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HDI HD0-300 Dumps

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HDI Help Desk Manager
HDI Help Desk Manager

Questions & Answers for HDI HD0-300

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Question #1

What is the most likely disadvantage of insourcing?

A. Insourcing causes tension among team members who are working on different projects.

B. Insourcing creates problems when customers have to wait in a queue too long.

C. Insourcing increases the support center's workload without increasing staffing levels.

D. Insourcing renders the support center's knowledge base obsolete.

Question #2

Which concept refers to identifying required staffing based on projected volume?

A. insourcing

B. outsourcing

C. trend awareness

D. resource planning

Question #3

What is the most likely benefit of having a good marketing strategy for the support center?

A. A good marketing strategy decreases the total cost of ownership for the support center.

B. A good marketing strategy gives the support center's analysts more accountability.

C. A good marketing strategy increases awareness that the support center provides a return on investment(ROI).

D. A good marketing strategy decreases the support center's headcount.

Question #4

You are supporting someone from a different culture. How can you improve your
communication? (Choose three)

A. speak slowly and loudly

B. pause to verify understanding

C. encourage the person to ask for clarification

D. use proper/standard language expressions (eliminate slang)

Question #5

What are two ways a Help Desk manager can improve awareness and consideration of
other business units in Help Desk planning? (Choose two)

A. require regular meetings with your employees

B. review historical successes and failure of the organization

C. create clear roles and responsibilities for all team members

D. participate in enterprise-wide initiatives and cross-functional teams

Question #6

What should be addressed in a support center's marketing plan?

A. the support center's budget requirements

B. the support center's staffing requirements

C. the support center's implementation timelines

D. the support center's role in the corporate vision

Question #7

What are three reasons that companies institute security programs? (Choose three)

A. lower costs

B. legal mandate

C. loss potential

D. corporate responsibility

Question #8

Which factor has the greatest effect on business continuity planning?

A. The cost of downtime to the business

B. The location of the support center

C. The price of implementing the plan

D. The return on investment (ROI)

Question #9

What is the best description of multitasking in a support center?

A. Multitasking is dealing with incidents and problems simultaneously.

B. Multitasking is managing the support center without help from your team.

C. Multitasking is taking as many calls as possible with the fewest number of analysts.

D. Multitasking is the ability to work on a number of tasks simultaneously while remaining effective.

Question #10

What are two benefits of external outsourcing compared to contract staffing? (Choose two)

A. fewer management issues

B. fewer employee benefit issues

C. the ability to easily extend the hours of support

D. the ability to handle peak periods associated with new technology rollouts

Question #11

What should the Help Desk manager do to be a good listener? (Choose three)

A. note the speaker's non-verbal cues

B. be sensitive to the feelings of the speaker

C. carefully craft your responses toQUESTION NO:s

D. re-interpret the message based on external input

E. insert personal experiences into the conversation

F. make an effort to hear precisely what is being said.

Question #12

Call volume increases whenever a new release of software is deployed, causing an
increase in the Abandonment Rate. You have decided to increase staff for the new release
scheduled to rollout in there months.
What helped you make your decision? (Choose two)

A. trend analysis

B. disaster recovery

C. quality assurance

D. change management

E. workforce scheduling

Question #13

What are two benefits of external outsourcing?

A. It improves teamwork

B. It frees up space and equipment for internal growth.

C. It allows rapid improvement in support quality without impacting the customers being supported

D. It allows management to focus on the quality of the service provided rather than on the processes fordelivering the service

Question #14

What should the Help Desk manager attend to in order to better understand the needs and
feelings of others? (Choose two)

A. written documentation

B. verbal communications

C. non-verbal communications

D. past performance problems

Question #15

How do you calculate ROI (Return On Investment)?

A. (Value - Cost) / Cost * 100

B. (Value + Cost) / Cost * 100

C. (Value * Cost) / Cost * 100

D. It is not possible to calculate.