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IBM C4090-456 Exam - IBM XIV Storage System Technical Solutions V4

Questions & Answers for IBM C4090-456

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Question #1

Which XIV system feature increases the level of reliability of the system?

A. snapshots

B. protected cache

C. Quality of Service

D. solid state drives

What is the online tool that should be checked for supported host interoperability?
A. 1331
B 331
C. 3310
D. IT Security
Answer: C

Question #2

On an XIV system, what is the minimum hardware configuration when the Capacityl on
Demand feature is used?

A. 6 modules

B. 9 modules

C. 12 modules

D. 15 modules

Question #3

Which tool can natively manage an XIV system?

A. Veritas Storage Foundation Suite

B. IBM Systems Director

C. Tivoli Storage Manager

D. Tivoli Storage Productivity Center

Question #4

On an XIV system, what factor must beconsidered when using snapshots?

A. snapshots must be unlocked before restore

B. restoring a snapshot invalidates all earlier snapshots

C. snapshots cannot be moved independently to another storage pool

D. 17 GB of hard capacity is immediately consumed atcreation per snapshot

Question #5

When considering total cost of ownership what is a benefit of IBM XIV system?

A. eliminates human error during administration

B. eliminates any down time during the implementation

C. gives the option to license only the required number of hosts

D. bundles all features in the main license so there are no ¡°hidden¡± costs

Question #6

What is the benefit of VMware VAAI functionality?

A. provides multipathing for VMware servers to XIV systems

B. extends XIV storage provisioning functions to VMware vOenter

C. allows offloading extendedVMware operations to the XIV system

D. integrates VMware disaster recovery with XIV remote replication

Question #7

Which of the following is a benefit of the XIV system’s storage allocation methodology?

A. parity is protecting data across all modules

B. one MB partitions ensure efficient cache utilization

C. all workloads are distributed throughout the system

D. storage pools are always allocated on separate physical disks

Question #8

What is the maximum period of time the XIV system stores detailed host andvolume data?

A. forever

B. 365days

C. 90 days

D. 30 days

Question #9

A customer wishes to mirror volumes between two XIV systems across Ethernet. What is
the simplest way to achieve this?

A. route Fibre Channel across IP

B. use the XIV system’s SCSI ports

C. route InfiniBand across Ethernet

D. connect interlace modules using a crossover cable

Question #10

Expanding an XIV system with more modules for capacity and performance is anexample
of what?

A. a non-shared cluster architecture

B. a grid-based storage architecture

C. a clustered dual controller architecture

D. an active-passive controller architecture

Question #11

A customer demands NES and block access to their storage solution, but is also interested
in XIV technology. The customer wants to have easy administration for both NES and
block. They would also like to combine the solution with an IBM HSM solution. The initial
need for storage is 500 TB and grows by 500 TB every five months.
What would be the best solution for this customer?

A. AIX with the XIV connected to it

B. SVC with the XIV connected to it

C. N series gateway with XIV as back-endstorage

D. SONAS gateway with XIV as back-end storage

Question #12

How much space will an XIV snapshot allocate from the pools snapshot reserve when its

A. 17 GB per snapshot

B. 17 GB per pool

C. 17 GB per volume

D. 0 GB per snapshot

Question #13

During data migration from a legacy storage system to the XIV system, there are eight
hosts accessing eight separate volumes.
What is the maximum number of volume migrations allowed in the background while the
eight hosts are actively running?

A. 1 per defined target

B. 2 per defined target

C. 4 per defined target

D. 8 per defined target

Question #14

A customer complains that their SAP database now performs worse than it did before being
migrated from traditional RAID storage to XIV. The database was configured using 20 x
200GB XIV LUNs presented to an AIX 6 host OS where they are concatenated and striped
into six volumes for the databases and logs. No changes have been made in the transition
to XIV.
What if anything can be done to improve performance?

A. the SAP volumes should be put into a QoS Performance Class

B. add Fibre Channeladapters to the host and balance volumes across the adapters

C. implement static load balancing and increase the queue depth of the host adapters

D. the databases should be reorganized into larger volumes on the XIV and not striped within the OS

Question #15

On a thin-provisioned pool the size of the volume is limited by:

A. the hard capacity of the XIV

B. the hard capacity of the volume

C. the soft capacity of the storage pool

D. the hard capacity of the storage pool


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