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Question No : 1

The VP of Operations for a manufacturer of blood testing equipment approached IBM to
help him find a solution to predict when their machines need servicing and repairs. Which
IBM Cognos product is most closely aligned to the client's needs?

A. IBM Cognos TM1
B. IBM Cognos Controller
C. IBM Cognos Impromptu
D. IBM Predictive Manufacturing and Quality

Question No : 2

What is required to set up a standard IBM Cognos Express environment?

A. IBM Analytic Server
B. IBM Cognos Express Consumer and IBM Cognos Express Connector
C. IBM Cognos Express Administrator and IBM Cognos Express Connector
D. IBM Cognos Forward Looking Analytics Architect

Question No : 3

A prospective customer is concerned that utilizing a business intelligence tool like IBM
Cognos Business Intelligence is too advanced for their users' computer skills.
Which response describes the value of IBM Cognos Business Intelligence to this prospect?

A. IBM Cognos Business Intelligence is built on a scalable services oriented architecture and requires almost no local client software installation.
B. IBM Cognos Business Intelligence solutions are designed with the business user in mind, providing easy to use self-service report authoring and dashboard creation.
C. The IBM Cognos Workforce Performance solution is tailored to the specific needs of Human Resources, without requiring IT to create these reports.
D. IBM Cognos Business Intelligence was designed to federate information from multiple applications and pull it together into a single report.

Question No : 4

Which IBM Business Analytics product includes full IBM Business Intelligence to enable
users with full self-service reporting and analysis?

A. IBM Cognos Performance Management TM1
B. IBM SPSS Statistics
C. IBM Cognos Controller
D. IBM Cognos Disclosure Management

Question No : 5

A typical reason organizations look to IBM Cognos Business Intelligence is:

A. The end user is using Business Objects to manually create reports.
B. It is a small, organized company with no enterprise resource planning (ERP).
C. One-to-many reports flow from the enterprise to business users.
D. Their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system currently provides standardized reporting.

Question No : 6

The COO of a midmarket financial services firm has a $50,000 budget and would like to
provide their financial advisors with reporting and dashboards. She feels that with IBM
Cognos Express she can start small, and grow her footprint over time. Her plans are to
implement 40 seats of IBM Cognos Express Business Intelligence, and then grow that user
footprint to 150 by next year.
What should the seller tell the prospective customer?

A. The IBM Cognos Express user count maximum is 100 and not a long term solution.
B. We cannot discount the 40 seats of IBM Cognos Express to fit into her budget.
C. Agree that her first 100 users should be Express; when she's ready for the next 50, they'll be Cognos Enterprise OR agree that her first 100 users should be Express; when the growth is over 100 users they can upgrade to Cognos Enterprise.
D. Dashboarding is not included in IBM Cognos Express.

Question No : 7

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence's capabilities can be seen and implemented through
which need?

A. The customer is looking for driving factors for sales performance.
B. A college is looking for a way to find out how to predict student enrollment for sophomores.
C. A college wants to employ a dashboard solution to better understand student enrollment numbers.
D. A retail company is looking for a solution which will take current data and predict future sales.

Question No : 8

Which application can connect with IBM Cognos Business Intelligence?

A. IBM Cognos can connect to any data source.
B. IBM Cognos can only connect to its native connections, such as DB2
C. IBM Cognos can connect to SAP.
D. IBM Cognos can connect to Oracle.

Question No : 9

A new client asks about the core differentiators between IBM Cognos Business Intelligence
and the competition. Which topic favorably positions IBM Cognos Business Intelligence?

A. It provides a unified workspace for all users.
B. Its license cost.
C. Its implementation.
D. It provides write back capabilities.

Question No : 10

Which IBM Business Analytics product may use IBM Cognos Business Intelligence as a
data source?

A. IBM Clarity
B. IBM Cognos Finance
C. IBM SPSS Modeler
D. IBM SPSS Statistics

Question No : 11

What are the characteristics of a qualified opportunity?

A. Budget, Authority, Need and Time Frame
B. Budget, Functionality. Need and Time Frame
C. Scalability. Scope, Size and Services
D. People, Process. Pricing, Palatability

Question No : 12

A chief marketing officer (CMO) is having difficulty quantifying the success of his marketing
campaigns. The most effective response to the CMO is:

A. IBM has been a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for the past 7 years.
B. IBM has invested over $20 billion in Analytics over the past 5 years and just opened a new briefing center for Watson in New York.
C. IBM Cognos Business Intelligence and IBM SPSS can process over 5 million records per second, according to Lab tests.
D. Share an industry specific customer reference where IBM solved a similar issue.

