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IBM LOT-755 Exam - IBM Lotus Notes Domino 7 Implementing and Administering Security

Questions & Answers for IBM LOT-755

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Question #1 - Topic 0

You, as the Domino administrator, have defined a password quality restriction of 1 for a
user id file. Which of the following best describes what is required from the user when
changing his or her password?

A. No password is required

B. Any password is required

C. Special characters are required

D. An alphanumeric string is required

Question #2 - Topic 0

Notes users are able to generate key rollover requests without the use of a security
settings policy document. While generating the request, what are the two options the user
has in generating key rollover?

A. ID recertification and ID recovery

B. Key enhancement and new key generation

C. Public key change and private key change

D. Authentication protocol and mail protocol

Question #3 - Topic 0

Data is not being successfully sent to a cgi program on the Domino web server by Jenny, a
user. Another user in the Bakery department can start a program successfully on the web
server after logging in. One of the members of LocalDomainAdmins, Brian, tests the same
cgi script and has sent data successfully. Which of the following would be the correct
settings to allow Jenny to send data to the cgi program?

A. Set Anonymous to Read, -Default- to Author and LocalDomainAdmins to Manager

B. Set LocalDomainAdmins to Editor, -Default- to Get and Anonymous to No Access

C. Set -Default- to Post, Anonymous to Get and LocalDomainAdmins remain the same

D. Set -Default- to Reader, Anonymous to Depositor and LocalDomainAdmins to Upload

Question #4 - Topic 0

You have been required by corporate management to implement inbound and outbound
SMTP mail encryption for all mail in your environment. Which of the following presented is
the best solution?

A. Create a desktop settings policy document to encrypt saved mail and force clients to encrypt sent mail

B. Create an encryption settings policy document to encrypt all mail that passes through on the server

C. Create a mail settings policy document to encrypt all inbound mail and set the outbound SMTP port to encrypted

D. Create a security settings policy document to encrypt all saved mail and encrypt the server with the file

Question #5 - Topic 0

Which of the following identifies the two types of ECLs ?

A. Public ECL and Personal ECL

B. Workspace ECL and Limited ECL

C. Administrator ECL and User ECL

D. Administration ECL and Workstation ECL

Question #6 - Topic 0

Your Domino Directory contains two organizations that are cross certified since the merger
took place two years ago. There are numerous users under both organizational certifiers.
You work under the certifier for NewSports and the other organizational certifier is under
the name SportsFundamentals.
SportsFundamentals is cross certified with ShippingEtc and there cross certificate is
contained in the Domino Directory. You now need access to the same ShippingEtc domain
so you enter User Security and obtain all the cross certificates from the Domino Directory.
However, this certifier will not populate your personal address book as a cross certificate.
Which of the following is the cause?

A. You do not share a common ancestor

B. The cross certificate is encrypted

C. You cannot pull cross certificates from the Domino Directory

D. Only servers may use cross certificates in the Domino Directory

Question #7 - Topic 0

Heinrik issued a rename for a user that was spelled incorrectly for many months. The
rename was successfully accepted by the user and the database ACLs changed across the
domain via Adminp. Heinrik began to notice the next day that certain documents were not
appearing after the name change was complete. You are troubleshooting why the Reader
name fields were not updated. Which of the following best describes the cause?

A. Reader name fields may not store more than one value so the user's previous name must be removed first

B. Reader name fields are only modified by running an agent or having the user open and save all the documents again

C. Reader name field changes through Adminp are made only at midnight on Sundays by default, and Sunday had not passed yet

D. Reader name fields are not modified through a name change request in Adminp and must be processed as a separate request

Question #8 - Topic 0

The server access fields define access to the Notes server via which of the following





Question #9 - Topic 0

Elliott has proceeded to enable extended access to the Domino Directory in his domain.
However, after enabling extended access he found that anonymous searches via LDAP
has stopped functioning. Which of the following describes the cause of this issue?

A. Enabling extended access disables access to Domino over the LDAP protocol

B. Anonymous must be provided Reader of higher rights in the Domino Directory ACL manually

C. You may not enable extended access for a Domino Directory on any server running LDAP or HTTP

D. Anonymous access via LDAP is not supported while extended access is enabled and Anonymous must be set to 'No Access'

Question #10 - Topic 0

Upon logging in, the Domino server continues to send the username and password of Ted
with the URL for continuous requests. The Domino web server has cached the username
and password in response to which of the following configurations established by the
Domino administrator?

A. Area

B. Realm

C. Domain

D. Response

Question #11 - Topic 0

You have been assigned the ability of Full Access Administrator to a server. However, one
database contains information that cannot be seen by you. You have checked the
database and it is not encrypted. Which of the following would be the most likely cause why
you do not have access to the database information?

A. The database has 'Enforce a Consistent ACL' enabled

B. The server is in another Organizational certifier than your id

C. The data has reader and author fields assigned you are not listed in

D. It has been encrypted with a secret key you have not imported into your id file

Question #12 - Topic 0

Fiona, a Notes user, has incorrectly entered her password for her Notes id file numerous
consecutive times. Which of the following is a default security measure that occurs?

A. Notes client lockdown

B. Password recovery notification

C. Time-delay between password entries

D. Notes administrator email notification

Question #13 - Topic 0

The notes.ini for Server4 contains the following variable:
Which of the following describes what this variable represents?

A. No users are allowed to access via Lan7

B. All users in the Domino Directory are allowed access via Lan7

C. All users that can authenticate must access the server over any port but Lan7

D. Anonymous users and all users in the Domino Directory are allowed access to the Domino server via Lan7

Question #14 - Topic 0

The names of administrators who are allowed to recover IDs is stored in what location?

A. The certifier id file

B. The server notes.ini file

C. The administrator client notes.ini file

D. The certifier document in the Domino Directory

Question #15 - Topic 0

A major manufacturer of automobiles announced that it was going to lay off 2000
employees. The Domino administrator configured a time-stamped list identifying rescinded
Internet certificates. What is the name for this list?

A. Issued Certificate List

B. Certificate Retract List

C. Certificate Revocation List

D. Terminated Certificate List


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