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Symantec 250-300 Exam Practice Test Questions

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Questions & Answers for Symantec 250-300

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Question #1

You currently have a Windows 2000 server with Backup Exec 8.6 installed. You will be
performing an upgrade of the operating system to Windows 2003 along with an upgrade of
Backup Exec to 10.0. What is the recommended upgrade path?

A. Upgrade Backup Exec to 10.0 first, and then upgrade the operating system to Windows 2003
B. Upgrade the operating system to Windows 2003 first, and then upgrade Backup Exec to 10.0
C. Upgrade Backup Exec to 9.1, upgrade Backup Exec to 10.0, and then upgrade the operatingsystem to Windows 2003
D. Upgrade the operating system to Windows 2003, upgrade Backup Exec to 9.1, and thenupgrade Backup Exec to 10.0

Question #2

Which two wizards does Backup Exec provide for adding storage locations to your media
server? (Choose two.)

A. IDR Wizard
B. Device Configuration Wizard
C. Hot Swappable Device Wizard
D. Policy Wizard
E. Backup Wizard

Question #3

A monthly template in a policy needs to take precedence over a weekly template in the
same policy. You want to create a template rule to specify this precedence. Where do you
configure the template rule?

A. In the rules window, select add
B. In the policy window, select ew Rule
C. In the policy window, select edit Template and then select ew Rule
D. In the Job Setup task pane, select ew Rule from the File menu

Question #4

Which two menu items can be used for configuring Recipients to Alert Categories?
(Choose two.)

A. Recipients
B. Assign Recipients to Alert Categories
C. Alert Categories
D. Alert Error Handling Rules

Question #5

Your main file server is down, and there is an immediate need for a directory of data that
was on the server. What is the quickest method for accomplishing this task?

A. Change the data source path to include the UNC name of an available server
B. Use the File Redirection option to choose an available server to restore the data
C. Rebuild the down server with the same name as before, and then perform the restore
D. Rebuild the down server with the same name as before, and then perform the restore withthe Restore Security check box cleared

Question #6

Backup Exec has been installed successfully, but the physically attached tape drive is not
visible within the Backup Exec Administration Console. The tape drive is showing in
Microsoft Windows 2003 Device Manager under the Tape Devices branch. Which two
actions can be performed to resolve this problem? (Choose two.)

A. Restart the Backup Exec Server service
B. Right-click the Devices tree in Backup Exec and select Scan for New Hardware
C. Verify that the tape drive is on the VERITAS Backup Exec for Windows Servers HardwareCompatibility List
D. contact the tape drive manufacturer to confirm that there are no problems or updatesnecessary for the tape drive firmware

Question #7

The default option for job logging populates the job log with four job-specific categories.
These four categories are _______. (Choose four.)

A. Job priority
B. Skipped files
C. The media server name
D. Errors encountered
E. Completion statistics
F. Names of processed subdirectories

Question #8

Which item is changed by the opdate vault wizard in Backup Exec 10.0?

A. Moves media to the imported media set
B. Moves media to the foreign media set
C. Changes the overwrite protection period to infinite
D. Changes the media location in the Backup Exec interface

Question #9

A new data retrieval company has a server farm with 30 TB of storage at 10% capacity.
The Information Technology team has been tasked to develop a backup strategy. The
primary goal is to support backing up the full capacity of the server farm. To meet these
needs, the IT team invested in a high-capacity tape library, a stand-alone drive, and a
DVD-RW drive with UDF packet writing support. The IT team also set up a Backup-to-Disk
folder on the internal IDE drive as a backup target device.
To address the primary goal, support for backing up the full capacity, which backup device
is best to use when creating a backup job?

A. High-capacity tape library
B. 4mm stand-alone drive
C. DVD-RW drive with UDF packet writing support
D. Backup-to-Disk folder

Question #10

A push installation of the Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows Servers fails. You
choose to perform a local installation of the Remote Agent using the Backup Exec
installation media. Which two commands will perform a local installation of the Remote
Agent? (Choose two.)

B. Double-click WINNT\INSTALL\RANT32\setup.exe
C. WINNT\INSTALL\RANT32\setup.exe /RANT32: -s

Question #11

The append period is measured from the time the media was first _____.