Question No : 13

While conducting prospecting activities, a sales representative is speaking to a chief
customer officer at a software company about IBM Cognos Business Intelligence. Which
question would be effective in uncovering business problems that IBM Cognos Business
Intelligence could solve?

A. How does Accounting currently run reports?
B. Where is the data coming from and how do you report against it?
C. What business decisions are made on "intuition" or "gut feel" instead of data-driven analytics?
D. Who on your team uses reports and what information is important to them?

Question No : 14

A prospective customer puts heavy emphasis on finding a solution with easy dashboard
creating capabilities. Which IBM Cognos interface would you demonstrate first?

A. IBM Cognos Workspace
B. IBM Cognos TM1
C. IBM Cognos Framework Manager
D. IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced

Question No : 15

During an initial discovery call with an existing customer, they mention they are
standardized on SAP across their organization. They are looking for a business intelligence
reporting platform, and will likely default to Business Objects, because it is already "built
in". Which is the next right step for the sales professional to take in this scenario?

A. Mark the opportunity as closed; the chance of winning the business is very low in this type of situation.
B. Share a SAP/IBM Cognos case study and discuss the integration options between the two products.
C. Direct the conversation to focus on IBM's predictive capabilities as this is a weakness of SAP.
D. Develop customer interest by introducing them to IBM's partnerships with Twitter and Apple.

Question No : 16

A prospective customer has expressed a desire for a business intelligence tool and is not
interested in really changing how things are done in their Accounting and Finance
department. Which product are you LEAST likely to include and demonstrate in the
proposed IBM solution?

A. IBM Cognos TM1
B. IBM Cognos Workspace
C. IBM Cognos Report Studio
D. IBM Cognos Framework Manager

Question No : 17

In 2014 new user roles were added to IBM Cognos Business Intelligence. Identify the new

A. Professional Author, Advanced Business Author, Enhanced Consumer. Administrator. Remote Recipient
B. Analytic Administrator, Analytic Author, Analytic User. Analytic Contributor. Forward Looking Analytics Architect
C. Analytic Administrator. Information Distribution. Analytic Explorer, Analytic User. Forward Looking Analytics Architect
D. Analytic Enterprise User, Analytic Performance Management User, Analytic Contributor, Forward Looking Analytics Architect. Analytic Enhanced Consumer

Question No : 18

To register an opportunity for IBM's Software Value Incentive "Identify" credit, a Business
Partner must:

A. Inform their IBM Partner Channel Manager that they have identified the qualified opportunity.
B. Create a qualified opportunity in GPP - the IBM Business Partner Opportunity Portal.
C. Obtain a confirming email from the customer that the customer wishes to work with the Business Partner on the opportunity.
D. Request that their IBM Inside Sales Representative create a "Partner Led Opportunity" in Sales Connect, tagging the Business Partner as the Identifier.

Question No : 19

The new Vice President of IT of a midmarket manufacturer of adhesives is evaluating
business intelligence solutions to integrate with their Oracle system. He initially needs 10
user licenses, and plans to expand user count over time. He has a budget of $20,000, feels
that IBM Cognos is too expensive for what his company needs, and is considering another
solution. What would be the proper follow up to the client?

A. Minimum user count that IBM sells for IBM Cognos Express is 25 users.
B. IBM Cognos Express is a restricted part number, and list price for ten seats is more than $20,000 which is would be out of their price range.
C. IBM Cognos Express is the perfect solution for his needs. It is priced and marketed specifically for the midmarket, and we can work with him on his tight budget.
D. IBM Cognos Express is a perfect solution for his needs, but it does not integrate with Oracle.

Question No : 20

Which question could a sales representative ask to uncover an opportunity to pitch IBM
Cognos Business Intelligence?

A. Does your agriculture company have an information management data warehouse in place today?
B. Are you looking to understand patterns, identify risk & new opportunities to shape future success?
C. What are your biggest compensation management issues for your Sales department?
D. How are you looking to improve operations within the Office of Finance department?

Showing 1-20 of 44 Questions   (Page 1 out of 3)



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