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HP HPE0-J77 Dumps

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Designing HPE Backup Solutions
Designing HPE Backup Solutions


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Questions & Answers for HP HPE0-J77

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Question #1

A customer is using HPE StoreOnce VSA as a NAS target in a remote office backup
architecture Which feature allows the customer to perform a deduplication-optimized copy
to the central office?

A. catalyst-based replication

B. hash-based chunking

C. remote snapshots

D. low bandwidth replication

Question #2

A customers backup solution performs daily full backups of the environment The customer
is asking for a different solution due to the amount of time it takes on a daily basis. They
only need to be able to keep copies of recently changed files to restore if a problem occurs
Full backups will continue to be performed on weekend days, but the customer wants a
solution for non-weekend days.
Which backup solution helps accomplish this?

A. archive and backup

B. image-based

C. differential

D. file-based

Question #3

Which statement is correct about enabling data-at-rest or in-flight encryption on a physical
HPE StoreOnce appliance?

A. Encryption is enabled by default

B. Encryption is not possible on HPE StoreOnce

C. Encryption is a function of the backup application.

D. The HPE StoreOnce Security Pack license must be installed

Question #4

When zoning by NBA port in large SAN infrastructures, which feature is a benefit?

A. prevention of zone overlapping

B. server-side duplication +

C. simplified device discovery

D. SAN attached storage backups

Question #5

A Customer has a legal requirement to encrypt all of their backup data that goes offsite.
The customer has number of sites, each containing a tape libraries are from the same
manufacturer, but they all support data encryption The customer is concerned about losing
the encryption keys and the ability to restore their data.
Which solution should you recommend to meet the legal requirement and address the
customer's concerns?

A. HPE Trusted Platform Module

B. HPE Enterprise Secure Key Manager

C. hpe Tape Encryption Kit

D. HPE Data-at-Rest Encryption

Question #6

Refer to Exhibit

Which type of HPE Backup and Archive configuration is displayed?

A. HPE StoreOnce Recovery Manager Central

B. HPE 3PAR File Persona Software NDMP backup

C. Veeam backup to HPE StoreOnce with tape offload

D. HPE 3PAR File Persona Share backup

Question #7

A customer has frequent requests to restore individual files from backups, which requires
them to restore entire server data volumes. After reviewing the backup environment, you
discover that the restore requests are coming from only a few servers. Which change
should you recommend to reduce individual files' restore times?

A. Convert from file-based backups to full backups.

B. Convert from file-based backups to image-based backups

C. Convert from image-based backups to online backups. +

D. Convert from image-based backups to file-based backups

Question #8

You are designing a proof-of-concept for a new customer for remote site backup using HPE
3PAR StoreServ to an HPE StoreEver tape library. The customer asks how the data would
flow with using snapshots at the far side to do the backup. What is the most efficient way to
set this up?

A. Mount the snapshot to a DR server and back up to the HPE StoreEver tape library.

B. Copy the snapshot data to the HPE StoreEver tape library using the LTFS functionality.

C. Directly back up the snapshot to the HPE StoreEver tape library from the HPE 3PAR StoreServ.

D. Use HPE StoreOnce Express Protect Backup to copy the snapshot to the HPE StoreEver tapeLibrary

Question #9

What is a disadvantage of Breakaway Mirror Clones?

A. Data is at risk during the break.

B. Deleted files are not tracked.

C. Multiple sets of data exist.

D. They increase the I/O load to resynchronize.

Question #10

Refer to Exhibit:

You size an HPE Recovery Manager Central (RMC) solution for a customer's environment.
The customer uses two HPE StoreServ systems and wants to run eight Recovery Set
backups in parallel. To achieve the RTO, 4.5 TB of data must be restored per hour
What is the minimum configuration that must be planned for the RMC host?

A. 2 vCPU / 8 GB VRAM


C. 8 vCPU / 32 GB VRAM

D. 16 vCPU/64 GB VRAM

Question #11

Match each deduplication type with the correct description

Question #12

A customer needs to offload disk I/O caused by nightly backups from their production HPE
3PAR StoreServ Disk Array. They have two other HPE 3PAR Disk Arrays. One is located
at their disaster recovery (DR) site located 300 km away, and the other is used for their
Test/Dev environment located in the same datacenter.
What should you recommend to accomplish this? (Select two)

A. Set up HPE 3PAR synchronous replication between the production and Test/Dev disk arrays.

B. Create a snapshot of the replicated volumes on the production array and present to the backup system.

C. Set up HPE 3PAR synchronous replication between the production and DR disk arrays.

D. Create a snapshot of the replicated volumes on the Test/Dev array and present to the backup system.

E. Set up HPE 3PAR enhanced asynchronous replication between the production and DR disk arrays.

Question #13

A Customer needs a backup solution for their virtual environment. Their 35 TB Microsoft
Windows file server data is business critical. Match the recovery point objective to the most
cost effective solution to achieve it

Question #14

Which statement is correct about virtualized snapshot services on an HPE MSA 1040?

A. The appropriate license must be purchased

B. Some operating systems support snapshots.

C. The HPE MSA 1040 does not support virtualized snapshots.

D. No special license is needed as virtualized snapshots are supported by default

Question #15

Which tool can be used to check compliance with best practices for HPE StoreVirtual

A. HPE OneView

B. HPE Storage Management Utility

C. HPE Centralized Management Console