. The number one is infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, and software as a service. So these are the three models we are going to discuss in detail. The one is infrastructure as a service infrastructureas a service they are offering you infrastructure. For example, if you are starting a business and need a server, rather than paying 5000 USD for one, it is better to pay 200 USD for a month or two months and purchase a subscription. So let's talk about it, like, what does it do here? In this model, vendors provide user access to computing resources such as server storage and networking organisations use their own platforms and applications within the infrastructure of a service provider.

Okay, so on the service, this is service provider infrastructure, and on that, you can use your own application and infrastructure. Okay, key feature: instead of purchasing hardware outright, users pay for infrastructure as a service on demand; this is better. Second, infrastructure is scalable depending on processing, so in the future, if your business is growing, it's definitely a good solution because it saves enterprises the cost of buying and maintaining their own hardware, so it's again a better feature because data is on the clock, there can be no single point of failure, and it enables the virtualization of administrative tasks, freeing up time for other work. So that is your infrastructure as a service. So let me show this to you practically—if you look at this, this is Azure. You can simply go and say that as your login, and you can create an account as well here for a free SEO account. You can do that. Okay but right now I already have a subscription hereand I already created a machine in one of mylast videos and I can connect to that machine too. So rather than buying a server, I just rented a server around the clock and can access it from anywhere in the world. Apart from that I can monitor the CPU usage of it. Monitor the network. Monitor the disc so that creating is okay, and I have already deleted it here. This is in the process actually right now alreadydeleted otherwise you can start it but I havedeleted this one so if you refresh it. It will no longer exist in this resource mooc and will be impossible to find because I deleted it. Okay? So how do I create a resource? We have already learned there is a deletion process right now, so that's the infrastructure as a service Thank you, guys; we'll talk about the next platform as a service in the next.


Hey guys, we are starting now with the second one, which is called Platform as a Service. Okay, we have already discussed these types, but let me explain again the key feature. This is based basically on someone who wants to develop, manage, and deliver the applications, okay? And apart from that storage and other computing resources, users are able to use a suit of prebuilt tools to develop, customize, and test their own application. So it's for them. A key feature for this is that it provides a platform with tools to test, develop, and host applications in the same environment. So it's the same environment where you can test it and where you can develop it. This platform is really good. Second, it enables organisations to focus on development without having to worry about underlying infrastructure. So they don't have to look for underlying infrastructure; they have to basically focus on developing provider-managed security, okay? So security is not the concern; operating systems are also not the concern. Server software and backups are also not a concern. Facilities collaborative work even ifteamwork remotely collaborative work. So everyone is working, they can collaborate on their work, and they can work from any location. So the next one here, guys, is software as a service, and you must have been using some of the services from here as well. for example, Google, Gmail, Dropbox, or many more. So software as a service is a cloud computing offering that providers use to access vendor-based software.

So, if you are accessing Gmail, you go to, SkyDrive, or So the provider is the one who provides this specific HTTP interface, a web-based interface. Users do not install applications on their local devices; instead, the applications reside on a remote Claude network. So if you are using an email server, you are not setting up an exchange server on your machine; that is somewhere on the provider, okay? You are just accessing it through your internet service provider, so you are accessing, so the email server is not here. Mail server is on the provider web soyou are accessing it through web or API. Through the application, users can store and analyse data and collaborate on projects, so that helps. A key feature is SAS. Vendors provide users with software and applications via a subscription model. So imagine Claude is a good example of someone who offers software as a service, or that Office 365 is software as a service. user does not have to manage, install, or upgrade software, so you don't have to do anything; you just use them. Data is secure in the cloud. Equipment failure does not result in loss of data, so you have a big backup and redundancy. The use of resources can be scaled depending on the level of service needed as per your service. Applications are accessible from almost any Internet-connected device from virtually anywhere in the world. So if you look here, it's like an application. So if this is your Claude and this is your Internet service provider, this is your Claude. So no matter if Claude is in the USA and you are in China, you can access it. You are in Europe; you can access it. You are in Australia; you can access it. So that's the better point. And you do not have to install any software on your computers, mobiles, or anywhere else. You simply access it through a web-based or API point.

So these are the following three key factors we have discussed right now here: cloud service models, infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, and software as a service. If you go to the dashboard here, you will see that all resources and services are listed, and you will find a lot here, such as if you go create a resource. So I'll give you an example. SQL Database Platform as a Service The top one here, the one here. If you look there, this one is the application. Sorry, infrastructure as a service, okay? And if you look at this one, you are directly using a SQL database. This is a platform as a service. In that case, you no longer need to worry about which operating system they are using. Windows 2016: is it updated? the security of that nothing. You just simply have a visual Studio where youcan connect to that particular SQL on the clock. Let me give an example to show you how exactly it works. So this is your clot. On top of the clot, they have infrastructure on top.Infrastructure. They have infrastructure, they have a platform, and they have software as a service. So this is they are connected to a service provideror maybe multiple ISPs for a backup and Redundancy andservice you are somewhere here, office Building or Home. So you go here if you are using Platform as a Service Infrastructure, as we have already explained. You simply go to the website and look for SQL Server, like here. To install SQL Server on your computer, you need to install Microsoft Visual Studio. But with that, and with the help of that Visual Studio, what you can do is connect to the SQL Server that is somewhere, maybe here. So you do not need to worry about the operating system on the back end of the server, the security of it, or updates for it. So this is ideal for testing, development, and even application development, among other things. If you talk about the other one here, you've probably heard of software as a service. We have already talked about Google Drive as the best example, Google Dropbox as the best example, or Office 365. Thank you very much for watching this.

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