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IBM A2040-409 Exam - Assessment: IBM Notes and Domino 9.0 Social Edition Application Development A

Questions & Answers for IBM A2040-409

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Question #1 - Topic 1

James has been asked to write an agent using IBM Domino Component Object Model
(COM). Which statement describes COM?

A. COM does not support the New modifier for classes used on the server.

B. COM allows for connections to the backend classes to access or modify data.

C. COM allows support for the concept of web related access such as document context.

D. COM allows for access to the database by using the current environment (for example: current database, current agent, or document context).

Question #2 - Topic 1

Which three are design options available for specifying how views will behave when
displayed in an Eclipse-based user interface? (Choose three.)

A. Show Tab Navigator.

B. Hide design elements.

C. Show design elements.

D. Hide the column header.

E. Show full response hierarchies.

F. Show Vertical/Horizontal switcher.

Question #3 - Topic 1

What type of code is allowed in the WebQueryOpen event of a form?

A. Java

B. Formula

C. JavaScript

D. IBM LotusScript

Question #4 - Topic 1

Mary has written an IBM Domino XPages application. What must Mary do to make XPages
in her application available to users with only public access to the database?

A. Add Mary's hierarchical name as Manager to the ACL.

B. Set the XPage design property "Available to Public Access Users".

C. Alter the ACL, add user Anonymous and set the user to Manager access.

D. Alter the Server document field "Sign agents or XPages to run on behalf of the invoker" to add Mary's hierarchical name.

Question #5 - Topic 1

Julianna wants to add a calendar view to her application to display the completion dates of
the documents in her application. What must Julianna do, in addition to setting the view
type to calendar, to accomplish this?

A. Julianna should create a view that the selection formula is based off of the completion date of the document.

B. Julianna can use any existing view in the database by just changing the view property "style" to be calendar.

C. Julianna will need to make sure that the view only contains valid calendar events as that is all that can be displayed in a calendar view.

D. Julianna should create a view that has the first column contain a valid date and time value based on the completion date of the document inascending order.

Question #6 - Topic 1

Alex is using an IBM LotusScript Web service consumer in her agent. When trying to
access an array of items returned by the Web service provider, the agent fails with the
error: "Attempt to access uninitialized dynamic array". Why might this occur?

A. The result returned by the Web service provider did not contain any items.

B. The GetValueAsString method was not applied to the result returned by the Web service provider.

C. The variable assigned to the result returned by the Web Service provider was not appropriate for a Complex Type.

D. The variable assigned to the result returned by the Web service provider was not a properly dimensionalized array.

Question #7 - Topic 1

Daniel wants to programmatically use the full text indexing features of IBM Domino. Which
fields can be indexed by default?

A. rich text fields

B. access control list entries

C. fields in external databases

D. fields containing a summary flag

Question #8 - Topic 1

The plugin_customization.ini file supplied in the IBM Notes installation kit deploy directory
can be used to control aspects of Notes installation and usage. Where is this file located in
the directory once installed?

A. <install_dir>\framework\plugin_customization.ini

B. <install_dir>\framework\rcp\plugin_customization.ini

C. <install_dir>\deploy\framework\plugin_customization.ini

D. <install_dir>\framework\deploy\plugin_customization.ini

Question #9 - Topic 1

Which three practices will help improve database performance? (Choose three.)

A. Purge view indexes.

B. Remove unused views.

C. Do not cluster enable the database.

D. Use form alias instead of true form name.

E. Use a view alias instead of true view name.

F. Update uidoc only once (uidoc.Reload) after all fields are written.

Question #10 - Topic 1

Which statement describes the embedded navigators?

A. Embedded navigators are not supported in a page.

B. Embedded navigators are not supported in subforms.

C. Embedded navigators are not supported in a browser.

D. Embedded navigators are not supported in the IBM Notes Basic client.

Question #11 - Topic 1

Which shared design element gives a developer the ability to control many aspects of the
page layout, including headers, links, text, fonts, styles, color, and margins?

A. HTML files

B. image resources

C. JavaScript libraries

D. cascading style sheets

Question #12 - Topic 1

If the name of the signer of an agent is listed in the "Sign or run unrestricted methods and
operations" field on the Security tab of the Server document, what does this allow the agent
to do?

A. This security level is the minimum required for an ID to be able to sign agents to run scheduled on the server.

B. This security level will allow the agent to run and access IBM Domino databases on other servers and request and update data in them.

C. This security level will allow the agent to run scheduled on the server and perform any action including making operating system level calls.

D. This security level will allow the agent to access any databases on the server regardless of the access control list entry for the ID that signedthe agent.

Question #13 - Topic 1

Mary has written an IBM Domino XPage application called myxsp in myDb.nsf on
myServer. The end users are reporting performance issues on first use after the server
starts. What two things could Mary do to improve performance of the application? (Choose

A. Set XPagesPreload=1 in the server notes.ini.

B. Add myxsp to the JavaUserClasses in the notes.ini.

C. Reduce the Java hap size via HTTPJavamaxheapsize notes.ini parameter.

D. Increase the Java Heap size via HTTPJavamaxheapsize notes.ini parameter.

E. Set XPagesPreloadDB=myServer!!myDb.nsf/myxsp.xsp in the server notes.ini.

Question #14 - Topic 1

Running compact -F on the IBM Domino server only checks the tables associated with the
form specified in selection criteria instead of every table in the application. What database
property is available that does the same thing as this server task?

A. "Don't maintain unread marks"

B. "Optimize document table map"

C. "Prevent the use of stored forms"

D. "Associate document tables with forms for view updates"

Question #15 - Topic 1

An IBM Domino application performs certain operations, such as DDE-related functions,
that are not available in all platform versions of IBM Notes and Domino. What function can
be used to determine the underlying operating system?

A. @Version

B. @ClientType

C. @Platform([Specific])

D. @Platform([ClientType])

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