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HP HP0-J48 Dumps

Designing HP StorageWorks Solutions (2011)
Designing HP StorageWorks Solutions (2011)

Questions & Answers for HP HP0-J48

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Question #1

A consultant designs a disaster tolerance and disaster recovery solution in a Windows
environment using Enterprise Virtual Arrays (EVAs) and Cluster Extension EVAs (CLXs).
Why should a majority node be set or a fileshare witness be integrated in the design?

A. to verify that source and destination copies are identical

B. to prevent systems of LUN mapping changes in case of failover

C. to provide protection against split-brain situations

D. to guarantee the highest possible data consistency in the environment

Question #2

A customer requests a storage and server environment assessment prior to the installation
of additional SAN components. Which HP software utility provides a quick and accurate
view of the customer's SAN topology?

A. Storage Security Self-Assessment Tool

B. SAN Visibility

C. Storage Product Selector

D. SAN Designer

Question #3

Which HP Storage solution provides scale-out network attached storage up to 16

A. D2000

B. P4000

C. P9000

D. X9000

Question #4

Scenario: A potential customer experienced massive data growth in the past year and is no
longer meeting their backup window. The customer's current environment consists of
approximately 30 ProLiant servers utilizing Backup Exec and a SCSI attached LTO2
After a number of meetings, the consultant presents the design of a D2D4112, an
MSL8096 with HP Data Protector. The customer likes the solution, but is concerned about
how their staff will cope with the new concepts and the transition to the new solution, What
should the consultant recommend to the customer for a smooth transition to the new
equipment? (Select two.)

A. handover session after the installation

B. as-built configuration documentation

C. formal classroom training on the new products

D. hands-on training during implementation

E. solution presentation

Question #5

A medium-sized enterprise plans to replace its current SAN Switch infrastructure through
an efficient, scalable SAN architecture with built in high-performance stacking. Which mid-
range SAN switch product should you include in your new design?

A. HP StorageWorks SN6000 8Gb Fibre Channel Switch

B. HP StorageWorks 8/20q Fibre Channel Switch

C. HP StorageWorks 8/40 SAN Switch

D. HP Nexus 5000 Converged Network Switch

Question #6

Your customer wants to implement a 12 location ROBO backup environment. Which
solution would be the most cost-effective solution for this requirement?

A. many to one P2000 remote replication

B. EVA4400 with continuous access

C. P4000 multi-site solution

D. D2D backup systems

Question #7

A power plant is planning to move and redesign their data center locations and layouts.
Currently HP XP12000 enterprise-class storage systems are in use. They like the concept
of automated movement of sections of LUNS between fast and slow storage by the array,
based on usage patterns. Which HP Storage Disk Array family software feature should you
include in your redesign?

A. P4000 SAN/iQ Software

B. P9000 Smart Tiers Software

C. P6500 Thin Provisioning Software

D. P9500 Tiered Storage Manager Software

Question #8

A customer's new business requires a flexible SAN solution, which can start at 20 device
ports and grow up to 120 device ports in a single stack per fabric. It should also include
network management and storage provisioning from a single screen. Which HP product
line is the preferred solution?

A. HP StorageWorks 8/80 SAN Switch

B. HP StorageWorks DC04 SAN Director

C. HP StorageWorks SN6000 8Gb Fibre Channel Switch

D. Cisco MDS 9134 Multilayer Fabric Switch

Question #9

A medium-sized enterprise owning a pair of 2/16 and 4/16 B-Series SAN Switches needs
to consolidate its departmental fabrics. Which midrange SAN switch product should you
include in your new design?

A. HP StorageWorks 8/8 SAN Switch

B. HP StorageWorks 8/24 SAN Switch

C. HP StorageWorks 8/40 SAN Switch

D. HP StorageWorks 8/80 SAN Switch

Question #10

Which component handles file locking in a traditional file servicing infrastructure?

A. majority node

B. fileserver

C. witness file share

D. quorum disk

Question #11

A presales consultant's primary goal is to work with customers to find and describe storage
solutions that provide business value. What are the contributors to business value in a
storage context? (Select two.)

A. business flexibility

B. competitive advantages

C. service levels

D. IT staff reductions

Question #12

Which SAN availability level is described as being a single resilient fabric with multiple
device paths?

A. Level 1

B. Level 2

C. Level 3

D. Level 4

Question #13

Scenario: The customer is a university with 20,000 students and 3,500 staff. They have
been directed to reduce their overall IT spending for the next 3 years by 30%. A major
issue is that most of the university's server and storage infrastructure is now over 3 years
old and they need to show substantial return on investment before new hardware can be
purchased. Their environment consists of HP BladeSystems c7000, with sixteen BL6S5c
servers, a mixture of twelve Gl and four G5 servers. The G5 servers are the newest (less
than a year old) while the Gl servers are now more than three years old. Most equipment
was installed three years earlier, The interconnect modules in the C7000 Blade Enclosure
for both the Ethernet and fibre connections are Pass Thru Modules. The storage is an
EVA8000 with 50TB of disk, 30TB of Fibre Channel disk and 20TB of FATA disk. This too
is over 3 years old. Connecting all the fibre components are two HP MDS9216i SAN
Switches,Their entire server base is virtualized using ESX 3.5 utilizing VMware High
Availability (HA) and DRS. All of the university's critical systems run on the BL685c Gl
servers. The university requires a 24 x 7 uptime on all e-Learning systems including email.
The university does not utilize any additional software tools to manage their systems other
than VMware vCentre and HP CommandView.
What are the most appropriate questions to ask to uncover possible tiered storage
opportunities? (Select two,)

A. Are solid state disks an interesting technology for you?

B. How much time can you afford to be unavailable to your customers?

C. Have you considered moving from 10K rpm disks to 15K rpm disks?

D. Do you require disk to disk backup?

E. How much data can you afford to lose?

Question #14

What does the SalesBuilder for Windows tool provide?

A. a way to better understand how well a business is prepared for managing risk

B. the ability to navigate through the HP StorageWorks product portfolio, based on selected criteria

C. the ability to generate topology diagrams, required components, and additional recommendations for future growth

D. the ability to quickly configure new systems, upgrades, and add-ons, and to prepare budgetary quotes

Question #15

A flower distribution company is planning to redesign their web site and offer additional
products and delivery services. They expect a significant increase in web traffic and sales.
They want to ensure a quick response time and in some cases, provide same day delivery
of an order. This will put an increased demand on their existing IT environment. This
environment consists of a small SAN, two C7000 blade chassis and a storage array. Which
change to their environment is recommended?

A. upgrade to larger disks in the storage array

B. install additional disks in the storage array

C. set up replication between the storage blades and the storage array

D. install additional SAN switches