A. Labeled
B. Allocated
C. Exported
D. Inventoried

Question #12

A restore job fails with Access Denied errors. Which action do you perform?

A. Start the Backup Exec Remote Agent on the appropriate machine
B. Enable restore rights in Logon Account Management for the appropriate account
C. Check the Resource Credentials for the restore job and associate a set of credentials thathas appropriate rights
D. change the logon account for the Backup Exec Remote Agent on the appropriate machine toan account that has appropriate rights

Question #13

Which two statements are true about selection lists? (Choose two.)

A. Selection lists store the information about what needs to be backed up.
B. Selection lists cannot be edited after they are associated with a policy.
C. The selection list can only be used on one Backup Job.
D. You can edit the list without editing the backup job itself.

Question #14

Which two are supported items in a device pool? (Choose two.)

A. Disk drive
B. Media Sets
C. Robotic Libraries
D. Stand-alone tape drive
E. Cascaded drive pool
F. Backup-to-disk folder

Question #15

You must configure which two options to run a scheduled job every hour Monday through
Friday? (Choose two.)

A. On the deek Days option, select every day except Saturday and Sunday
B. Select the epeat option and select 60 minutes
C. Select the restart Time Interval option and select 1 hour as the interval
D. Change the time Window to one hour

Question #16

Your daily full backup template targets the daily media set. You want the last full backup of
the month to target the monthly media set. Only one full backup should run every day. How
do you configure the monthly full backup?

A. Use template rules to specify that the monthly backup template supersedes the daily backuptemplate
B. Use media availability windows to exclude the daily media set on the last day of the month
C. Schedule the daily template to exclude the last day of the month and place the daily templateabove the monthly template in the policy
D. Use template precedence to specify a high precedence for the monthly template and thedefault precedence for the daily template

Question #17

Choose the two correct statements concerning Erase and Label jobs. (Choose two.)

A. An Erase effectively renders the media blank and any data previously on it as inaccessiblewhile a Label does not.
B. A Label applies a new name to a piece of media and effectively renders the data previouslyon it as inaccessible.
C. The Label operation enables you to define a custom name for media while leaving theexisting data intact.
D. The main difference between an erase and a label job is that the label enables you to changethe name of the media.

Question #18

You have several backup jobs that run every night that must be performed. You also have
a restore that needs to be performed as soon as possible, but not before the backups
complete. What is the easiest way to ensure that all the jobs run as needed?

A. Set all the Job priorities the same and schedule the backup jobs to run after the restore
B. Set all the Job priorities the same and schedule all the jobs to run at the same time
C. Set the Job priority of the restore job to a higher priority than all of the backup jobs andschedule all the jobs to run at the same time
D. Set the Job priority of the restore job to a lower priority than all of the backup jobs andschedule all the jobs to run at the same time

Question #19

Which two graphical views are available for selecting data to restore? (Choose two.)

A. Volume
B. Resource
C. File
D. Media

Question #20

You have five servers which need to be backed up. These servers are named ServerA,
ServerB, ServerC, ServerD, and ServerE. Depending on server load, sometimes the
backup does not complete within the time window. You have to be sure that ServerD
always gets backed up. Assuming that all resources are protected in a single job, which
setting could be changed to ensure that ServerD always gets backed up?

A. Set the priority for ServerD to highest by selecting Tools -> Options
B. Change the resource order to list ServerD and its resources before all other servers
C. Change the job priority to Highest
D. Using error handling rules, set ServerD as high priority

Question #21

To successfully upgrade Backup Exec 7.3 to version 10.0, you must _______.

A. Upgrade directly to 10.0
B. Copy Catalogs and data folders, install 10.0, then run bemig to migrate data
C. Upgrade to 8.6, and then upgrade to 10.0
D. Copy Catalogs and data folders, install 10.0, then copy the folders back

Question #22

Which three statements are true about archive backups? (Choose three.)

A. Files are deleted from disk after they are successfully backed up and verified.
B. Advanced file selections can be used to isolate older files.
C. Files are moved to secondary storage (such as optical drives) at the end of the job.
D. The logon account used to perform the backup must haverights to delete the files anddirectories in question.

Question #23

What four types of devices can a backup job be targeted to? (Choose four.)

