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Questions & Answers for Genesys GE0-806

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Question #1

Which statements are correct? Choose 2 answers

A. AnAgent can put a vacation request on a Waiting list.
B. There can be many Time off Rules defined, but an Agent can have only one Time Off Rule assigned at a time.
C. An Agent can trade a "Shift" for a "Day Off'.
D. An Agent can trade a "Shift" for a "Vacation".

Question #2

Where can Overlays be configured?

A. Genesys Administrator
B. WFM Configuration Utility
C. WFM Web for Supervisors
D. WFM Web for Agents

Question #3

Which of the following access rights can be configured in WFM Configuration utility?
Choose 4 answers

A. Access to Agent Groups
B. Access to Teams
C. Agent access to WFM Web for Agents
D. Access to WFM reports
E. Access to Master Schedule
F. Publish Forecast

Question #4

What functions can you perform for a business unit?
Choose 3 answers

A. Recreate Multisite Activity
B. Create Overlays
C. Split Interaction volume Forecast
D. Split workforce Forecast
E. Split Contracts and/or Shifts

Question #5

Which WFM Server can be set up to act as a Locator?

A. WFM Server
B. Only the Primary WFM server
C. Only the Master WFM server
D. Only the Back up WFM Server

Question #6

What must be done to remove obsolete data from the WFM database?

A. Select 'Cleanup Database' from the WFM Database utility
B. Change the 'PurgeData' option to 'True' on the WFM application object in the Configuration Layer
C. Run the 'DB_ Maintain' sql script
D. Run the DB Wizard from the WFM Configuration Utility

Question #7

It is desired that multi-skilled Agents, when scheduled for an Outbound Activity, do not
answer inbound calls and Emails. They will only work outbound calls, what is this feature

A. Activity Set
B. Task Sequence
C. Exception Task Sequence
D. Marked Time .

Question #8

When a call arrives on a Routing Point and needs to be delivered to an Agent with a
specific skill, which Genesys Solution actually decides who will receive the call?

A. Workforce Management
B. Outbound Contact
C. Universal Routing
D. Solution Reporting

Question #9

How does the Meeting Scheduler in WFM utilizethe ' Minimum % of required
attendees' field?

A. The Meeting Scheduler will only schedule a meeting if it is able to find a suitable time for all agents
B. The Meeting Scheduler will attempt to find an appropriate time to schedule the meeting for the minimum % of agents specified, if not it will not schedule the meeting
C. The Meeting Scheduler will attempt to find an appropriate time, within the constraints Specified, for all attendees as C r long as they are not already scheduled for other activities, failing that it will schedule for the minimum % of attendees
D. The Meeting Scheduler will attempt to find an appropriate time within the specified onstraints for all attendees, failing that It will reduce the number of agents in the meeting until It reaches the minimum % at which point it will not schedule the meeting

Question #10

Which modules of WFM supervisor are used to set Alerts?

A. Schedule Intraday
B. Performance
C. Configuration

Question #11

What task can using WFM Web for Supervisors allow you to do?

A. Assign Agents into the teams
B. Approve vacation
C. Create a Vacation rule
D. Assign an Agent into Agent Group

Question #12

An Agent requests a Specific shift using WFM web for Agents. Immediately after the
request is sent the actual status reads "Not scheduled". What does this mean?

A. The request is granted, but the Agent has to wait until a schedule will be created
B. The request is granted, but the Agent has to wait until a schedule will be published
C. The request is declined because a schedule is not published for the requested day(s)
D. The request is declined because a schedule is already published

Question #13

Which statements are correct?
Choose 2 answers

A. It is possible to use a Meeting scheduler after a schedule has been published.
B. It is possible to create a schedule without a published forecast.
C. Once a schedule is published there it is no longer possible to change it.
D. It is possible to remove single schedule Items from a schedule like Breaks, Trainings, etc., but it is not possible to remove multiple items at a time e.g. Meeting from all team members.

Question #14

Which of the following are examples of Schedule States that can be used when setting up
Schedule State Groups?

A. Adherent, Non-Adherent
B. Call inbound, NotReadyforNextCall, CallOutbound
C. DN Groups. Agent Groups. Race Groups
D. Exceptions, Meals, Time OffTypes, Activities

Question #15

For the "Expert Average Engine" Forecasting Algorithm. What is the recommended
minimum amount of data needed?

