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HP HP2-H15 Exam - Selling HP Thin Client (HP2-H15)

Questions & Answers for HP HP2-H15

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Question #1

Which HP Thin Client consumes the least power?

A. t5145

B. t5325

C. t5550

D. t5630w

Question #2

How does HP define virtualization?

A. as a strategy for using computer resources to lower initial acquisition costs

B. as an approach to pooling and sharing IT resources so supply meets business demands

C. as a disaster tolerance strategy for minimizing downtime in mission-critical environments

D. as a strategy for controlling access to computer resources for greater security

Question #3

How does thin computing help a customer who is facing increasing costs for hardware,
software updates, and maintenance?

A. Thin client solutions eliminate the cost of licensing and patch fixes.

B. Thin client solutions centralize the update, refresh, and maintenance processes in the data center

C. Thin client computing allows enormous computing tasks to be distributed across many computers.

D. Thin clients allow customers to be responsible for administering their own updates, refreshes, and maintenance.

Question #4

Your customer wants the flexibility to be able to expand their thin client in the future. Which
HP Thin Clients should you recommend? (Select two.)

A. t5325

B. t5565

C. t5630w

D. t5740e

E. t5745

Question #5

What is a key driver in developing your competitive game plan to win your customer's

A. know who your competition is

B. know your customer's buying criteria

C. know how your customer feels about HP

D. know your customer's budget constraints

Question #6

Which mainstream HP Thin Client is designed for the HP ThinPro operating system?

A. t5550

B. t5565

C. t5570

D. t5585

Question #7

HP Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Enhancements provide support for which feature?

A. flashless boot

B. legacy terminal operations

C. multimedia redirection

D. embedded management agents

Question #8

Your customer is looking for a thin client that will let them run their suite of software and
business applications, but price is a consideration they are looking for the least-expensive
thin client solution. Which HP Thin Client should you recommend?

A. t5145

B. t5325

C. t5550

D. t5740

Question #9

What is a function of digital signage?

A. It displays advertising and other messages adaptively across a network.

B. It sends customers a fixed message designed for content longevity,

C. It archives user display information so it can be stored at an off-site location.

D. It provides an infrastructure for delivering locally crafted messages

Question #10

When should you ask a customer closed-ended questions in a sales interview?

A. at the beginning of the interview, to determine the customer's specific needs

B. at the end of the interview, to gain agreement

C. after you have completed the discovery and assessment process

D. after you have qualified the customer's needs

Question #11

How should you present thin computing to your customers?

A. as a set of product offerings

B. as a user-customizable solution

C. as a full-function computer infrastructure

D. as a business solution

Question #12

What is the business value of HP Remote Graphics Solution?

A. It reduces TCO for thin clients by expanding the number of users who can work on each client.

B. it improves disaster tolerance by keeping image files on centralized servers,

C. It reduces the amount of time it takes for administrators to install and configure thin client displays.

D. It allows collaboration as teams share graphics remotely in real-time.

Question #13

What is one advantage of client virtualization?

A. Users can diagnose and repair many failures themselves.

B. Users can access their information from any PC device on the system.

C. IT can manage and assign resource usage at the user level.

D. Client systems self-monitor and report failures to IT.

Question #14

Client virtualization is ideal for which type of customer?

A. a corporation that is building proofs of concept on-site in a customer's data center

B. a research firm that is building complex computational models

C. a retail business that needs to run multimedia-rich applications

D. a manufacturer with remote workers in different geographic locations

Question #15

Which operating system is compatible with the HP 6360t Mobile Thin Client?

A. Red Hat Linux

B. Debian Linux

C. Microsoft Genuine WES

D. HPThinConnect


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