ACMP-6.4 question 43 discussion


Which profiles are required in an AP Group to enable an SSID with VLAN 1, WPA2 and
LMSIP?(Choose three)

  • A. Virtual-AP profile
  • B. WLAN profile
  • C. 802.1x authentication profile
  • D. AP System Profile
  • E. SSID Profile
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A is required, because that's where the VLAN is set. And you can't get WiFi on the air without a VAP. B is out because there's no such thing as a "wlan profile." D is required because that's where the LMSIP is set. E definitely sets the authentication type (WPA2). But what about C? Since we're told we're using WPA2, we need an 802.1X Authentication profile in the AAA profile. It can be the default dot1X auth profile, but it some kind of 802.1x auth profile has to be in the AAA profile to do WPA2. In fact, if you try to set WPA2 on an SSID and you're using a AAA profile without a dot1X auth profile, the GUI will pop up a message saying the dot1x auth profile is missing, and will offer to apply the default one for you. What am I missing?


It doesn't have to be 802.1x. It could be WPA2-PSK, so in that case you wouldn't need an 802.1x profiles. So it would be A,D,E