A. 1week
B. 1 month
C. 1year

Question #16

Which are valid scenario elements you can use when creating a schedule scenario?
Choose 4 answers

A. Real Agents
B. Profile Agents
C. To Sites/Activities
D. Scenario period
E. Shifts
F. Contracts

Question #17

Where in WFM Configuration Utility do you define business hours for a contact center?

A. Organization
B. Activity Policies
C. Contract Site Rules
D. Contract Availability
E. Rotating Patterns

Comments for Question #17 (1)

June 1, 2018, 09:12 PM
This is wrong? it's A in a way - In any case GWFM 8.5X does use Configuration Utility

Question #18

Is it possible to configure breaks as mandatory elements of a shift?

A. Yes, for any break
B. Yes, for paid breaks only
C. No
D. This depends on other configuration constraints

Question #19

When does WFM web place a trade "in review"?

A. The agent schedules have different trade rules
B. The agent schedules have the same trade rules
C. Either agent is trading days off for working days
D. Either agent has a scheduled exception with the delete rule enabled

Question #20

What is the maximum size of the database you have backup using the WFM DB Utility?

A. 1GB
B. 2GB
C. 1TB
D. 1PB

Question #21

You are configuring an Event, in building a forecast for a particular period, which of the
following should you select to ignore volume and AHT?

A. Attribute Property
B. Disregard Historical Data
C. Overlap Template
D. Activity

Question #22

At what point can an Agent see his own schedule through WFM web Agent?

A. Once the schedule is published
B. Once the configuration, policy and Calendar are configured
C. Once the forecast is published and the Agent runs the Scheduler
D. Once the Supervisor runs the scheduler

Question #23

Defer to the figure shown: A Supervisor has access rights assigned as shown in the image,
at the same levels across all sites Can she adjust security assignments for other

A. Yes
B. No
C. Only for the same site
D. Cannot tell from image, ability depends on her security role

Question #24

In the WFM Web Supervisor, what must be used to accommodate building schedules for
longer than 6 weeks?

A. Set the end date to the date you desire that is 6 weeks or higher from the start date
B. Set the extended end date to a date you desire that is 6 weeks or higher from the start date
C. In One WFM Server application object, set the option "Schedule Duration" to a value greater than 6
D. One cannot build schedules greater than 6 weeks in length

Question #25

What is the default start step when adding a new Shift?

A. 5 minutes
B. 15 minutes
C. 30 minutes
D. 1 hour

Question #26

Which of the following contains all the four exceptions rules regarding trade conditions?

A. Remove, Do not trade. Keep with Agent, Keep with Schedule
B. Delete, Do not trade, Keep with Agent, Keep with Schedule
C. Delete, Do not trade, Keep with Agent, Keep with Activity
D. Remove, Do not trade, Keep with Agent, Keep with Team

Question #27

If S9t to 'True', which Calendar Service option resolves the Start/End times when a user
adds a Full-Day Time Off with Start/End times not specified?

A. DetermineFull Day TimeoffStartEndPaidHours
B. MaxAuditReports
C. HideMessagesforNotWorkingAgents
D. Need another incorrect option

Question #28

Which of the WFM Applications below connects to the Stat Server in order to receive Real-
Time Adherence information from Genesys?

A. WFM Builder
B. WFM Configuration Utility
C. WFM Web
D. WFM Data Aggregator

Question #29

What is the only time interval currently supported as a Time Profile for WFM 8.x statistics?

A. 1 minute
B. 5 minutes
C. 15minutes
D. 60 minutes

Question #30

In order to successfully create and process a schedule which of the following applications
are required to run?
Choose 2 answers

A. WFM Configuration Utility
B. WFM for Supervisors
C. WFM Daemon
D. WFM Builder
E. Universal Routing Server

Question #31

Which of the following Genesys documentation will answer questions regarding sizing the
WFM Database?

A. Genesys 8.0 Supported Operating Systems and Database Reference Manual
B. WFM 8.x Administrator's Guide
C. Genesys 8.x Database sizing Estimator
D. WFM Installation Manual

Question #32

Complete the sentence:
Task Sequence is configured on_____________________________.

A. An Activity
B. A Contract
C. A Shift
D. A Rotating Pattern

Question #33

Which of the following is true for “Marked Tim”?

