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HP HP2-B80 Exam - Selling HP Imaging and Printing Solutions

Questions & Answers for HP HP2-B80

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Question #1

Which statement is true about how customers typically view office printing costs?

A. Customers typically look at the cost of supplies and hardware, but they do not consider IT costs.

B. Customers typically look at IT costs and the cost of supplies, but they do not consider hardware costs.

C. Customers typically look at hardware and IT costs, but they do not consider cost of supplies.

D. Customers typically look at hardware costs, but they do not consider IT costs or the cost of supplies.

Explanation: Most customers look for the total cost of ownership. The normally include
supplies and hardware but they ignore the costs of personnel working to make sure the
printing solutions work properly and without any problems. IT costs are not generally

Question #2

Which statement is true about phasing out your role in a solutions sale?

A. You should announce a date when you will no longer be active in the project, at which time the customer needs to implement the support plan.

B. Once you complete the pilot and install the solution in the department, your role is over.

C. Your role is never really over as this is how you maintain a relationship with your customer.

D. You role is over when the customer tells you he no longer needs your services.

Question #3

What is the main goal when presenting your findings to the customer?

A. to map customer pain points to solution benefits

B. to try and close the deal

C. to request the customer’s budget

D. to meet with the end users to discuss what is working

Question #4

Which technology erases files on a continuous basis when they are not needed to perform
a requested function on the HP High Performance Hard Disk?

A. Secure Storage erase

B. Secure File erase

C. Secure Device erase

D. Secure System erase


Question #5

A customer says, I need to reduce my supplies and printing costs."
Which diagnostic question should you ask this customer?

A. How do you manage your scanners on the network?

B. How are you controlling color access?

C. What are the standard compliance regulations for your industry?

D. How do you secure your workstations over the network?

Explanation: The customer said he wants to reduce supplies and printing costs. By
controlling the amount of color printed documents, customer can reduce supplies and
printing costs since color prints taking more resources than the black and white documents.
Printing the document in simple black and white can greatly reduce supplies and printing

Question #6

What is the purpose of the HP Managed Printer Lists within the HP Universal Print Driver?

A. It allows IT managers to keep a list of who can and cannot print.

B. It allows IT managers to turn certain printers on and off throughout the day and night.

C. It allows IT managers to group printers by characteristics such as location, features or printertype.

D. It allows IT managers to monitor printeruse.


Question #7

Which mobile devices can be used for HP ePrint mobile printing?

A. iPhone devices and BlackBerry devices

B. BlackBerry devices and Nokia devices

C. iPhone devices and Nokia devices

D. any smartphone

Question #8

Which feature does the IT manager use when she wants to set confidential printing as the
default requiring a PIN at the device to print the job?

A. HP Embedded Web Server (EWS)

B. HP Managed Print Administration (MPA)

C. HP Web Jetadmin (WJA)

D. HP Managed Printer Lists (MPL)

Question #9

What is one way to study publically available information about your customers?

A. conduct a workshop with them

B. obtain annual financial reports from other verticals

C. obtain facilities spending and marketing budget information

D. use websites and annual reports

Explanation: You dont need to conduct a workshop or obtain annual financial reports or
even obtain facilities spending and market budget information to study the information
needed to understand your customer. The information you need is available in detail on
their websites and in their annual reports. Youd get an overview of finances, marketing
budget information and other relevant information easily from their websites. Since this
information is available publicly, customers put it on the websites and publish annual

Question #10

What is most important to remember about both transactional and consultative sales?

A. You should focus primarily on the volume of sales.

B. You should focus only on your margin.

C. You should minimize time spent with customers.

D. You should focus on your customer's business problems.


Question #11

What are the three sections of HP Web Jetadmin?

A. supply management, print management, application management

B. print management, application management, fleet security

C. device management, print management, application management

D. device management, print management, fleet security


Question #12

What must you do to enable HP EasyColor?

A. Check the box for HP EasyColor within HP Managed Printer Lists.

B. Check the box for HP EasyColor within HP Web Jetadmin.

C. Check the box for HP EasyColor within the HP Universal Print Driver.

D. Check the box for HP EasyColor within HP Embedded Web Server.


Question #13

How is office printing costs typically calculated for a document?

A. only the cost of the printing hardware

B. only the cost of the printing hardware and the annual cost of the supplies

C. only the cost for administration and for the hardware of the printer

D. the cost of the network management, supplies, hardware, and administration

Explanation: Typically, office printing costs are calculated by taking network management,
supplies, hardware and administration into account. All of these things are calculated and
divided by the number of prints an office produce each year.

Question #14

Which solution should you suggest to a customer who wants to streamline supplies usage
with supplies alerts?

A. HP Embedded Security

B. HP Embedded Print Management

C. HP Web Jetadmin

D. HP Universal Print Driver


Question #15

When should you schedule the installation of a pilot?

A. during the day when everyone who will be using the new solution is present

B. at closing time when you have access to more people who will use the new solution

C. during business downtime so you do not monopolize their network

D. when it is convenient for you, so you can schedule a large block of time so the installation will not be rushed

Explanation: You can schedule the installation of a pilot during the day so that everyone
interested in the solution can easily test the system.


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