A. Stand-alone drive
B. Robotic library drive
C. Device pool
D. CD-ROM drive
E. Backup folder

Question #24

Which button on the Navigation Bar does the backup administrator select to create a
selection list?

A. Overview
B. Reports
C. Job Setup
D. Policy

Question #25

Given the scenario:
Media Overwrite Protection level = Partial, no prompt
Media Overwrite Options = Overwrite recyclable media contained in the targeted media set
before overwriting scratch media
User Media set Append Period (days) Overwrite Protection Period (days)
Weekly 1 12
Daily 1 5
Monthly 1 26
Yearly 1 363
Weekly contains Tape001 which was written to ten days ago.
Daily contains Tape003 that which written to four days ago.
Monthly contains Tape002 which was written to 23 days ago.
Yearly contains Tape004 which was written to 360 days ago.
Scratch contains Tape005.
Which tape will be selected by a job set to 'Append to media, Overwrite if no appendable
media is available' with a media set destination of Weekly?

A. Tape001
B. Tape002
C. Tape003
D. Tape004
E. Tape005

Question #26

What are the two job property defaults established during standard installation of Backup
Exec? (Choose two.)

A. All backup jobs created are targeted to Media Set 1.
B. All inventoried media will be allocated to Media Set 1.
C. Append and overwrite protection periods for Media Set 1 are set to None.
D. Append and overwrite protection periods for Media Set 1 are set to Infinite.

Question #27

The backup fails with an 'invalid schedule' message. What could cause this to occur?

A. The Schedule type in the policy was set incorrectly to full schedule.
B. The resource for the backup job was unavailable at that time.
C. The backup was attempted after the daily time window was closed.
D. The resource order for the backup policy was set incorrectly.

Question #28

You are installing Backup Exec for the first time. You want to use an existing account for
the Backup Exec services. Which right needs to be granted to this account?

A. Shut down the system
B. Initiate external program
C. Allow Logon locally
D. Logon as a Service

Question #29

Which statement about full backups and copy backups is true?

A. Full backups and copy backups of the same resource will include the same data.
B. A full backup will always include more files than a copy backup of the same resource.
C. Full backups and copy backups are simply two different names for the exact same type ofbackup.
D. Copy backups only include data that have recently been copied to the resource in questionwhile full backups include all of the data.

Question #30

Backup Exec is installed on a Windows 2000 server. How do you verify that VERITAS
drivers are installed for your tape device?

A. Use Windows Device Manager to verify the driver provider
B. Open Explorer and navigate to Program Files\VERITAS\Backup Exec\NT
C. In the Devices view in Backup Exec, right-click the tape device and select properties
D. In the registry, navigate to HKEY_Local_Machine\Software\VERITAS\BackupExec\TapeDrivers

Question #31

The user needs all files in a directory backed up and then deleted. You set up a backup
using the Archive method. Which method could be used to prevent the directory structure
from being deleted during the Archive?

A. Choose full backup and delete the files by hand
B. Set the 'maintain during archive' folder property
C. Enable 'preserve tree' on the archive in the job
D. Copy the directory structure to another location

Question #32

Given the following:
The Media Overwrite Option is set to "Overwrite scratch media before overwriting
recyclable media contained in the targeted media set."
Overwrite Protection Level is set to Full.
The targeted media set contains recyclable tapes.
Other media sets contain recyclable tapes.
Imported media is available for overwrite.
The Scratch media set contains tapes.
A backup job that is set to Overwrite begins.
Which media will be used?

A. Scratch media
B. Recyclable media from another media set
C. Recyclable media in the targeted media set
D. Imported media will be moved to the targeted media set at the job launch.

Question #33

You have multiple templates in a policy. Some of the templates have the same scheduled
start time. What can you apply to ensure that only one job runs at a time?

A. Selection lists
B. Restriction sets
C. Rules
D. Auto cancellation

Question #34

What are two reasons that cause a Backup Exec Job not to run? (Choose two.)

A. The Backup Exec GUI is closed.
B. The Backup Exec job is on hold.
C. The Backup Exec database is in use.
D. The job is outside of its schedule available window time.

Question #35

Where in the job logs can you view error messages for Backup Exec jobs?