A. The only difference between an "Exception" and "Marked Time" is that an Exception may be asked by an Agent while Marked Time may not
B. When an "Marked Time" is scheduled Agent is taken away from his/her Work for the duration of Marked Time and then returned back
C. Marked Time does not interrupt Agent work. It is only used to report specific situations like Coaching, Supervisor assist etc. while working
D. "Marked Time" Is used to differentiate between paid and not paid time during Agent shift

Question #34

Which of the following forecasts are staffing forecasts?
Choose 2 answers

A. Average Handling Time Forecast
B. Calculated Forecast
C. Required Forecast
D. Manually Interaction Volume Forecast
E. Service Level Forecast

Question #35

Is there a limit on the number of Activities configurable in Genesys WFM for a site?

A. Yes, up Co 10 Activities
B. Yes, up to 100 Activities
C. Yes, up to 500 Activities
D. No, there is no limit

Question #36

Agent's Skills are added, modified or removed in which Genesys application?

A. CC Pulse
B. WFM web
D. Genesys Administrator

Question #37

Breaks and_____________ are created together?

A. Activities
B. Contracts
C. Shifts
D. Site/Team

Question #38

What is the Activity in Genesys WFM where the work does not use or require WFM service
objectives, such as research or scheduled callbacks?

A. Immediate work
B. Deferred work
C. Fixed-Staff work

Question #39

What does "in Review" signify when performing Agent trading?

A. The proposal is being reviewed by the proposing Agent before it is sent to the second Agent.
B. The proposal has been sent by the proposing Agent. The second Agent is reviewing prior to responding.
C. Both Agents have confirmed the trade proposal, but the trade is waiting for approval from the Supervisor.
D. This is during a community proposal when an Agent issues a proposal and is waiting for any other Agent to respond.

Question #40

Publishing a scenario which partially overlaps with another previously published scenario in
the Master schedule will cause which of the following?

A. An Error. Publishing is interrupted. New Scenario is not published
B. A warning. Publishing Is Interrupted for overlapping period everything else is published
C. A Warning. Publishing Is Interrupted. User can decide whether to continue and overwrite or stop.
D. No Error or Warning. All overlapping elements are ignored. Everything else is published
E. No Error or Warning. The new scenario Is published and overwrites any previous schedule

Question #41

What is the maximum number of contracts which can be created and used in WFM?

A. 30
B. 100
C. 500
D. No Limit

Question #42

When using Schedule Bidding where several Agents may prefer the same schedule, what
are the possible Agent criteria which may be configured to prioritize amongst the Agents?
Choose 2 answers

A. Skill
B. Rank
C. Access Rights
D. Seniority
E. Team Preference

Question #43

What is the maximum possible number of assigned Rotating Patterns to an Agent?

A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 100

Question #44

Which of the following Agent tasks can be configured as an activity?
Choose 3 answers

A. Answering Inbound calls Monday to Friday in a Working Hours
B. Paperwork done the last hour of each shift
C. Training on request
D. Opening doors everyday for 2 hours in the morning
E. No call no show

Question #45

Which are possible methods of WFM Server load balancing?
Choose 2 answers

A. Processor balancing
B. Memory balancing
C. Host balancing
D. Third-party load-balancer

Question #46

Which two actions can you perform using the WFM Configuration Utility?
Choose 2 answers

A. Modify schedule
B. Create a Report
C. Create a shift
D. Change access rights to scheduling module

Question #47

In which Genesys application is WFM scheduling performed?

A. Genesys Administrator
B. WFM Configuration Utility
C. WFM Supervisor web

Question #48

What is the relations between Agents and contracts?

A. Agents only need a Contract if they are Multi-Skilled
B. Only one Contract can be assigned to an Agent at a time
C. Contracts determine the types of calls that can be routed to an Agent
D. Agents are automatically assigned a Termination Date if they do not have a Contract

Question #49

Refer to the image shown: what would you expect to see as the Minimum working Days per
week with the configuration displayed?

A. 5 days
B. 7 days
C. 2 days
D. 4 days

Question #50

What are the possible actions one can take in order to avoid an Agent available in WFM
Configuration Utility to be scheduled at all during the next schedule period?
Choose 3 answers

A. Change the skill levels in WFM Configuration Utility
B. Disable Skills in WFM Configuration Utility
C. Remove the Login ID in Genesys Administrator
D. Adjust the Hiring/Termination date in WFM configuration utility
E. Grant the agent an exception in the Calendar

Question #51

Which of the following interfaces can be localized without any programming knowledge?
Choose 2 answers

A. WFM Database Utility
B. WFM Configuration Utility
C. WFM Web for Agents
D. WFM Web for Supervisors

Question #52

Which set of factors would provide the basis for an optimal staffing calculation?

