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Avaya 3104 Dumps

Avaya UC Soft Clients Implementation and Maintenance
Avaya UC Soft Clients Implementation and Maintenance

Questions & Answers for Avaya 3104

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Question #1

A customer has a branch office in Germany, and they do not have fixed-length Dial Plan.
Which Dial Plan would you recommend?

A. Pattern Matching Transformation

B. Simple Dial Plan

C. Regular Expression

D. Simple Matching Transformation

Question #2

The Avaya one-X CES solution template states that it was successfully installed.
However, you are now unable to login the Avaya one-X CES Web Administration portal or
you received a 500 internal error upon login. When attempting to verify the database, you
see that it is not running.
Which step do you need to complete to get the database back up and running?

A. Login to the CLI of the Avaya one-X CES server as root Switch to dbinst user. Run the command db2start Switch back to root and restart WAS

B. Login to the CLI of the Avaya one-X CES server as admin Switch to root Run the command: db2start Switch back to admin and restart WAS

C. Login to the CLI of the Avaya one-X CES server as root Switch to admin user Run the command: db2start Restart WAS

D. Login to the CLI of the Avaya one-X CES server as admin Switch to root Run the command db2start Restart WAS

Question #3

The support is receiving a report that Avaya one-X Communicator users cannot see
parties in the conference.
Which steps should a technician perform to get the status of the conferencing service(s)
assigned to the user?

A. Login to System Manager web console Navigate to Elements Conferencing Check the Conferencing service(s) status

B. Login to Avaya one-X® CES via SSH Using Command Line Client tool, execute the command status server – c <serverName>

C. Login to Avaya one-X CES via web page Navigate to Monitors tab Check the Conferencing service(s) status

D. Login to Avaya one-X CES via web page Navigate to Users tab and select Provisioned Users Click on a user experiencing the problem At the Conferencing section, select status.

Question #4

In the process of setting up the conference Server, a sign in account needs to be created.
For conferencing to work with Avaya one-X CES, what is the name of the sign-in account
that needs to be created?

A. Scheduler sign-In

B. Maintenance Sign-In

C. Administrator Sign-In

D. Operator Sign-In

Question #5

As part of an upgrade you need to Import the Dial Plan from an Avaya one-X Portal 5.2
server to the Avaya one-X CES 6.1 server. You have copied the exported files listed
below to the /opt/avaya/1xp directory on the CES server:
(/Contents/opt/1xp directory)
The next step is to import the Dial Plan into the CES server.
Which command imports the Dial Plan into the CES server?

A. ./

B. ./import_dialplan.del

C. ./import_dialplan.ddl

D. ./import_dialplanExpression.del

Question #6

During the installation of platform for Avaya one-X CES, you determined determine that
you have the passwords of root, admin, and cust.
What is the fourth password needed to complete the configuration?

A. Avaya one-X® CES

B. Presence


D. Avaya one-X® Communicator

Question #7

The Avaya one-X CES system is deployed in the customers network, and the employees
are asked to retrieve the Avaya one-X CES Mobile client to enable their mobile devices.
Which IP address is required to connect mobile devices to the Avaya one-X CES

A. SMS server IP address

B. Communication Manager server IP address

C. Handset Server IP address

D. Session Manager server IP address

Question #8

Once the installation is complete, which web page should the technician se to manually
reboot the Avaya one-X CES server?

A. Dom-0

B. Avaya one-X® CES

C. Cdom

D. System Manager

Question #9

Refer to the exhibit.

A technician is in the process of enabling Notification Service on the Avaya one-X CES.
Which IP address is required for Simple mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) Host entry?

A. The SMTP Server IP address

B. The Presence Server IP address

C. The Avaya one-X CES IP address

D. The Enterprise Directory IP address

Question #10

Once the Avaya one-X CES Dial Plan matches the dialed number, and the pattern
transforming rule deleted the specified number of digits, which configuration of digits does
the pattern transformation rule insert?

A. Maximum digits

B. Minimum digits

C. Prepend digits

D. Starts with digits

Question #11

You set up the Messaging Services in the Avaya one-X CES server. When you ran the
test, it failed.
Which protocol needs to be ser at the Secure Port when setting up Messaging Services?





Question #12

For Avaya one-X CES to use Presence Services, it must be integrated with an Enterprise
Which Enterprise Directory can be integrated with System manager?

A. IBM Tivoli Directory Server

B. Oracle Identity manager

C. Active directory

D. Enterprise JavaBean

Question #13

The Avaya one-X Client Enablement Services (CES) has the choice of template sizes.
Which factor is used to decide the template size?

A. Extra feature purchased by the customer

B. The version of System Platform

C. The server type

D. The type of mobile devise that is being integrated into Avaya one-X® CES

Question #14

You have installed and configured Avaya one-X CES Communicator integrated with
Avaya one-X CES. When logging in, you get the message that the login/password is
In the Avaya one-X Communicator, where would you look to verify that the user
name/password matches the one defined in the Enterprise Directory?

A. Under the General Settings/Telephony

B. Under the General Settings/messaging

C. Under the General Settings/IM and Presence

D. Under General Settings/Login

Question #15

You are in the process of investigating an error in the General Logging log. You first look at
the systemOut.log and you see that the protocol Aspect is enabled.
What is the other General log file you need to check to determine what the problem is?

A. SNMP log file

B. SAL log file

C. Trace.log file

D. Avaya one-X® CES log file