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IBM C9060-511 Exam - IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V7.1 Implementation

Questions & Answers for IBM C9060-511

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Question #1

A Windows client node has this directory structure:

The command dsmc archive c:\proposals is turn on the client.
How many objects are archived to the Tivoli Storage Manager server by default?

A. Nine: all directories and files.

B. Ten: all directories and files, plus the c:\directory.

C. Two: the directory c:\ and the directory c:\proposals.

D. Three: the directory c:\proposals and the files file5.txt and file6.txt.

Question #2

What are two considerations when planning for an active data pool?

A. Retention period for the data.

B. Number of versions of data to keep.

C. Usage of dedup for the active data pool.

D. Usage for fast restore or disaster recovery.

E. Usage of LAN-free techniques for the active data pool.

Question #3

Which three choices are determined by including the customer's networking staff in an IBM
Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) V7.1 pre-implementation planning meeting?

A. Are nightly archives of specific files necessary?

B. Is SSL required for client-server communications?

C. Is the client option PRESCHEDULECMD necessary?

D. Is TSM for SAN an appropriate choice for deployment?

E. Is journal-based backup an appropriate choice for deployment?

F. Which TSM components need to be configured for communication through a firewall?

Question #4

Which two statements are true for the group backup?

A. It cannot be added to a backup set.

B. It performs a full or differential backup.

C. All objects in the group are expired together.

D. It uses different management classes for the objects.

E. Existing exclude statements for any files in the group are honored.


Question #5

Which parameter of an archive copy group sets a specific retention period that must be met
before a file qualifies for expiration?

A. retain last

B. retain extra

C. retain version

D. version deleted

Question #6

What happens when the Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) server runs out of archive log

A. The TSM server halts.

B. Client backups and archives fail.

C. The archive log overwrites the current archive log.

D. Archive logs are created in the active log directory.

Question #7

Which Tivoli Storage Manager server option is required when using the perform lieaction





Question #8

An IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V7.1 storage pool has been defined as:
A QUERY STGPOOL command reports the FILEPOOL storage pool's utilization is now
88%, and no migration process is running.
What is the result of running this command: MIGRATE STGPOOL FILEPOOL?

A. No migration is triggered because the pool's utilization is below the high threshold.

B. Migration will move data to the TAPEPOOL until the FILEPOOL's utilization is below 80%.

C. A syntax error is returned because the command did not specify a low migration threshold.

D. Only objects having been in the pool more than seven days are migrated until the pool's utilization falls below 80% or there are no more objects to process.

Question #9

What happens during the configuration of a spoke server in the IBM Tivoli Storage
Manager Operations Center?

A. A new server group will be defined for command routing.

B. An existing server group will be used for command routing.

C. The spoke server will be defined in a new server group for command routing.

D. The spoke server will be added to an existing server group or a new server group will be created.

Question #10

What is the purpose of the Virtualnodename option?

A. To restore or retrieve files from UNIX to Windows.

B. To restore or retrieve files to a different workstation.

C. To restore or retrieve files from another Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) server.

D. To transfer the TSM backup/restore client node password information to a system.


Question #11

Which two actions must be done to introduce a new LT05 tape drive into an existing SCSI
library with LT02?

A. define the library

B. define a devclass

C. define the LT02 drives

D. define the LT05 drives

E. define a storage pool utilizing a devclass for LT02

Question #12

In the Primary Storage Pool definition, autocopy=migrate is defined in FILEPOOL2 and
TAPEPOOL. What are two consequences if the target (next) storage pool in a hierarchy
(FILEPOOL2) cannot contain the data being migrated, and it is necessary to overflow to its
next storage pool (TAPEPOOL)?

A. Simultaneous write is disabled.

B. TAPEPOOL inherits the copy pool list for FILEPOOL2.

C. The server uses the inheritance model to create the copies.

D. COPYPOOL2 is used because it is defined to TAPEPOOL.

E. COPYPOOLI1 and COPYPOOL2 is used because the definitions of FILEPOOL2 and TAPEPOOL are inherited.

Question #13

An IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) administrator has a request to restore a full virtual
machine. She does not have access to the TSM for Virtual Environments plug-in but does
have access to the Backup-Archive client. Which criteria must be met to instantly restore a
VMware virtual machine?

A. The remote recovery option should be enabled at the vSphere.

B. The customer must be licensed to use TSM for Virtual Environments.

C. VMware virtual machines must be hosted on VMware ESXi 5.1 servers or later.

D. The Backup-Archive client option file should have VMRECOVER=YES option set.

Question #14

How is the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) V7.1 administrative client installed?

A. It is an option during the client installation.

B. It is an option during the server installation.

C. It is installed by default with the TSM client.

D. It is installed by default with the TSM server.

Question #15

Which parameter can be changed in dsmserv.opt to enlarge the IBM Tivoli Storage
Manager database active log?






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