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HP HP0-M52 Dumps

HP BSM Operations Manager on UNIX and Linux 9.x Software
HP BSM Operations Manager on UNIX and Linux 9.x Software

Questions & Answers for HP HP0-M52

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Question #1

Which management server ports are used for Admin UI connection?

A. 9662 or 9663

B. 80, 8081, and 383

C. only 383 and 8081

D. 383 or 381

Question #2

How is the HPOM Admin UI used? (Select three.)

A. to configure custom script for monitoring applications

B. to add new message groups

C. to add system users via LDAP integration

D. to distribute policies to managed systems

E. to configure SNMP Community Strings for network device monitoring

F. to add new nodes to be monitored

Question #3

Which Smart Plug-Ins require license purchases? (Select three.)

A. Systems Infrastructure SPI

B. Cluster Infrastructure SPI

C. Virtualization Infrastructure SPI

D. Oracle SPI

E. System Insight Manager SPI

F. Exchange SPI

Question #4

As the HPOM administrator, you create a policy group containing all the policies necessary
to monitor a custom application for opening trouble tickets. All the nodes associated with
the application are included in a specified node group. To ease policy assignment and
deployment, you assign the policy group to the node group. What is the name for this type
of assignment?

A. Indirect Assignment

B. Policy Group Assignment

C. Controlled Assignment

D. Direct Assignment

Question #5

The lead ESM Engineer completed the install of Oracle and HPOM application software. A
new consultant is tasked with completing the HPOM installation starting with the Admin UI.
Prior to starting the install, what must the consultant verify? (Select three.)

A. that the client side OS and version supports the Admin UI

B. whether a previous version of the software is installed

C. the Oracle database user and the correct database settings

D. whether patches or recent updates are required via Release Notes or the current support matrix

E. availability of 1GB of free RAM

F. a recent browser including Safari or Netscape

Question #6

The lead HPOM administrator needs to stop the Admin UI application. Which shell
commands can be run to accomplish this? (Select two.)

A. adminui stop

B. ovc -kill

C. AdminUI -stop

D. ovc -stop adminui

E. adminui -kill

Question #7

In a pattern matching expression, what is the function of the <*> syntax?

A. to match any string of zero or more arbitrary characters

B. to match a sequence of one or more separator characters

C. to match any string that contains no separator characters

D. to match a sequence of one or more digits

Question #8

Which HPOM read position alternative is used to monitor newly appended entries to a

A. read from the last file position

B. read from the beginning of the file (always)

C. read from the beginning of the file (first time)

D. read from the beginning of the file (last time)

Question #9

Where can correlation take place?

A. before arriving on the managed node, on the managed node, in the flexible management environment, or on the management server

B. before arriving on the managed node, on the managed node, or on the management server only

C. on the management server only

D. on the managed node or on the management server only

Question #10

Which statements are true about message ownership in HPOM? (Select two.)

A. Launching actions associated with a message will result in message ownership.

B. Message ownership can be assigned.

C. If a message is owned by another user A, user B can acknowledge the message.

D. Message ownership can be taken but not assigned.

E. The own/disown messages flag is never set for new users.

Question #11

Which command should you run to validate your configuration file with flexible

A. /opt/OV/bin/OpC/opcmomchk <file_name>

B. /opt/OV/bin/OpC/opcconfig <file_name>

C. /opt/OV/bin/OpC/opcfixchk <file_name>

D. /opt/OV/bin/OpC/opcheck <file_name>

Question #12

Which web services does HPOM provide? (Select two.)

A. Notification Web Service

B. Incident Web Service

C. Tool Web Service

D. Configuration Web Service

E. Report Web Service

Question #13

Where is the Admin UI user model completely implemented?

A. within the Admin UI User Manager Server

B. within the Admin UI Web App Server

C. within the Admin UI DB Frontend

D. within the LDAP external system

Question #14

Which tasks are involved in the administration of the HPOM system? (Select two.)

A. configuring users, adding nodes, and creating policies

B. customizing user configurations for network monitoring devices

C. creating custom MS-SQL reports for gathering information out of the HPOM database

D. maintaining the host server (includes setting kernel parameters, creating filesystems, and performing system backups)

E. installing licenses for all managed nodes and integrated Smart Plug-Ins

Question #15

What are installation requirements for the Java GUI? (Select two.)

A. It is supported on HP-UX, MAC OS, Red Hat Linux, Solaris, and Windows systems.

B. It is recommended to run the Java GUI on a UNIX platform.

C. It requires a Tomcat server on the OML system.

D. It requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE), which is part of the install.

E. It requires both HTTP and FTP protocols.