A. The job history top pane view
B. The bottom of the job log
C. The job history bottom pane view
D. The top of the job log

Question #36

Which three items can be configured for properties of an alert category? (Choose three.)

A. Redirect the alert to another media server
B. Send SNMP Notifications
C. Send Notifications to Selected Recipients
D. Automatically clear alert after a period of time
E. FTP job log to a designated address

Question #37

Which two statements are true concerning Resource Order in selection lists? (Choose two.)

A. Resource order cannot be changed after the selection list has been created.
B. You can order resources within a server.
C. Resource order can be modified at any time by editing the selection list.
D. You can alternate resources across servers.

Question #38

What are the three alert categories that are disabled by default? (Choose three.)

A. Job Start
B. Job Success
C. Job Cancellation
D. Backup job contains no data
E. Job completed with exceptions

Question #39

You are reviewing completed jobs in the Job Monitor. However, you do not see the type of
jobs you are looking for. What could cause this problem?

A. Logging is set to summary information only.
B. Job Monitor is not enabled.
C. Job view is set to active jobs.
D. Custom filters are enabled.

Question #40

The server you are protecting with Backup Exec moved from the sales domain to the
development domain. The domains do not trust each other. Which step do you take to
ensure that backups continue to function properly?

A. Update the domain in the security tab of the job settings window
B. Update the remote agent logon account
C. Use VxMon to update the server's domain record
D. Assign a logon account that is valid for the development domain

Question #41

The backup administrator recently left the company.
What is the easiest way to configure all 83 backup jobs to use the new backup
administrator's account?

A. Create the new account, and then edit each individual job to use the new account.
B. In the Backup Exec interface, select Tools -> Wizards -> Logon Account Wizard -> Replaceaccounts
C. In the Logon Account Management dialog box, select the old account, click Replace, andthen select the new account
D. Create the new account using the Logon account wizard, delete all jobs, and then re- createall jobs using the new account

Question #42

An incremental backup job _____. (Choose two.)

A. Resets the archive bit for all files backed up
B. Always takes longer to run as compared to differential backups
C. Will always be larger than or equal in size to the last incremental backup job
D. Backs up files that have changed since the last full or incremental backups

Question #43

You want to install Backup Exec into an existing SQL server instance. Into which two
instances can Backup Exec be installed? (Choose two.)

A. Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE) 2000
B. SQL Server 7.0
C. SQL Server 2000 SP2
D. SQL Server 2000 SP3a or later

Question #44

You want to ensure that an alert pops up for every job start and every job success. You
also want to have the job send you a notification. What are the three recommended steps
to complete this process? (Choose three.)

A. Select the Settings button for Recipients and configure the alert to send you anotification
B. Open up Alert Categories, under the Tools menu
C. Mark Enable alerts for this category, for the required alerts
D. Mark Record event in the Windows Event Log, for the required alerts
E. Mark Send notifications to selected recipients

Question #45

When setting the default scheduling options from the Tools -> Options menu, the ime
Window is defined as the time period in which the _______.

A. Job will start
B. Job will start and finish
C. Job cannot start
D. Job cannot run

Question #46

You have five Backup Exec servers in your environment. You only have physical access to
one of the servers at the current moment, but you need to view an alert that occurred on
one of the other Backup Exec servers. What is the recommended method for
accomplishing this?

A. From the Network menu bar item, select Connect to Media Server and log in
B. From the Alerts navigation bar item, change the View from Alert History to ActiveAlerts
C. From the Backup navigation bar item, right-click the required server and select View Alerts
D. From the Backup navigation bar item, right-click the required server and select Alert History

Question #47

What can be done to change the number of times you are notified about a certain alert?

A. In the beutility GUI under server configuration enable "limit the number of notifications sent"
B. In Tools -> Options -> Notifications enable "limit the number of notifications sent"
C. On the properties of the alert category enable "limit the number of notifications sent"
D. On the properties of the recipient enable "limit the number of notifications sent"

Question #48

You have a server running Backup Exec for Windows Servers. You want to install two
robotic libraries on the computer. Each robotic library contains four tape drives. How many
Backup Exec Library Expansion Option licenses do you purchase in order to use all the
tape drives in the robotic libraries?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 6
D. 7
E. 8

Question #49

Which three statements are true regarding the attributes of a device pool? (Choose three.)

