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HP HP0-J46 Dumps

Designing and Implementing HP Enterprise Backup Solutions [HP0-J46]
Designing and Implementing HP Enterprise Backup Solutions [HP0-J46]

Questions & Answers for HP HP0-J46

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Question #1

How do some backup applications maintain device persistency in Windows?

A. They bind the SCSI address of the tape device to the WWN of the HBA.

B. They use the mapping table of the library controller.

C. They track the serial numbers of the tape drives and robots.

D. They store a record of the zoning table.

Question #2

Which HP Virtual Tape Library solution is positioned in the SMB iSCSI market?

A. D2D150

B. VLS300

C. D2D2500

D. D2D4106

Question #3

Your customer has a VLS9000 20TB array, which he upgrades by adding a VLS9000
capacity upgrade. During booting, a capacity license violation is detected and the VLS is
unable to perform read/write operations. What is a possible cause of these issues?

A. The storage pool was not migrated.

B. The cabling was incorrect.

C. A reboot of the node was not performed after the installation of the capacity license.

D. The array was added to a VLS before the upgrade capacity license for the additional array was installed.

Question #4

What must you do with Emulex HBAs connected to fabric switches when implementing an
EBS solution? (Select two.)

A. Install them in the last PCI slots of each server.

B. Ensure that all entries in the registry for the HBAs are set to 0.

C. Verify that the topology adapter parameter is set to 1.

D. Disable any unused ports.

E. Verify that the link speed is the same for the HBA and the connected SAN switch port.

Question #5

Which type of backup is used to back up files and reset the archive bit?

A. copy full

B. differential

C. incremental

D. normal full

Question #6

Which command should you use to obtain information about standalone tape devices or
drives of a tape library that are connected to the Network Appliance NDMP Server system?

A. ioscan

B. sysconfig

C. scanner

D. hwmgr

Question #7

What does EMC NetWorker require to enable tape drive persistency and the use of long
file names in Windows 2003?

A. Windows Service Pack 3

B. application of the long file names patch

C. a backup pre-execution script for each backup job

D. an additional registry modification and reboot

Question #8

Which HP Library and Tape Tools built-in test examines all available logs from a device to
look for any known issues, customer use issues, and common error patterns?

A. Device Configuration Test

B. Device Analysis Test

C. Device Enquiry Test

D. Device Self-Test

Question #9

What is a function of Secure Manager? (Select two.)

A. It manages the host access into CommandView TL.

B. It provides key management for drive encryption.

C. It enables access control of tape drives and library partitioning in Enterprise libraries.

D. It enables the Access Control Lists (ACLs) for all HP G3 tape libraries.

Question #10

Which HP software application provides web-based management of EBS devices
compliant with HTTP, SNMP MIB-2, or DMI v2?

A. HP Operations Manager

B. HP Systems Insight Manager

C. HP Library and Tape Tools

D. HP Insight Recovery Software

Question #11

To protect against data loss, companies must develop and follow backup and restore
strategies. Which questions can be used to determine the appropriate backup strategy?
(Select three.)

A. What is the size of the restore window?

B. Where is the data located?

C. Which type of tape device is used?

D. Is full or partial backup required?

E. Which type of storage is used?

F. Is the data image-based or file-based?

Question #12

What is included in the HP Proactive Select Virtual Library System Health Check service
offering? (Select three.)

A. performance assessment and recommendations for one backup type

B. recommended firmware/software levels and conformance to configuration best practices

C. firmware/software upgrade/installation

D. performance analysis for one VLS/D2D and recommendations to improve performance

E. assessment of one virtual library

F. limited performance and capacity recommendations

Question #13

Click the Exhibit button.

Which backup type is described by Incr n shown in the exhibit?

A. incremental

B. differential

C. virtual full

D. synthetic full

Question #14

Which HP Library and Tape Tools built-in test determines if the media is readable and
provides statistical data such as block size, compression ratio, and speed for DLT, LTO,
and DDS drives only?

A. Read/Write Test

B. Media Analysis Test

C. Compression Test

D. Media Validation Test

Question #15

Which interfaces to backup software are provided by an HP D2D4312 backup system?
(Select three.)

A. VTL (Virtual Tape Library)

B. NAS (Network Attached Storage)

C. NFS Mount (Network File System)

D. FC (Fibre Channel)

E. iSCSI (Internet SCSI)

F. OST (OpenStorage)