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HP HP2-B116 Exam - Selling HP Document Solutions

Questions & Answers for HP HP2-B116

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Question #1

How does do some copier manufacturers obtain the customer's commitment to take their
solution proposals seriously?

A. They secure a meeting of all the users toestablish their "pain points."

B. They draft an agreement to buy up any existing copier contracts from the customer.

C. They secure an executive audience for the presentation of their executive summary.

D. They gain a commitment from the customer to present their findings to the purchasing department.

Question #2

What is a document management system?

A. a computer system that improves print output quality, optimizes supplies usage and reduces waste

B. a computer system that improves a printer infrastructure by increasing printer utilization and reduces document costs

C. a computer system that provides document security, document cost accounting, printer optimizing and balance deployment

D. a computer system (or set of computer programs) that is used to track and store electronic documents and/or images of paper documents

Question #3

What should asalesperson do when qualifying any potential opportunity?

A. evaluate sell-up and cross-sell opportunities

B. analyze all the industry financial data that is available

C. begin to quantify the print volumes and potential productivity gains

D. Prioritizethe opportunity, relative to the others the salesperson is pursuing

Question #4

What is a horizontal solution?

A. a solution that focuses on print infrastructure solutions

B. a solutionthat focuses on print management solutions

C. a solution that addresses the needs and pain points of many business sectors

D. a solution that addresses the needs and pain points of one specific business sector

Question #5

What are the benefits of an HP document solution sale to both you and your customer?

A. increased sales of MFPsand greater customer satisfaction

B. increased sales of printers and a great deal for the customer

C. higher revenue and sales margins, and the opportunity to change the customer's work methods to increase efficiency and reduce costs

D. higher sales volumeand overheads, and the opportunity to change the customer's work methods to increase head count and reduce costs

Question #6

Why might a customer deploy a job accounting solution?

A. to manage contracts and supplies acquisition

B. to increase productivity by improving workflow

C. to understand who is printing what and the costs that are involved

D. to account for print output from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions

Question #7

What is a feature of a solution for managing printing and imaging devices?

A. It enables customers to manage workflow.

B. It enables customers to centrally manage their printing and imaging.

C. It enablescustomers to adhere to statutory regulations, such as Sarbanes-Oxley.

D. It enables the utilization of an IBM mainframe, from which data are routed to the correct printer

Question #8

What is an important security pain point for any organization's print management

A. workflow bottlenecks that create processing delays

B. print output and workflow between users and devices that are at risk

C. lack of control that makes it impossible to directly bill high print users

D. lack of control that makes it impossible to control color and special media usage

Question #9

What is the main reason a salesperson should consider selling HP document solutions?

A. increased sales of printers and the opportunity to sell moresupplies

B. increased sales of MFPs and the opportunity to sell HP scanners and digital senders

C. higher revenue and sales margins, and the opportunity to change the customer's work methods to increase efficiency and reduce costs

D. higher sales volume and overheads, and the opportunity to change the customer's workmethods to increase head count and reduce costs

Question #10

What should you discuss with your customer concerning the deployment of HP Web

A. the number of IT help desk calls that relate to printer issues

B. the management of output from non-windows environments

C. the document management system the customer wants to deploy

D. the development of processes forprinting special fonts and bar codes

Question #11

What is a key benefit of the introduction of a workflow system, other than straightforward
cost savings?

A. it enables the establishment of a print infrastructure on non-Windows platforms.

B. Decisions about routing print jobs are done at the print server level, not by the operator.

C. Details about printer performance are sent to IT by the workflow software, not by the operator.

D. Decisions about how the document is processed are made by the workflow management software, not by the operator.

Question #12

Which question can a salesperson ask a customerto ascertain if the customer is a potential
prospect for an access control solution from HP?

A. Do you require bill heavy print users?

B. Do you need to securely deploy new printers?

C. Would you like to restrict unauthorized output?

D. Do you want to deploy HP printers on non-HP platforms?

Question #13

When a salesperson approaches a customer about the need for print management
solutions, which issues should be discussed?

A. customization of document output for specific process steps

B. resource constraints, decreasing budgets, adapting to change, and ROI

C. protection of intellectual data form research and development, and finances

D. the need to print specific font and printing checks with special inks and toners

Question #14

What are the elements that make up the Infrastructure category of the HP document
solutions strategy?

A. job accounting, device management and asset management

B. content capture, forms automation, LANFax and HP output management

C. security,HP Universal Print Driver, host printing, device extension and hardware

D. enterprise-wide printing, printing outsource infrastructure, network security and document distribution

Question #15

What do IT departments need to do to gain support for new projects?

A. ensure the project comes in on budget

B. satisfy the issues of implementation, roll out, and support

C. satisfy the issues raised by finance and purchasing departments

D. ensure the project meets overall business strategy and identify the beneficiaries


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