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Cisco 642-983 Dumps

Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Support Specialist
Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Support Specialist

Questions & Answers for Cisco 642-983

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Question #1

Which three of the following UCS components can be upgraded? (Choose three.)


B. BIOS firmware

C. cluster firmware

D. Fabric Interconnect

E. Baseboard Management Controller (BMC)

Question #2

Refer to the exhibit.

Which statement is correct about the command shown?

A. The output can be copied to an external destination with a supported protocol.

B. The show version command would provide more information and configuration information.

C. The command and its output can only be used on the UCS system.

Question #3

Which is the proper fan and power configuration for a Cisco 5108 Chassis?

A. 2 fans and 4 power supplies

B. 4 fans and 2 power supplies

C. 4 fans and 8 power supplies

D. 8 fans and 4 power supplies

Question #4

Which of the following is correct regarding full-state backups?

A. used for either a single or dual UCS catastrophic failure

B. can be restored with no special requirements

C. stored as gzipped tarball

D. easy to modify as needed

Question #5

Which two statements about NICs in a virtual environment are correct? (Choose two.)

A. The vmNICS physical NIC is used for uplink ports.

B. The vNICS virtual NIC port is used for virtual machine.

C. The vmNICs virtual NIC port is used for virtual machine.

D. The vNICS physical NIC is used for uplink portsvNICS. }

Question #6

In UCSM, where are Call Home conditions for monitoring configured?

A. Call Home Service Profiles

B. Call Home Policies

C. Call Home Events

D. Call Home Traps

Question #7

Which statement regarding high availability in the Cisco UCS is correct?

A. A node is one of the two (2) CMCs.

B. A node is one of the two (2) Fabric Interconnects

C. A group is a set of four (4) nodes.

D. Each group is identified by a floating node ID.

Question #8

Which two aspects of a UCS solution enable fast response to growth requirements in the
data center? (Choose two.)

A. UCS Manager

B. fabric interconnect

C. service profiles

D. expansion modules

E. virtual interface cards

Question #9

The Cisco 6100 XP Fabric Interconnect is available in which two configurations? (Choose

A. 20 port + expansion module

B. 24 port + expansion module

C. 40 port + expansion module

D. 48 port + expansion module

Question #10

Which connection type is available on a virtual switch?

A. service console port

B. ESX machine port group

C. virtual machine port group

Question #11

Which two factors determine the recommended maximum number of virtual interfaces on a
Cisco UCS system? (Choose two.)

A. the number of compute blades in the system

B. the number of interfaces sharing the uplinks

C. the driver version on the OS running on the compute blade

D. the number of uplinks between I/O Module and Fabric Interconnect

Question #12

Which statement about a Service Profile is most accurate?

A. associated with a pool of blades

B. represents a group of physical blades

C. stores connectivity requirements

Question #13

Refer to the exhibit.

Which two statements are correct regarding vNICs on the Connectivity Page when creating
a Service Profile GUI? (Choose two.)

A. Configurations completed via this page can not be changed.

B. Only two vNICs and two vHBAs can be created.

C. Two VLANs can be configured on this page, but one must be the default VLAN.

D. This is where you enable VLAN trunking.

Question #14

Which benefit is provided by Ethernet enhancements in the Cisco UCS?

A. lossless fabric

B. hop-by-hop congestion management

C. non-deterministic latency for HPC clusters

Question #15

Which two statements about the Cisco Nexus 1000V VSM are true? (Choose two.)

A. It performs switching decisions and forwarding for the VEM.

B. It can be run on a virtual machine.

C. It can be used for remote VEM switching line cards.