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Question No : 1

What information is needed to configure a Granite Edge in the Granite Core?

A. Granite Edge Identifier.
B. IP address of the Granite Edge.
C. Primary IP address of the Granite Edge.
D. Granite Edge IQN (iSCSI Qualified Name).
E. In-path IP address of Granite Edge.

Question No : 2

The delay between taking a snapshot at the edge and flushing the snapshot to the storage
array is called what?

A. Snapshot Target
B. Snapshot Lag
C. Snapshot Window
D. Snapshot Integration

Question No : 3

What are three available disk management modes for the Granite Edge? (Select 3)

A. Granite storage mode.
B. Granite standalone mode.
C. VSP standalone storage mode.
D. VSP and local LUN mode.
E. VSP and Granite storage mode.

Question No : 4

After connecting a Granite Core appliance to a Granite Edge appliance, all Granite
appliances configurations are completed at:

A. The Edge
B. The Core
C. The array
D. The server

Question No : 5

When configuring high availability for Granite Edge, which of the following is true?

A. MPIO is enabled on a Steelhead EX appliance to achieve high availability.
B. A pair of Steelhead CX appliances act as active/standby peers.
C. Granite Edge does not support high availability.
D. A pair of Steelhead EX appliances act as active/active peers.
E. A pair of Steelhead EX appliances act as active/standby peers.

Question No : 6

Which encryption in flight does Whitewater appliance directly support?

A. SSLv1
C. RC3
D. SSLv3
E. IPSec

Question No : 7

What is the minimum number of CPUs and memory required when deploying a Virtual
Whitewater appliance?

A. 2 CPUs/6 GB
B. 4 CPUs/8 GB
C. 2 CPUs/8 GB
D. 4 CPUs/4 GB

Question No : 8

Granite appliance has deep snapshot integration with which vendors? (Select 3)

A. Hitachi Data Systems (HDS)
C. NetApp
D. Dell EqualLogic

Question No : 9

Which transmission protocols do Whitewater appliances support? (Select 2)


Question No : 10

What file systems would most benefit on pinning a LUN? (Select 2)

A. NTFS formatted LUN.
B. EXT3 formatted LUN.
C. FAT32 formatted LUN.
D. VMFS 3 formatted LUN.

Question No : 11

-- Exhibit
Riverbed 599-01 question 11
-- Exhibit --
Refer to the exhibit. What should be used for the recommended cables between the
Clustered Granite Cores on eth0_2 and eth0_3?

A. GigE straight-through cables
B. GigE crossover cables
C. This is not a valid design, for clustered Granite Cores
D. Fiber cables only

Question No : 12

Which of the following CLI commands would you run on a Windows Host (which has the
RHSP plugin installed) to take an application consistent snapshot of Granite appliance
attached LUN?

A. snap
B. diskshadow
C. snapshot
D. vss
E. volume

Question No : 13

If implementing a virtual Whitewater appliance v210 or higher to support a greater then 2TB
volume for cache, which version of ESXi and storage type should be used?

A. ESXi 4.x and VMDK volumes.
B. ESXi 4.x and spanned VMDK volumes.
C. ESXi 5.x and VMDK volumes.
D. ESXi 5.x and RAW volumes.
E. ESXi 5.x and spanned VMDK volumes.

Question No : 14

Which Granite appliance feature would be used to implement disconnected operations?
(Select 2)

A. Pinning
B. Offlining
C. High availability
E. Prepopulation

Question No : 15

Which mechanisms can cause Whitewater appliance replication to pause or effect the
optimization service? (Select 4)

A. Cloud provider outage.
B. Backup application crash.
C. WAN outage.
D. Whitewater bandwidth settings.
E. Incorrect cloud provider credentials.

Question No : 16

What are the default ports used between the Granite Edge and Granite Core on a
Steelhead EX platform?

A. 7150-7154, 7170
B. 7950-7954, 7970
C. Granite uses the same default ports as the Steelhead WAN Optimization
D. 7750-7754, 7770
E. 7050-7050, 7070

Question No : 17

What log will contain information about connection failures to the cloud storage provider?

A. Event log
B. System log
C. User log
D. Server log

Question No : 18

What is the default write reserve percentage of blockstore size?

A. 5%
B. 10%
C. 25%
D. 30%

Question No : 19

How much additional cloud capacity (beyond the license stated amount) is granted by a
license before Whitewater appliances begin to fail writes?

A. 5%
B. 10%
C. 15%
D. 20%

Question No : 20

What are the two steps needed for peer replication configuration? (Select 2)

A. Configure role, password, and secondary Whitewater IP on the primary Whitewater appliance.
B. Configure role, password, and megastore ID on the primary Whitewater appliance.
C. Configure role, password, and primary Whitewater IP on the secondary Whitewater appliance.
D. Configure role, password, and megastore ID on the secondary Whitewater appliance.

Showing 1-20 of 74 Questions   (Page 1 out of 4)



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