A. The All Available Drives device pool can be deleted.
B. A drive can belong to more than one device pool.
C. A device pool can contain a different type of drives.
D. Because of reporting restrictions, drives can be addedto a device pool but cannot beremoved.
E. A device pool allows multiple jobs to target one pool so that there is dynamic loadbalancing.

Question #50

Which three methods could you use to place a tape into the Scratch media set? (Choose

A. Scan media
B. Erase media
C. Rename media
D. Label media
E. Move media from a media set

Question #51

Which Backup Exec option enables the utilization of synthetic and off-host backups?

A. SAN Shared Storage Option (SSO)
B. Central Admin Server Option (CASO)
C. Advanced Disk-based Backup Option (ADBO)
D. Advanced Open File Option (AOFO)

Question #52

Which five items are valid choices for notification in Backup Exec? (Choose five.)

E. Pager
F. Printer
G. sendmail
H. Net Send

Question #53

In which two locations can you find the particular device driver that is being used for your
tape drive? (Choose two.)

A. Bediag
B. Backup Exec GUI
C. Device Manager
D. BEUtility

Question #54

You have just created a new policy in Backup Exec. What has to be associated with the
policy in order to create a job?

A. A Backup-to-Disk folder
B. A selection list
C. A template
D. A template rule

Question #55

You have been tasked with recovering the data from a server that was backed up, and then
decommissioned. The new server will have a different name and a different hard drive
configuration. The original system had a 200 GB C: drive with all data residing on that
drive. The new system has an 8 GB C: drive and a 2 TB F: drive. Which steps need to be
taken to recover the data from the decommissioned server?

A. The data can only be restored to the system it was backed up from.
B. Using the redirection option, place the new server name and new F: drive in the restore todrive box in the \\servername\drive format.
C. Using the redirection option, place the original server name in the restore to drive box and thenew server name in the path box.
D. From the restore selections screen, select the new server, and then choose the data from theold server.

Question #56

Which three items does the Backup Exec Environment Check Utility check prior to installing
Backup Exec 10.0? (Choose three.)

A. The current version of MDAC
B. Port availability
C. SMTP Server availability
D. The presence of a CD-ROM
E. Domain Administrative Privileges

Question #57

When installing Backup Exec, you receive a message in the install log stating that Backup
Exec failed to install third party products. Which two third party products does Backup Exec
10.0 install? (Choose two.)

A. MSDE 2000
B. Direct X
C. Java Runtime
D. SQL Server 2000 SP2

Question #58

Your company management requires a hard copy of the job history so that they can see
success or failures of backups. In which two locations can you configure the job to send the
job log as an attachment? (Choose two.)

A. In the notification properties of the job
B. In the Alerts Categories menu item under the Tools menu
C. In the Email and Pager Notification menu item under the Tools menu
D. In the Recipients menu item under the Tools menu

Question #59

Which statement is true concerning selection list notification?

A. Backup Exec can send notification when any job using a given selection list completes.
B. Selection list notification is not possible with Backup Exec 10 unless the Admin Plus Pack isinstalled.
C. Selection list notification will only work when using e-mail notification.
D. If a resource on a selection list no longer exists, the selection list is automatically updated,and notification is sent to selected recipients.

Question #60

Which two alert category types can be disabled? (Choose two.)

A. Warning alerts
B. Attention Required alerts
C. Error alerts
D. Media alerts
E. Informational alerts

Question #61

You back up your company's Windows workstations every night. Sometimes files are
skipped. What are two possible causes for the failure? (Choose two.)

A. Advanced Disk-based Backup Option (ADBO) is not installed on the backup server.
B. Applications are being left open on the desktop of the workstations.
C. The Remote Agent is not installed on the workstations.
D. Advanced Open File Option (AOFO) is not installed on the remote workstations.

Question #62

You want a job to start at 6:00 pm tonight. If the job runs past 12:00 am, you want the job to
terminate. What should you do?

A. Set the effective Date to today's date
B. Set the time Window to 6:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m.
C. Enable automatic cancellation if not completed in 6 hours
D. Set the start Time to 6:00 p.m. and the and Time to 12:00 a.m.

