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EMC E22-128 Exam - EMC Legato Certified Networker 7.x Administrator (LCNA)

Questions & Answers for EMC E22-128

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Question #1 - Topic 0

A company has a failed group backup and the system administrator wants to run the probe
to see which filesystem on the client is backed up. Which command probes the clients?

A. savegrp -s oboe -S Default

B. savegrp -s oboe -p Default

C. savegrp -s oboe -w Default

D. savegrp -s oboe -v test Default

Question #2 - Topic 0

Which server-side directive entry prevents client-side directives from being used?

A. skip

B. null

C. ignore

D. suppress

Question #3 - Topic 0

Which two command line tools are used to recover the NetWorker server's bootstrap?
(Choose two.)

A. mmrecov

B. nsradmin

C. nwrecover

D. scanner|uasm

Question #4 - Topic 0

NetWorker uses the Max. Parallelism value for a jukebox during which two processes?
(Choose two.)

A. label

B. write

C. clone

D. stage

E. inventory

Question #5 - Topic 0

The two physical nodes in a cluster are configured as storage nodes. The backup of the
virtual node should be directed to the storage node of the active physical node. Which
value of the Storage Node attribute of the virtual node client achieves this?

A. localhost

B. curphyhost

C. node1 node2

D. nsrserverhost

Question #6 - Topic 0

An unwanted tape pool cannot be deleted until the tapes in that pool are all _____.

A. write-protected

B. marked as recyclable

C. removed from the tape library

D. removed from the media database

Question #7 - Topic 0

A computer running Windows 2000 with three partitions is added to a NetWorker server's
daily backup schedule. This computer's Save Set Client attribute is set to All. How many
save sets are created each time this computer is backed up?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 6

Question #8 - Topic 0

Which three entries can be used in a directive? (Choose three.)

A. all

B. skip

C. none

D. forget

E. ignore

Question #9 - Topic 0

Which three attributes can you extract using mminfo? (Choose three.)

A. save time

B. record number

C. volume identifier

D. volume subscript

E. contents of the Client File Index (CFI)

Question #10 - Topic 0

Which three of the following do you need to recover a NetWorker server? (Choose three.)


B. bootstrap report(s)

C. Client File Index (CFI)

D. storage node nsr.res

E. backup of the media database and resource files

Question #11 - Topic 0

Which two statements are true about label templates? (Choose two.)

A. Label templates are limited to 24 characters in length.

B. Label templates are used to determine volume names.

C. Label templates can be ignored when volumes use barcodes.

D. A pool must exist before a label template can be created for it.

Question #12 - Topic 0

After marking files with nwrecover or winworkr, you click on Required Volumes to see
which volumes are required. Which statement is true for the Required Volumes?

A. NetWorker prepares the files list from the media database.

B. NetWorker prepares the volumes list from the media database.

C. NetWorker prepares the files list from the Client File Index (CFI).

D. NetWorker prepares the volumes list from the Client File Index (CFI).

Question #13 - Topic 0

You plan to use a disk device for backups. Disk space is limited and it is necessary to
move data from disk to tape for long term storage. Which configuration achieves this?

A. file type device and archiving

B. file type device using nsrcompress

C. advanced file type device and cloning

D. advanced file type device and staging

Question #14 - Topic 0

Client flute's system administrator requests that you provide information about its daily
backups. Flute is in the Default group. What should you do to ensure that the system
administrator receives information concerning all flute's backed up save sets?

A. configure the Owner Notification field in flute's client resource

B. enable the Owner Notification attribute within the Default group

C. email a copy of the bootstrap notification output to flute's administrator each day

D. create a notification resource that sends email to flute's administrator each time flute is backed up

Question #15 - Topic 0

Which two are stored in the Client File Index (CFI)? (Choose two.)

A. the file or directory backup time

B. the browse expiration date for the file

C. the File or Directory attribute information

D. the save set ID (SSID) containing the file


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