A. Actual ASA, coverage and maximum occupancy
B. Actual interaction volume, actual AHT and indirectly occupied time
C. Actual interaction volume, actual AHT, and the service objectives
D. Predicted interaction volume potential AHT and minimum occupancy

Question #53

An Agent using WFM Web for Agents can propose a trade to which of the following? \
Choose 3 answers

A. To a specific Agent
B. To a community where community are all Agents in the same Team
C. To a community where community are all Agents in an entire Organization
D. To a community where community are all Agents on the same site
E. To a community where community are all Agents in a Configured Agent Group

Question #54

Refer to the image shown: if an agent, hired 9 days ago, would like to submit a vacation
request for 10 days starting from tomorrow. The Agent's only time-off rule configuration is
shown in the image, will the agent be able to successfully submit the time-off request in

A. Yes
B. No, time-off balance is insufficient
C. No, the agent has not worked long enough yet
D. It depends on the number of paid hours in the agent s shifts

Question #55

Which of the following Time Profiles is valid for statistics used in WFM?

A. WFMProfile, Selection=0:00+0:10
B. WFMProfile, Growing=0:00+0:30
C. WFMProfile, Sliding=0:00+0:l5
D. WFMProfile, Growing=0:00+0:l5
E. WFMProfile, sliding=0:00+0:05

Question #56

Refer to the image shown: When opening the WFM Schedule Intra-Day view it looks like
the image, what conclusion can you draw from this?

A. There is a problem with coverage before 7AM and 6PM
B. There is a 'dip' in coverage at 2PM - 3PM
C. Coverage is sufficient
D. There is no Master Forecast for that day

Question #57

How are agents linked to activities?

A. As a member of a special Agent Group defined on a Activity
B. By defining a skill and level on an Activity
C. Manually in WFM configuration utility
D. Manually in Genesys Administrator

Question #58

In the customer's environment, en agent is showing severely non-adherent. Which setting
will help the customer to control the agent state from non-adherence to severely non-

A. Alarm notification
B. Alarm Threshold
C. End before Threshold
D. Start after Threshold

Question #59

Which of the following is required to connect the WFM Server to the WFM Database?

A. DB Server
B. WFM Data Aggregator
C. Stat Server
D. Database Access Point

Question #60

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) may be used to encrypt the WFM Web connection to which of
the following?
Choose 2 answers

A. WFM web for Supervisors
B. WFM Web for Agents
C. WFM Configuration utility
D. WFM Database

Question #61

If a Scenario name is duplicated by you or some other user, what will Workforce Manager
do next?

A. Automatically append a number in sequence
B. Close the WFM Web Supervisor
C. Generate an Error Message
D. Allow multiple Scenarios with the same name

Comments for Question #61 (1)

June 25, 2018, 06:15 PM
The Answer to this is A

Question #62

A Rotating Pattern can be assigned to which of the following?
Choose 2 answers

A. An Agent
B. A Team
C. An Activity
D. A Site
E. A Business Unit

Question #63

What does synchronization of daily schedules mean?

A. All Agents in a team start a shift within specified threshold
B. All Agents in a team receive lunch at the same time
C. All shifts in a schedule scenario are automatically synchronized with shifts in Master schedule
D. Every Agent starts a shift within a specified threshold for a specific period

Comments for Question #63 (1)

June 25, 2018, 06:28 PM
The answer is A

Question #64

Which are primary elements of workforce management provided byGenesys WFM?
Choose Answers

A. Service Factor
B. Forecasting
C. Scheduling
D. Adherence
E. Mobile Tracking

Question #65

Which of the following automatically synchronizes configuration data, collects historical
data, and provides real-time agent-adherence information to users of WFM web for

A. WFM Server
B. WFM Data Aggregator
C. WFM Builder .
D. WFM Synchroserver

Question #66

Which of the following Web servers are supported for WFM database?
Choose 2 answers

A. MS Internet Information Server
B. IBM web sphere
D. Apache Tomcat

Question #67

Which statement is correct?