Question #63

The backup job fails when using a Backup-to-Disk folder. Which three reasons could cause
the backup-to-disk device to show as offline? (Choose three.)

A. The folder is on a RAID array.
B. The folder is on a NAS device.
C. The directory is set for read-only.
D. The device is no longer connected.
E. The drive used has no more available space.

Question #64

Which two statements about the Advanced Open File Option (AOFO) are true? (Choose

A. Can be used to protect removable media
B. Will work with Microsoft Windows 2003 Server
C. Can be used to protect an Oracle server
D. Creates a virtual point-in-time snapshot of each volume

Question #65

What is the default file type for Backup Exec 10.0 job logs?

A. xml
B. pdf
C. log
D. txt

Question #66

A single tape-drive Robotic Library is attached to the Backup Exec Server but does not
display in the Backup Exec Devices window. The library is in the correct location under the
Robotic Libraries tree, but instead of listing the drive underneath it, there is a listing of
Unknown Drive. In addition, the drive name is listed under stand-alone drives. What is the
probable solution?

A. Restart the Backup Exec Server service
B. Power down the Backup Exec Server and attached Robotic Library, and then power up theRobotic Library before powering up the Backup Exec Server
C. Run the Device Configuration Wizard and drag the correct drive name to the position underthe Robotic Library
D. The Robotic Library is unserialized, which Backup Exec does NOT support. The RoboticLibrary must be replaced with a serialized Robotic Library.

Question #67

An administrator moves media from Media Set 1 to Retired Media Set. The overwrite
protection period of the media had 22 hours remaining. What is the result of the move?

A. The overwrite protection period is set to infinite.
B. The overwrite protection period is set to zero.
C. If space remains on the media, the append period is reset to infinite.
D. The header is erased, the data is unrecoverable, and the tape is unusable.

Question #68

In which two formats can reports be viewed from the Backup Exec Administration console?
(Choose two.)

A. xls
B. html
C. pdf
D. doc

Question #69

Which two options will need to be reinstalled on remote servers after upgrading from
Backup Exec 8.6 to Backup Exec 10.0? (Choose two.)

A. Remote Agent for Windows Servers
B. Agent for Exchange
C. Advanced Open File Option
D. Agent for SQL

Question #70

What are two valid methods for removing tapes from a Robotic Library using Backup Exec
functionality? (Choose two.)

A. Create an export job for the tapes you need to export and then remove the tapes from therobotic library portal
B. Use the nlock Robotic Library option in the devices tab and then open the robotic library doorto remove the tapes
C. Use the eject command for the tapes you wish to remove and then remove the tapes from therobotic library
D. Choose the n-initialize Robotic Library option to allow Backup Exec to dismount the roboticlibrary and then remove the tapes

Question #71

You are tasked with creating a backup job of two Windows 2000 Servers:
ServerA and ServerB. Each server has two volumes: C: and D:. Which is a valid resource
order for a nightly backup job?

A. ServerB D:, ServerA C:, ServerB C:, ServerA D:, ServerB System State, ServerA SystemState
B. ServerB C:, D:, System State; ServerA C:, D:, System State
C. ServerA C:, D:, ServerB C:, System State, ServerA System State
D. ServerA C:, D:, Server B C:, ServerA System State; ServerB System State

Question #72

You have determined that it is necessary to stop three different services on the Backup
Exec server prior to running the scheduled backup. What should you do if it is imperative
that these services have as little downtime as possible?

A. Add the service names to the Pre/Post Command section of the nightly backup job
B. Stop the services manually at the end of the production day, and then restart them the nextday
C. Create shortcuts to the appropriate commands and place them in the "Pre" and "Post" foldersunder the Backup Exec\NT folder
D. Create batch files that contain the appropriate commands and add the batch files to the Pre/Post Command section of the nightly backup job

Question #73

You want to install Backup Exec 10.0 for Windows Servers from a command line using
silent mode. The CD is located on drive D:. Which command will accomplish this?

