ACMP-6.4 question 40 discussion



View the Server group and User Roles screen shots above.
A user associated to an SSID with 802.1x using this server group. RadiusNY returned a
standard radius attribute of filter-Id with a value of "employee". The user was placed in the
guest Role. What statements below are correct?(Choose two)

  • A. The user was placed in the 802.1x authentication default Role guest
  • B. The user was placed in the initial Role guest
  • C. Role derivation failed because roles are case sensitive
  • D. Role derivation failed because the incorrect operation "value-of" was used
  • E. 802.1x authentication failed so the user was automatically placed in the guest Role
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FWIW, answer A is referring to the "802.1X authentication default Role" parameter of the AAA profile (which is "guest" by default.)