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HP HPE0-J79 Exam - Architecting Multi-Site HPE Storage Solutions

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Questions & Answers for HP HPE0-J79

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Question #1

You are designing a solution containing HPE 3PAR storage tor your customer. The
customers business is experiencing significant growth, which requires them to invest in a
highly-available storage solution. The customer has already invested in two separate data
centers but cannot initially afford to purchase two systems. The solution must be able to
provide complete local hardware redundancy. In the near future, the solution will be
expanded to be geographically independent and storage systems win be located in both
data centers
Which HPE 3PAR StoreServ storage system feature could be an essential advantage to
this customers business case?

A. Only current HPE 3PAR 8000 and 20000 storage system models can replicate data with each other and provide transparent failover of access to data when the number of controller nodes is identical

B. Only HPE 3PAR 8000 storage system models can replicate data with each other and provide transparent failover of access to data, independent of the number of controller nodes per storage systems.

C. All current HPE 3PAR storage system models can replicate data with each other and provide transparent failover of access to data between data centers.

D. All HPE 3PAR storage system models with an identical number of controller nodes can replicate data with each other and provide transparent failover of access to data between data centers.

Question #2

A customer needs array-integrated snapshot protection for a business-critical service. What
must be included in your design to ensure that the snapshot represents the latest valid

A. OS-level snapshots

B. application-managed snapshots

C. RESTful API snapshot integration

D. point-in-time snapshots

Question #3

At which level is an HPE 3PAR StoreSeiv Reduplication performed?





Question #4

Your customer needs highest performance and moderate availability in their StoreVirtual
Click on the Network RAID you should recommend.



Question #5

When describing network RAID levels 5 and 6 of an HPE StoceVirtual solution, which
statements are correct? (Select two)

A. Four storage nodes must be designed to run a supported Network RAID 5 configuration.

B. A minimum of six nodes is needed to build a supported Network RAID 6 environment

C. A minimum of three nodes is needed to build a supported Network RAID 5 environment

D. A minimum of seven nodes is needed to build a supported Network RAID 6 environment

E. Five storage nodes must be designed to run a supported Network RAID 6 configuration.

Question #6

During a presentation of an HPE 3PAR StoreServ asynchronous replication design, a
company administrator asks about a possible benefit of the Inter Volume Group Fast
Resync functionality in the proposed design.
What are the expected benefits you should discuss? (Select two.)

A. efficient bandwidth utilization of their links between the sites

B. faster resynchronization of volume groups after volume moves

C. greater flexibility when volumes need to be moved between volume groups

D. low impact on Remote Copy performance after volume moves between groups

E. short Quiet period waits after moving a volume(s) between volume groups

Question #7

What does the Federal information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 standard describe?

A. WORM compatibility

B. replication methods

C. data-at-rest encryption

D. compliance standards

Question #8

You are presenting an HPE 3PAR SloreServ 8450 all-flash solution to a customers C-level
management. Which HPE 3PAR technologies should you locus on to convince the CIO that
your proposed solution is more cost-efficient than competitive products? (Select two)

A. virtual copy

B. thin dedupiication

C. virtual domains

D. express writes

E. adaptive sparing

Question #9

You are designing an iSCSI solution for a customer with one data center, who is investing
in a second data center that will be ready in the near future. The networking infrastructure
of the current data center is generally sufficient for use with an iSCSI storage solution, but it
is from a different vendor. The new data center will be equipped with current HPE
Networking switches. What should you keep in mind when discussing the use of Ethernet
Jumbo Frames for this environment?

A. For maximum performance. Jumbo Frames should be configured on the storage nodes only

B. Jumbo Frames are only required for low latency applications

C. Jumbo Frame sizes are not standardized across all switch vendors

D. Only switch ports must be configured to forward Jumbo Frames

Question #10

Which tool should you use to quickly determine HPE 3PAR Storeserv hearth and

A. Command View 3PAR




Question #11

When designing an HPE StoreOnce POC with Catalyst using Symantec NetBackup, you
need to Know which products win requite licenses. Match each product to its licensing

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Sample Pictures\Capture 2.PNG

Question #12

You are designing an HPE 3PAR StoreServ environment using HPE Smart SAN Which
solution components are supported? (Select two.)

A. EmulexHBAs

B. HPE 5900 CP switches

C. Qlogic Fibre Channel HBAs

D. HPE H-series SAN switches

E. Physical 3PAR Service Processor

Question #13

A customer has a multi-site environment and plans to consolidate file-and-block-level data.
A Proof-of-Concept is arranged to familiarize the customer with HPE 3PAR StoreServ File
Persona functionality. Which statement is true when tailing over tile-level data between me

A. The Peer Persistence Arbitrator needs to register the file shares before a failover is initiated

B. A second cluster IP must be configured as a DNS alias for the file shares running on the HPE 3PAR StoreServ

C. An automated tailback is initiated once the primary storage system comes back online

D. The clients will need to reconnect to NAS shares once failover is complete

Question #14

Which functionality is provided by an HPE StoreVirtual Multi-site SAN when loss of a site
causes loss of quorum in the management group?

A. The CMC can be used to recover quorum

B. The FOM at the DR site will take over automatically.

C. The quorum can be recovered manually

D. The quorum will failover automatically

Question #15

A customer with multiple Oracle databases in their environment reports that users are
experiencing slow application response time. You need to create an optimized solution for
this customer. You monitored database performance using Oracle AWR server, and
storage performance monitoring. The revealed that there is a high I/O wait and the average
I/O latency is -30 ms. which is causing slow response times.
Which solution should you propose to address the performance problem?

A. HPE 3PAR storage array with high performance spinning disks with HPE 16 Gb/s StoreFabnc

B. HPE 3PAR all-flash storage array with HPE 16 Gb/s StoreFabnc

C. HPE 3PAR Storage Array with a sufficient number of spinning disks with HPE 16 Gb/s StoreFabric

D. HPE 3PAR hybrid storage Array with spinning disks. Adaptive Flash Cache, and AO with HPE 16 Gb/s StoreFabric


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