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Hitachi HAT-680 Exam - Hitachi Data Systems Qualified Professional - Storage administration

Questions & Answers for Hitachi HAT-680

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Question #1

A user reports that a host running Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager (HDLM) has lost a
number of paths to the LUNs it is using. The host still has access to all the LUNs. When
troubleshooting, what should you do?

A. Set all paths offline and then online again.

B. Check the output of the "dlnkmgr view" command in HDLM.

C. Reboot the host.

D. Execute the "dlnkmgr online" command in HDLM.

Question #2

You want to configure hosts connected to a VSP using the Host Scan feature of Hitachi
Device Manager. Which action must be performed?

A. Ensure all hosts are related to a host group.

B. Ensure all hosts are related to the same host group.

C. Set the storage WWN for LUN security.

D. Set the host WWN for LUN security.

Question #3

Which two Hitachi Device Manager procedures would you use to add an HUS system as
external storage to a VSP? (Choose two.)

A. Set the Local storage port to Target.

B. Set the external system port to External.

C. Detect external LUNs on the Local system.

D. Set LDEV attributes of the external storage on the Local system.

Question #4

You want to create a Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning pool on a VSP using Hitachi Device
Manager. Which two conditions apply? (Choose two.)

A. Drive types cannot be mixed.

B. LDEVs must be selected.

C. Parity groups must be selected.

D. The maximum pool number cannot exceed 127.

Question #5

You are installing Hitachi Device Manager and need to verify the existence of the two pre-
defined user profiles. Which two are they? (Choose two.)

A. administrator

B. hauser

C. root

D. system

Question #6

A storage administrator needs to create a LUSE volume on a VSP storage system. Which
two volume types are used for this task? (Choose two.)

A. pool volumes

B. DP volumes

C. basic volumes

D. external volumes

Question #7

What must be setup before adding an HUS110 into Hitachi Device Manager (HDvM) and
discovering this storage system?

A. a Command Device in the HUS110 mapped to the HDvM server

B. a Storage Management Device in the HUS110 mapped to the HDvM server

C. a TCP/IP connection between the HUS110 and the HDvM server

D. a SAN connection between the HUS110 and the HDvM server

Question #8

Which feature allows the naming of LDEVs using Hitachi Device Manager CLI?

A. LDEV Naming

B. LDEV Labeling

C. LDEV Tagging

D. LDEV Editing

Question #9

A Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning pool has exceeded a threshold and the administrator wants
to reduce the pool usage below the threshold setting. How would this be achieved?

A. Expand pool volumes.

B. Set Host Mode option 40.

C. Use Zero Page Reclaim.

D. Shrink some DP Vols.

Question #10

A customer is planning to purchase Hitachi modular systems to be virtualized behind their
VSPs in an environment with Linux, Windows and VMWare servers. Which two benefits will
the Hitachi Command Suite offer to this customer? (Choose two.)

A. a specific set of management programs for each Hitachi storage system type

B. a unified management framework across all Hitachi storage platforms

C. interoperability software modules converting unstructured data to structured data

D. management of file, block and content data under a common set of tools

Question #11

Which two operations would you perform on a VSP using the Element Manager feature of
Hitachi Device Manager? (Choose two.)

A. Create a system disk.

B. Generate storage utilization reports for groups of storage systems.

C. View the configuration of a storage system.

D. Update a storage system microcode.

Question #12

What is the purpose of the Hitachi Device Manager (HDvM) ""

A. It allows scripting of CLI commands.

B. It contains a list of permitted commands.

C. It contains the names of all hosts which can execute HDvM CLI commands.

D. It allows the user to specify a number of defaults to be used when running HDvM CLI commands.

Question #13

How does a storage administrator obtain the Hitachi Device Manager (HDvM) CLI

A. Install it from the Hitachi Command Suite DVD.

B. Install the RAID Manager/CCI software.

C. Download it from the HDvM server.

D. Download the HDvM CLI license.

Question #14

You plan to disable automatic tier relocation of certain HDT volumes in Hitachi Dynamic
Tiering. What are two valid reasons for doing this? (Choose two.)

A. To ensure prioritization of a volume whose I/O activity is constant.

B. To ensure prioritization of a volume whose size is growing exponentially.

C. To ensure prioritization of a volume whose I/O activity varies greatly.

D. To ensure prioritization of a critical volume whose I/O workload is low.

Question #15

You are installing Hitachi Device Manager (HDvM). During the installation, the database
backup procedure failed and the installation was interrupted. What should you verify?

A. If the HiRDB is corrupt.

B. If the HDvM Backup service is running.

C. If the installation media is corrupt.

D. If there is enough disk space on the backup destination.


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