220-902 question 62 discussion


A customer is reporting a burning smell coming from a CRT monitor. Which of the following
should be taken into consideration before attempting to resolve the customers issue?

  • A. Disconnect power before inspecting the CRT power supply
  • B. CRT monitors should be serviced by qualified personnel
  • C. Have compressed air available to clear out the debris
  • D. Wear safely goggles to protect from the cathodes
Created 12 months ago by mvstober


i would say disconnect the monitor so it does not catch fire........


I would agree if A. only stated that you are unplugging it. But because it also states that you inspect it the answer is wrong. The MOST correct answer is B. Remember when you take the exam they are looking for the MOST correct answer from the information given. That includes not only the info in the question itself but also your answer options.


Little catch-22 is the phrase "before inspecting the power supply". CompTIA doesn't want anyone at this level to open up a CRT at all. FYI.


If you are conversing with a customer then surely advising that the power should be shut off immediately is the best option ? I understand that at our level CompTIA does not want us opening cases ... but a bit of common sense should be introduced, I found this answer to this question both confusing and darn right dangerous that the first thing you should do is 'advise customer that only qualified techs should deal with it !?! ... not very good advise to give to any customer as a start, but if they are potentially in immediate danger (as a burning smell from a CRT would suggest in my under-qualified opinion) then surely in the interests of basic health and safety the power should be IMMEDIATELY disengaged ... maybe reword this particular question ? easy for a new starter like myself to get wrong


disconnecting is only preventing further burning possibly not "resolving" the problem


CRTs can still hold a charge after unplugged. Thats why the answer is not A