A. A site in WFM always corresponds to a Switch in Genesys Administrator.
B. A site is always apart of Business Unit.

Question #68

When synchronizing configuration data to Genesys WFM, which objects are not

A. Agents
B. Skills
C. Agent Skill Level
D. Switch
E. Agent Group(s)

Question #69

Which of the following WFM reports is designed to show the total amount of time an agent,
team or site has spent in various states?

A. Schedule States Report
B. Activity weekly Schedule Report
C. Schedule Summary Report
D. Schedule State Totals Report

Question #70

Which of the following is responsible for building WFM schedules?

A. WFM Server
B. WFM Data Aggregator
C. WFM Builder
D. WFM Scheduler

Question #71

What is the maximum number of Exceptions which can be created per site?

A. 10
B. 30
C. 100
D. 1000
E. No Limit

Question #72

Using which application can you backup the WFM Database?

A. Genesys Administrator
B. WFM Database Utility
C. WFM Backup Utility
D. WFM Configuration Utility
E. WFM Web

Question #73

What can an Agent using WFM Web for Agents see?

A. Forecast Scenario
B. Master Forecast
C. Schedule Scenario
D. Master Schedule
E. Performance/Adherence

Question #74

What is the duration for an interaction volume Template?

A. 1 day
B. 1 week
C. l month
D. l year

Question #75

How do you guarantee the same day-off for a team while their start times on a work day
may vary?

A. Use Rotating Patterns
B. Use Shift Exceptions
C. Set "Maximum Start time difference for Members of the same team" parameter
D. Select "Use Team Constraints" while building the schedule

Question #76

In the Schedule state Groups module of WFM Config utility) what does "Threshold"

A. How many minutes early or late an agent can transfer to a scheduled state without being considered nonadherent
B. How many seconds early or late an agent can transfer to a scheduled state without being considered nonadherent
C. How many minutes early or late an agent can transfer to a scheduled state without being considered adherent

Question #77

You're experiencing OutOfMemory exceptions in the default installation of Tomcat, used
exclusively for WFM Web application. Assuming that Tomcat configuration has not been
modified since installation, what would be your troubleshooting strategy?

A. Review Tomcat configuration, -Xmx parameter
B. Review Tomcat configuration, -Xms parameter
C. Review memory utilization by operating system
D. Install additional memory for Tomcat host

Question #78

Which of the following statements is true?

A. An Agent must have only one contract, but can be scheduled for multiple shifts.
B. An Agent does not new to have a contract, but must work for at least one shift,
C. An Agent can have multiple contracts, but must be scheduled only for one shift.
D. An Agent can have any number of contracts and can be scheduled for any number of shifts.

Question #79

An agent is scheduled to start a shift at 12:00 PM and the Start Before threshold is set to 5.
Ifthe agent starts the shift at 11:54 AM. They will be considered________.

A. Adherent
B. Non-adherent
C. Severely non-adherent
D. Exception

Question #80

Alerts in the Performance module are notifications that occur when pre-configured
thresholds are reached. How is the notification performed?

A. Through Email
B. Through a Configurable Event
C. By displaying the word "ALERT" with no audible signal
D. By displaying the word "ALERT' with audible signal
E. Through audible signal only

Question #81

Where would you configure Time-Off Types in WFM 8.1?

A. WFM Configuration Utility
B. WFM Web for Supervisors
C. WFM Web for Agents
D. WFM Daemon

Question #82

Which option specifies the amount of time, in seconds, between updates to the real-time
agent adherence data displayed in WFM Web?

A. Adherence section > Refresh Interval
B. Adherence section >RefreshRate
C. Adherence section > Refresh Time

Question #83

For which of following activity types can you configure statistics to collect historical data?
Choose 2 answers

A. Immediate Work
B. Deferred Work
C. Fixed Staff Work
D. Temp Staff Work

Question #84

Assuming you need to schedule meetings for all staff in your contact center within one day.
In order to minimize impact on coverage, meetings can be run in maximum three sessions.
Is it possible to configure such a meeting in WFM to be scheduled automatically?

A. Yes- using Multiple Groups functionality
B. Yes, using regular meeting functionality
C. No, it cannot be done without manual intervention of the supervisor
D. No, it cannot be done at all

Question #85

Which of the fallowing can be configured to send (through a customer-supplied SMTP
server) E-mail notifications to agents and supervisors?

B. WFM MailServer
C. WFM Builder
D. WFM Daemon

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