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Pegasystems PEGACSA71V1 Dumps

Certified System Architect (CSA) 71V1
Certified System Architect (CSA) 71V1

Questions & Answers for Pegasystems PEGACSA71V1

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Question #1

Which types of content can a system architect find on the clipboard? (Choose Two)

A. Information about a case currently open by an end user

B. All node-level pages created by their application

C. Information about the case they are currently working on

D. Information about all cases open by users

Question #2

Select the statement that best describe a worklist for a specific operator. (Choose Two)

A. A list of all cases assigned to that operator

B. A list of all cases assigned to their manager

C. A list of all assignments pending for that operator (Missed)

D. A list of all cases created by that operator

Question #3

IN the application, the email consumption leads to case creation & then the fetching prices
from price catalogue, application connects to external system (wording can be different)

A. PRPC act as service for fetching price from price catalogue.

B. PRPC act as connector for fetching price from price catalogue

C. PRPC act as service for creating case from email

D. PRPC act as connector for fetching price from price catalogue.

E. PRPC can act as neither service or connector for fetching price from price catalogue.

F. PRPC can act as neither service or connector for creating case from email.

Question #4

The primary function of an Application rule is to _________________. (Choose One)

A. Define a set of RuleSets and versions to be used to populate a user's RuleSet list

B. Order RuleSet version prerequisites for developers

C. Identify a user’s primary and secondary access groups

D. Define the class names used in a particular application

Question #5

An application contains a page property named Address. On this page is a single-value text
property named City. City is defined in

A. The same class as Address

B. The work class

C. Any data class

D. The data class referenced by Address

Question #6

Where Is an Edit Validate rule referenced?

A. Cell properties in a section

B. A property rule

C. A flow action

D. A flow rule

Question #7

Which RuleSet versions are accessible to an end user for the RuleSet MyCo if MyCo:07-27
is included in the runtime RuleSet list? (Choose One)

A. 07-27-01 to 07-27-99

B. 07-01-27

C. 07-01-01 to 07-27-99

D. 07-27-01

Question #8

What is the effect of setting a rule availability to "Withdrawn"? (Choose Two)

A. It prevents the rule from being chosen by rule resolution

B. It prevents older versions of the same rule from being chosen by rule resolution

C. It presents an error to the operator if the rule is chosen by rule resolution

D. It prevents the rule from being copied

E. It prevents further edits of the rule

Question #9

What is the best pratice for requesting data from an external database?

A. Use a SQL listner that can query the external system

B. Use the External Database Table Class Mapping wizard

C. Use a procedural rule that can invoke a SQL query

D. Use a SQL connector to acces the database

Question #10

What can be user as a source for a repeating layout? (Choose Two)

A. A value property

B. A report definition

C. A page list property

D. A page property

Question #11

Which statement is true about work item instances? (Choose One)

A. Some work items do not have work item IDs

B. All work items belong to covers

C. A work item may be instantiated from an abstract class

D. Every work item is an instance of a concrete class

Question #12

To create a report that displays all open cases (.pyStatusWork) and who they are assigned
to (.pxAssignedOperatorID), which of these two properties would you need to optimize?

A. Only .pxAssignedOperatorID

B. Both .pxAssignedOperatorID and .pyStatusWork

C. Property optimizations is not required

D. Only .pyStatusWork

Question #13

Whats is the recommended practice to copy properties values from a case to one of its

A. Data Propagation

B. Data page

C. Properties value are copied automatically, with no configuration needed

D. Declare Expression

Question #14

Given the following data model, the Address property should be defined as:

A. A page

B. A page list

C. There is not enough Information to make this decision

D. A value list

Question #15

Review the following diagram:

A work object of the class MyCo-PL-Work-PolicyAdmin-Work-Quote is being instantiated. A
rule named SampleRule exists at @baseclass, Work-Cover-, MyCo-, and MyCo-FW-
PolicyAdmin-Work-Quote. At runtime, which version of SampleRule will be located and
executed during Rule Resolution? (Choose One)

A. @baseclass.SampleRule

B. Work-Cover-.SampleRule

C. MyCo-.SampleRule

D. MyCo-FW-PolicyAdmin-Work-Quote.SampleRule

E. the version in the RuleSet that is highest on the RuleSet list