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Cisco 642-974 Exam - Data Center Network Infrastructure Support - 2

Questions & Answers for Cisco 642-974

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Question #1

A customer site is set up as follows:
Aggregation-layer Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switches
Redundant supervisors
The customer is deploying a new version of Cisco lOS.
Which supervisor redundancy mode or modes will allow an older version of Cisco lOS to be
maintained on a standby supervisor?

A. RPR only

B. SSOonly



Question #2

Which negotiation is initiated by setting an EtherChannel mode to auto on an interface?

A. to create an EtherChannel

B. to create an EtherChannel only if an LACP is received

C. to create an EtherChannel only if a PAgP packet is received

D. to place the interface in an EtherChannel if the connected interface is also in auto mode

Question #3

In the Cisco Nexus 7010 architecture, In-Service Software Upgrades are enabled by which
of the following components or features?

A. kickstart image

B. rapid switchover

C. automated configuration

D. plug-in based services and features

Question #4

What will be upgraded as a result of this command?
Upgrade ftp://ftpuser@ .pkg

A. recovery partition

B. application partition

C. both application and recovery partitions immediately

D. both application and recovery partitions at the next scheduled automatic IDSM update

Question #5

How does the Ethernet Host Virtualizer accomplish multiple active uplinks and loop
prevention in a Cisco Nexus 5000 Switch?

A. by implementing PVST

B. by PortChanneling uplink ports

C. by pinning MAC addresses to specific ports

D. by tying a server interface to a border interface in the switching fabric

Question #6

Which of the following is a benefit of VOQs in the Cisco Nexus platform?

A. Avoid congestion.

B. Prioritize traffic as it is transmitted on egress interfaces.

C. Provide no-drop service across fabric for future FCoE interfaces.

D. Ensure fair access to the transmission media across physical interfaces.

Question #7

Which two features might be used during an ISSU? (Choose two.)

A. Stateful Switchover

B. Nonstop Forwarding

C. virtual device contexts

D. Fibre Channel over Ethernet

E. Connectivity Management Processor

Question #8

Which component of the Cisco Nexus 7010 architecture provides out-of-band
management, an always-on microprocessor for disaster recovery, and remote restart

A. central arbiter

B. Supervisor Engine

C. dedicated service modules

D. Connectivity Management Processor

Question #9

What are two advantages of XML-based configuration over SNMP? (Choose two.)

A. higher scalability

B. wider MIB support

C. connectionless services

D. confidentiality and Integrity

E. ability to configure entire set of CLI commands

Question #10

What can a Cisco Nexus 7010 Switch administrator do per VDC to provide OOB

A. allocate separate VLANs and VRFs per VDC

B. use 802.1Q trunking and provide a separate VLAN per VDC

C. use different OOB management ports for the different VDCs

D. use the same VLAN and subnet for all VDCs, with different IP addresses

Question #11

How many paths can be considered in NX-OS for equal-cost multipathing?

A. 4

B. 8

C. 12

D. 16

Question #12

What is the effect of executing the command intrusion-detection module 5 management-
port access-vlan 10 on an IDSM?

A. allows the IDSM to be managed by devices in VLAN 10

B. configures the IDSM to monitor traffic from VLAN 10 in in-line mode

C. allows the IDSM to perform blocking actions on devices in VLAN 10

D. configures the IDSM to monitor traffic from VLAN 10 in promiscuous mode

Question #13

The IDSM management-interface IP address can be configured from which prompt?

A. IDSM(config)#

B. lDSM(config-hos-net)#

C. IDSM(config-mgmt)#

D. IDSM(config-if)#

Question #14

The Graceful Restart feature allows routers to perform which function?

A. perform a more rapid reboot

B. initialize the standby supervisor transparently

C. remain in the data forwarding path through a process restart

D. maintain management connections through a supervisor switchover

Question #15

Which Cisco Nexus 7010 security feature is most effective at mitigating spoofing attacks?



C. DHCP snooping

D. disabling IP redirects


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