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IBM M2065-647 Exam - IBM Intelligent Operations Center-Water & Transportation Sales Mastery Test v1

Questions & Answers for IBM M2065-647

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Question #1

Which of the following is NOT a benefit of the Water Conservation portal asset?

A. Water and money savings by empowering consumers with information and analysis

B. Provide proactive water leak alerts to consumers

C. Device Optimization

D. Improved water demand forecasting


Question #2

To understand historical patterns of performance of a transit fleet and its relationship to
traffic conditions, we must use which IBM Intelligent Transportation solutions?

A. Vehicle Analytics

B. Vehicle Analytics and Traffic Analytics

C. Vehicle Analytics and Vehicle Arrival Prediction

D. Vehicle Analytics and Traffic Awareness

Question #3

In relation to demos for Discrete Manufacturing, which is a correct statement for the IOC?

A. There are no demos for the IOC

B. Demos are for NDA customers only and not for external USA

C. There is only one demo

D. We encourage the use of demo to external audiences

Question #4

What are the two functional components of the Intelligent Water v1.0 Product?

A. Device Management and Usage analysis

B. Work Optimization and Usage Analysis

C. Weather correlation and Device Management

D. Leak Detection and Weather correlation

Question #5

Which of the following is NOT a benefit of IBM Intelligent Transportation Vehicle
Awareness solution?

A. Display of vehicle current locations graphically

B. Ability to be alerted to events, exceptions & KPIs about vehicles

C. Insight into vehicle fleet performance against schedule

D. Ability to interrogate vehicles, stops and routes to obtain current status


Question #6

The traffic agency pain point related to "reactive management of congestion" is best
addressed by which of the following IBM Intelligent Transportation solutions?

A. Traffic and Transit Arrival Prediction

B. Traffic Prediction

C. Traffic and Weather Prediction

D. None of the above

Question #7

Which of these statements is the most damaging to make to customers about the IBM
Intelligent Transportation product?

A. The IBM Intelligent Transportation product is a new approach to IBM middleware

B. Here is a list of all the middleware components in the product and here is how they have been integrated

C. We will be willing to demonstrate to you the capabilities of the middleware components which have gone into this product

D. All of the above

Question #8

What is NOT a base Function listed for the IOC?

A. Event Mgt.

B. Event correlation

C. Connection to Gantt Charts

D. Roles & Permissions

Reference: (solution overview, see
the bulleted points)

Question #9

The take home slide focuses on how many Key Points?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

Question #10

Which of the following are the 3-types of customers to target?

A. Water Innovators, Early Adopters and Early Majority

B. Water Innovators, Late Majority, Traditionalists

C. Early Majority, Late Majority, Traditionalists

D. Water Innovators, Early Adopters, Traditionalists

Question #11

Knowing what is behind the 3Ps of the IOC sales enablement material will help you
formulate a solution. What are they?

A. Price, Place & Philosophy

B. Product, Process & People

C. Persistence, Pluck, persuasion

D. Protection, Precaution & Preconditions

Question #12

When you are selling the value proposition of the IOC you should explain the seen and
unseen value of the IOC solution.
What is a good example of unseen value?

A. The IOC has a guaranteed standard support L1, L2, L3 structure; custom solutions suffer from knowledge decay within the organization over time

B. The IOC can be accessed via mobile devices.

C. If the IOC is not exactly what your customer needs, you can access and use the applications that make up the IOC

D. The IOC can be hosted on a PC

Reference: (page
24, see installing the mobile application on a mobile device)

Question #13

Which set of IBM Intelligent Transportation solutions are required to integrate 3rd party
traffic light control and variable message sign applications?

A. Integrating Control Applications

B. Real-Time Incident, Exception & KPI Detection

C. Integrating Data Sources

D. A and C above

pickeral.pdf (see last slide, traffic information hub)

Question #14

What are the 5Cs we have referenced in the sales enablement deck to help you propose a
solution to the customer?

A. Customer potential, customer transaction capture, customer fulfillment

B. Calm, cool, collected, caviler, clean

C. Cost, control, can't dos, can't manage, can't understand

D. Customer, cost, control, contacts, connections

Question #15

The ZhenJiang use case is based on using the IOC for which domain?

A. Water

B. Transport

C. Energy

D. Buildings



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