98-365 question 26 discussion


Users report that they are unable to print. What should you do first?

  • A. Verify that the Print Spooler Service is running.
  • B. Pause the Print Spooler service.
  • C. Restart the Print Spooler service.
  • D. Disable the Print Spooler Service.
Created 2 months, 3 weeks ago by azad


The answer is A not C. Because you need to verify the print spooler service before actually restarting it. Please change it if possible!


A might be right but what does Microsoft says it is?


hm, well A seems the better answer to me. You would discover that the printserver isn`t running when you go and restart the service using the services management console, but when you use CMD, you wouldn`t.


Yes, Agreed totally


I agree with A


i do to, because if it is not running, we would start it, if it was , then restart it


The answer should be A. You can't restart something that has yet to start.


I totally agree, the answer should be A. Yes, C is a good troubleshooting step, but it isn't the first thing you do.


Work the issue from the outside in. Determine that its running in the first place. If its not then you restart it. If it is then it could possibly be caused by another issue. I also agree with A