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HRCI GPHR Exam - Global Professional in Human Resources

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Questions & Answers for HRCI GPHR

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Question #1

Human resource management is conducted to achieve______goals.

A. Organizational

B. Personnel

C. Supervisory

D. Management

Question #2

Which of the following is a disadvantage of utilizing internal recruitment methods ?

A. Morale problem

B. Misplacements

C. Organizational inbreeding

D. Long orientation time

Question #3

A Singapore-based restaurant chain is experiencing phenomenal growth. The chain offers
a unique for demographic experiencing the growth of two-person income families. It offers
a variety of affordable, healthy alternatives to the fast food chains. Instead of one line of
products shared by the entire company, the corporation has decided its products should be
regional. Each region would share a line of products, which would consist of local dishes.
Although the primary expansion vehicle is franchising, they still have several corporate-
owned stores in each region, which manage the major decisions of the company. For
example, the regional corporate stores work with the franchises in the area to decide upon
the local dishes that the region should serve.
However, all stores are aligned with strict standardized quality practices, which all regions
must adhere to. For example, after a region decides on the list of local foods it would like to
serve, corporate headquarters approves the final recipes for each region. In addition,
managers from the various meet regularly to ensure that each regions goals align with
overall corporate strategic goals. For example, they have built a thorough screening
process to ensure the same quality of food from vendors throughout the regions. Which of
the following stages of globalization would BEST align with strategic business goals of

A. Global

B. Transnational

C. Domestic

D. Multinational

Question #4

After two years of selling mostly prototypes of their product, built to customer specifications,
a company is beginning to commercialize this product. The current average cost to build
the product is $1000 per unit, where $600 is the bill of materials and $400 id the direct
labor. The company currently produces at the run rate of the 100 good units per week from
200 total units processed. The firm currently sells the product at $1500 per unit, without
volume discounts. One of the major pressures from their customers is to cut costs by 40%
within one year. Which of the following strategies should the firm pursue first based on the
following research data ? Please assume there is infinite customer demand.

A. Acquiring a company overseas in order to manufacture the product, which would reduce costs by 75% in Year 1 (5% probability of the success )

B. Developing a turnkey operation that reduces costs by 65% in Year 1 (30% probability of the success )

C. Participate in a joint venture for new R&D that would help reduce costs by 50% by improving yields in Year 1 (20% probability of success )

D. Licensing out the technology to a corporation in another country that would reduce costs by 55% in Year 1 (15% probability of success )

Question #5

Which of the following does NOT represent a strategic financial goal for a global company?

A. Effectively manage currency exchange fluvtuations

B. Decrease cost of goods

C. New market penetration

D. Increase revenue

Question #6

Which of the following indicators is lagging indicator ?

A. Return of shareholder value

B. Reduced turnover

C. Customer satisfaction

D. Production throughput

Question #7

Which of the following is NOT an action performed during the needs analysis analysis
stage of the change management process ?

A. Specifying the objective to be achieved

B. Environmental scanning

C. Assessing the organization and its history

D. Discussing alternative plans and gauging reactions

Question #8

Which of the following is a difference in the career management process between an
individual in the home country vs. one an international assignment?

A. Utilization of mentoring as tool

B. Understanding of cultural effects on performance appraisals and feedback

C. Use of performance appraisals

D. Importance of understanding of career planning tools that are available

Question #9

Lets assume that a companys promotion/ compensation philosophy focuses on the
employees long term goals. The company believes all employee should be given the
opportunity to pursue their long-term professional goals, as long as they are willing to put in
the time and effort. In fact, the company extends this general philosophy of the importance
of the individual to a no-layoff policy, even in difficult business times. Which of the
following best describes this type of culture?

A. Clan culture

B. Bureaucratic culture

C. Entitlement-oriented

D. Contribution-oriented

Question #10

Which of the following decribes an employees motivational potential, according to the job
characteristics mode?

A. Ability to implement, responses, feedback

B. Motivation factors and incentives

C. Skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomu, feedback

D. job analysis, task significance

Question #11

You are in the process of evaluating the current global compensation structure, which is
based on headquarters biases. One of the remote offices has a very unique culture,
Because their culture is diffuse often combining family, life, and work together, is
universalistic, and focuses on the collective group.
On the other hand, the other locations, including headquarters, have a culture that is
particularistic, individualistic, and specifically divides work and family. Which of the
following aaspects of the current structure might be affecting the unique location by the lack
of adaptation to local pressurea?

A. Defined goals are clear, relevant, and ensure line of sight

B. Company has adopted an aggressive sales commission plan for each salesperson

C. Company has adopted a gainsharing plan

D. Every employment offer is deltailed in writing

Question #12

Which of the following is NOT an external third-party source for recruiting ?

A. Private employment agencies

B. Labor unions

C. Outplacement firms

D. Agencies

Question #13

Which of the following processes has the primary objective of creating a pool of potential

A. Recruitment

B. Availability analysis

C. Selection

D. Employee referral program

Question #14

A company has two locations and is in the domestic stage of globalization. Headquarters is
in the U.S. focused on R&D, and another site has been built in Asia to manufacture the
product. The firm has identified an objective to become a truly multinational corporation in 5
years in order to become components will likely MOST benefit this company by pursuing
international assignments?

A. Better strategic decision-making

B. Management controls

C. Increased collaboration globally

D. Knowledge sharing

Question #15

Which of the following financial statements would you use in order to calculate gross profit

A. Balance sheet

B. Assets

C. Statement of cash flows

D. Income staement

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