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Microsoft 74-674 Exam - Delivering Business Value Planning Services

Questions & Answers for Microsoft 74-674

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Question #1

You need to identify which existing application is the most relevant to the CV selection
process. Which application should you identify?

A. CPoint



D. XLine

Question #2

You need to identify the most critical component in the implementation plan to improve the
Contoso sales process. Which component should you identify?

A. Detailed test strategy

B. Key stakeholders buy-in of project budget

C. Project plan and schedule

D. Working demo of proposed changes

Question #3

You need to identify the most relevant business impact to Woodgrove Bank based on its
current business processes. Which business impact should you identify?

A. Legal risks caused by accidental disclosure of proprietary contractual data

B. Reported instances of inaccurate or outdated information in supplier performance reports

C. Delays in responding to supplier performance information requests from various departments

D. Weakened bargaining position caused by lack of company-wide supplier performance reporting

Question #4

You need to identify which business process Fabrikam must improve. Which process
should you identify?

A. Employee safety certification compliance

B. Environmental compliance reporting

C. Industry safety trend reporting

D. Management safety performance reviews

Question #5

You need to create a current state business process diagram. You have a process diagram
that describes the survey sub-process as shown in the exhibit. (Click the Exhibit button.)
You need to identify which two steps most likely complete the diagram. Which two steps
should you choose? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)

A. Begins completing survey.

B. Manually consolidates survey results.

C. Creates supplier performance survey form.

D. Calculates supplier key performance indicators (KPI).

Question #6

You need to recommend the business process at Contoso that requires the most
improvement. Which business process should you recommend improving?

A. Annual sales revenue reporting

B. Customer account management

C. Information technology procurement

D. Sales staff retention

Question #7

You need to identify which issue has the greatest business impact on the Contoso sales
process. What should you identify?

A. Sales employees have difficulty accessing accurate sales information.

B. Sales employees spend too much time maintaining customer information.

C. The Human Resources department will need to hire additional sales employees.

D. The Human Resources department will need to hire additional helpdesk employees.

Question #8

You are evaluating an Office System solution for the Fabrikam employee certification
You need to recommend a solution to improve the process. What should you recommend?

A. Build an online system for tracking, recording, reporting, and collaboration.

B. Build a project portfolio management system for safety certification projects.

C. Publish Excel spreadsheets to an internal Web site and make the Web site available tomanagers.

D. Use Excel spreadsheet data to create a script that builds a report and sends it to managers by using e-mail.

Question #9

You need to identify the most important benefit derived from the Contoso sales process
improvement project. What should you identify?

A. Cost avoidance

B. Cost reductions

C. Revenue generation

D. Revenue protection

Case Study# 6
Corporate Information
The Phone Company provides telecommunications services, network design, and systems
integration for large businesses.
Existing Business Processes
The Phone Company is currently evaluating its business processes for the collection,
updating, and matching of curriculum vitaes (CVs) in professional service sales proposals.
The current business process is informal. Employees of the Sales department request
information from professeional services personnel by using e-mail, telephone, and face-to-
face meetings. There is no single point of contact and the system only tends to work well
when the salesperson and the appropriate Professional Services Managers have a
personal relationship.
Existing Technology Infrastructure
The company's IT department makes most of the software purchasing decisions. In some
cases, the company departments also implement applications for their specific needs. The
following applications are deployed:
CRMApp - A customer relationship management (CRM) system used by sales to
trackopportunities and opportunity requirements. ERP App - A very strategic enterprise
resource planning (ERP) system used to process sales orders and pay vendors, including
professional service contractors. The application includes a module for analyst resource
planning that is not deployed. The implementation of such a module is a long, expensive
project and benefits are unlikely for many years. XLine - A system that enables the
Professional Services department to obtain contractors from approved vendors without
submitting a formal request for proposal (RFP). CPoint - A system to track professional
service resources (analysts). The company's IT department does not support this software.
Microsoft Office - The Phone Company also has access to Office 2007 through an
Enterprise Agreement (EA). Office 2003 is deployed on all client computers. The Phone
Company has Microsoft Software Assurance (SA) for all of its Microsoft-licensed

Question #10

The Phone Company is interested in hiring your firm to pursue a business value planning
services (BVPS) engagement, but is uncertain how it will fund the project. You need to
identify whether The Phone Company has Microsoft Software Assurance (SA) Packaged
Services vouchers. What should you do?

A. Search the Microsoft Partner Program portal

B. Refer to the Microsoft Office System Solutions Directory

C. Work through your client contact at The Phone Company

D. Contact the Microsoft Account Manager for The Phone Company

Question #11

You need to identify the most likely business impacts resulting from the current informal CV
process. Which two possible business impacts should you identify? (Each correct answer
presents a complete solution. Choose two.)

A. Strategic misalignment to IT goals

B. Reduced revenue due to over-staffing

C. Reduced win rate due to inaccurate CVs

D. Delayed proposal submissions due to the long cycle time to obtain CVs

Question #12

You need to identify and analyze a business process for a business value planning
services (BVPS) engagement. Which business process should you analyze to best support

A. Assigning resources to customer projects

B. Drafting proposals

C. Hiring new employees

D. Project collaboration

Question #13

A. Additional annual revenue generated from increasing the number of proposals submitted

B. Impact on total cost of ownership (TCO) for A. Datum

C. Increase in expected industry market share for A. Datum

D. Reduction in labor costs associated with proposal development

Question #14

You need to document which key technology infrastructure issues prevent the ESM group
from meeting its goals. Which issue should you choose?

A. Data entry is performed manually.

B. Static spreadsheet-based are used to capture data

C. Supplier data is improperly updated in Project Server.

D. Workflows are undefined in Windows SharePoint Services.

Case Study# 2
Corporate Information and Physical Locations.
Fabrikrm,Inc. is a building materials manufacturing company that specializes in producing
raw materials. Fabrikam customers include companies that make products for residential
and commiercial construction projects. Fabrikam has 5,000 employees and earns $600
million in annual revenues. Fabrikam has plans and offices worldwide.
Existing Business Processes
Fabrikam has the following business processes:
The Plant Safety department is responsible for notifying and scheduling employees for
safety training and medical testing procedures. The department also records and reportson
training and testing procedures for management and government safety regulatory
agencies. All emplloyees are required to pass an annual mine safety training course and
various medica certification tests to continue working. Non-compliant employees cannot
work, reducing production enfficiency. Government safety inpectors perform random onsite
inspections and verify that employees are certified. Each item of non-compliance costs
Fabrikam time and lowers employee productivity. The Plant Safet department hired a full-
time Safety Coordinatinator and a temporary employee to help employees maintain their
certifications. They notify employees when their certifications are about to expire and assist
employees to schedule appointments to renew their certifications.
Existing Technology Infrastructure
Fabrikam has the following technologies implemented on the network:
A third-party, Web-based workforce management application
A Microsoft SQL Server-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system
Microsoft Office Excel used to update safety information by using spreadsheets.
Farbrikam has a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) that includes Microsoft Software
Assurance (SA). All client computers run either Microsoft Office Standard Edition 2003 or
Microsoft Office 97. The department is underskilled and understaffed.

Question #15

You are evaluating a company-wide safety management solution for Fabrikam. You need
to identify which Fabrikam interviewee is responsible for implementing this solution. Which
interviewee should you identify?

A. Corporate Controller

B. Production Operations Manager

C. Plant Safety Department Manager

D. Vice President


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