SY0-401 question 64 discussion


After entering the following information into a SOHO wireless router, a mobile devices user
reports being unable to connect to the network:

  • A. WPA2-PSK requires a supplicant on the mobile device.
  • B. Hardware address filtering is blocking the device.
  • C. TCP/IP Port filtering has been implemented on the SOHO router.
  • D. IP address filtering has disabled the device from connecting.
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I think this question is missing " the following information".


Question can be answered by process of elimination, but I agree it is missing information. WPA2-PSK does not require a supplicant.


Part missing --> "PERMIT 0A: D1: Fa:B1: 03: 37 DENY 01: 33: 7F: AB: 10: AB Which of the following is preventing the device from connecting?"