A. D:\WINNT\INSTALL\BE\setup /TS: /USER:administrator /DOM:DOMAIN /PASS:password/SNO:valid_serial_number
B. D:\WINNT\INSTALL\BE\setup /TS: /USER:administrator /DOM:DOMAIN /PASS:password/SNO:valid_serial_number
C. D:\WINNT\INSTALL\BE\setup /USER:administrator /DOM:DOMAIN /PASS:password/SNO:valid_serial_number

Question #74

Which three options are included in Backup Exec for Small Business Server? (Choose

A. Shared Storage Option (SSO)
B. Agent for Microsoft SQL Server
C. Agent for Microsoft Exchange Server
D. Agent for Lotus Domino
E. Intelligent Disaster Recovery (IDR)

Question #75

Tape016 has been written to and allocated to the WEEKLY FULL media set by Backup
Exec Server01. You physically move Tape016 into the Robotic Library connected to
Backup Exec Server02 and perform an inventory operation. Which media set on Backup
Exec Server02 will contain Tape016?

A. Offline
B. Retired
C. Scratch
D. Imported

Question #76

You just had a conference with the new CIO of your company. He has advised you that
backups of your servers and workstations from different sites should be grouped together.
The jobs need to have similar names, but also be distinguishable by site. Which Backup
Exec function will enable you to achieve what the CIO wants?

A. Create one selection list for all servers and workstations
B. Use policies to create a backup strategy
C. Create one backup job and schedule it to run once a day
D. Use the Backup Wizard to organize the jobs

Question #77

Which restore selections view enables you to view a list of protected servers regardless of
which media contains the data?

A. Volume View
B. Server View
C. Resource View
D. Media View

Question #78

A new data retrieval company has a server farm with 30 TB of storage at 10% capacity.
The Information Technology team has been tasked to develop a backup strategy. The
primary goal is a quick recovery. To meet this need, the IT team invested in a high-capacity
tape library, a standalone drive, and a DVD-RW drive with UDF packet writing support. The
IT team also set up a Backup-to-Disk folder as a backup target device.
To address the primary goal, quick recovery, which backup device is best to use when
creating a backup job?

A. High-capacity tape library
B. Stand-alone drive
C. DVD-RW drive with UDF packet writing support
D. Backup-to-Disk folder

Question #79

Which two statements are true about the rename feature for a piece of media? (Choose

A. For a rename operation, the new label is written to themedia during the next overwriteoperation.
B. Renaming enables you to change the name of the media without losing the current data onthe tape.
C. Renaming causes the media to immediately be overwritten with the new name, and all dataon the media is lost.
D. Renaming enables you to immediately take the media to a new media server and see thenew name displayed.

Question #80

Overwrite protection period initiates at the ______ of a job, and append period initiates at
the ______ of the first job.

A. Beginning, beginning
B. End, end
C. Beginning, end
D. End, beginning

Question #81

What is required to create a policy?

A. Template
B. Selection list
C. Description
D. Template rule

Question #82

There are multiple jobs waiting in the queue for the same device to become available.
Which two reasons cause one job to run before all of the other jobs? (Choose two.)

A. The job has waited longer than all of the other jobs.
B. The backup job is set for the highest priority setting.
C. The server has precedence over the other servers.
D. The backup job start time was set for before the other jobs.

Question #83

You have a Windows 2003 server that is also the domain controller for your Windows
environment. This server is also a client that needs to be fully backed up every 24 hours.
Which Windows role of the logon account enables you to fully protect the server?

A. Power User
B. Domain User
C. Domain Admins
D. Backup Operator

Question #84

A data retrieval company offers its customers several options for data availability. To
facilitate these options, they have implemented full overwrite protection and overwrite
protection policies through media sets. The five media set options offered are:
Data Saver
Overwrite protection: 1 month
Append period: 1 day
Overwrite protection: 1 year
Append period: 1 day
Overwrite protection: 5 years
Append period: 1 day
Enhanced PLUS
Overwrite protection: 10 years
Append period: 1 day
Overwrite protection: Infinite
Append period: Infinite
A small doctor's office has chosen the company to keep their patients records. Regulations
require that medical records for adults be kept seven years. Which media set should be
selected for the doctor's office?

A. Data Saver
B. Basic
C. Enhanced
D. Enhanced PLUS
E. Supreme

Question #85

Backup Exec catalogs are written in which two locations? (Choose two.)

A. Tape
B. Disk
C. Database
D. Job history

Question #86

When setting the default scheduling options from the Tools -> Options menu, the effective
Date is defined as the _______.

A. Only date when jobs will run
B. First date when only backup jobs will run
C. Date when Backup Exec was installed
D. First date when all new jobs will run, unless the ffective Date has been changed in theindividual jobs
E. First date when all new jobs will run, regardless of the effective Date selected in the individualjobs

Question #87

A policy that will perform a full backup on Friday and differential backups Monday through
Thursday must contain at least how many templates?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 4
D. 5

Question #88

The Backup Exec server has been rebuilt from scratch due to a hard drive failure. The
server has a stand-alone tape drive, and there is a tape available with the prior night full
backup on it. Prior to beginning the restore job which media operations must first be

A. Import the media and then run a catalog job
B. Move the media to a media set and then run a catalog job
C. Inventory the media and then run a catalog job
D. Inventory the media and then run a verify job

Question #89

Rules specify the relationship between two ________.

A. Jobs
B. Policies
C. Templates
D. Selection lists

Question #90

What are two ways to choose the view for selecting files to restore? (Choose two.)

A. Click the Resource or Media radio button in the View by box in the Restore Selections screen
B. From the View Menu, choose Resource View or Media View
C. Select Tools -> Options, choose the Restore screen, and then choose Media View or Resource View
D. Right-click inside a blank area of the restore selections screen and choose either Media Viewor Resource View

Question #91

Which three are valid Backup Exec recipient e-mail transports for notification? (Choose

F. GroupWise

Question #92

You are deploying Backup Exec 10.0 and plan to back up several servers and
workstations. Most of the servers are running Windows 2003 Server. The workstations are
running a mixture of Windows 95, Windows 2000 Professional, Mac OS 9, and Mac OS X.
Which three operating systems is Backup Exec able to protect? (Choose three.)

A. Mac OS 9
B. Mac OS X
C. Windows 95
D. Windows 2003 Server
E. Windows 2000 Professional

Question #93

Which three items are defined in a policy template? (Choose three.)

A. When to run the backup
B. Which files to back up
C. Which systems to back up
D. Where to write the backup
E. Backup job type

Question #94

In Backup Exec, system media is considered to be all media that have been introduced into
Backup Exec except media that have been allocated to ________.

A. Retired media
B. Scratch media
C. Cleaning media
D. A media set

Question #95

You want to run a scheduled job on the 1 st and 15 th of every month. Which two schedule
options can you use to schedule the job? (Choose two.)

A. Days of the Month
B. Specific Days
C. Week Days
D. Day Interval

Question #96

A(n) _____________ account enables Backup Exec to access resources for backup.

A. Administrative
B. Logon
C. Service
D. Computer

Question #97

What is the default setting for concurrent connections to a Backup-to-Disk folder?

A. 1
B. 9
C. 10
D. 16

Question #98

You notice that one of your scheduled backup jobs has a status of on hold. What are two
reasons this job could have been placed in this state? (Choose two.)

A. A test run job failed and the "upon any failure, place the job on hold" box was checked.
B. The backup job's schedule was modified and the "submit job on hold" box was checked.
C. Your current logon credentials do not allow you to run backup jobs.
D. There are no available tape devices or Backup-To-disk folders to process the backup job.

Question #99

Which menu item configures alert categories?

A. Alert Error Rules
B. Notification Rules
C. New Alert Category
D. Alert Categories

Question #100

Given the following:
There are four tapes to use in a four-week cycle (one tape per week, Friday-Thursday).
A Full backup is scheduled to run every Friday night and is set to Overwrite only.
The current tape is ejected, and the next tape in the cycle is put in the tape drive every
Friday. A differential job is scheduled to run Monday-Thursday and is set to Append only.
After running through all four tapes in four weeks, the first tape from the cycle should be
ready for the Friday night overwrite job.
Which media set values for the Append and Overwrite Protection periods are correct to
enforce this media rotation and allow the jobs to run as scheduled?

A. APPEND = 26 Days, OVERWRITE = 1 Day
B. APPEND = 21 Days, OVERWRITE = 6 Days
C. APPEND = 6 Days, OVERWRITE = 21 Days
D. APPEND = 6 Days, OVERWRITE = 26 Days

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