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Symantec 250-300 Exam - Administration of Backup Exec 10 for Windows

Questions & Answers for Symantec 250-300

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Question #1

You currently have a Windows 2000 server with Backup Exec 8.6 installed. You will be
performing an upgrade of the operating system to Windows 2003 along with an upgrade of
Backup Exec to 10.0. What is the recommended upgrade path?

A. Upgrade Backup Exec to 10.0 first, and then upgrade the operating system to Windows 2003

B. Upgrade the operating system to Windows 2003 first, and then upgrade Backup Exec to 10.0

C. Upgrade Backup Exec to 9.1, upgrade Backup Exec to 10.0, and then upgrade the operatingsystem to Windows 2003

D. Upgrade the operating system to Windows 2003, upgrade Backup Exec to 9.1, and thenupgrade Backup Exec to 10.0

Question #2

Which two wizards does Backup Exec provide for adding storage locations to your media
server? (Choose two.)

A. IDR Wizard

B. Device Configuration Wizard

C. Hot Swappable Device Wizard

D. Policy Wizard

E. Backup Wizard

Question #3

A monthly template in a policy needs to take precedence over a weekly template in the
same policy. You want to create a template rule to specify this precedence. Where do you
configure the template rule?

A. In the rules window, select add

B. In the policy window, select ew Rule

C. In the policy window, select edit Template and then select ew Rule

D. In the Job Setup task pane, select ew Rule from the File menu

Question #4

Which two menu items can be used for configuring Recipients to Alert Categories?
(Choose two.)

A. Recipients

B. Assign Recipients to Alert Categories

C. Alert Categories

D. Alert Error Handling Rules

Question #5

Your main file server is down, and there is an immediate need for a directory of data that
was on the server. What is the quickest method for accomplishing this task?

A. Change the data source path to include the UNC name of an available server

B. Use the File Redirection option to choose an available server to restore the data

C. Rebuild the down server with the same name as before, and then perform the restore

D. Rebuild the down server with the same name as before, and then perform the restore withthe Restore Security check box cleared

Question #6

Backup Exec has been installed successfully, but the physically attached tape drive is not
visible within the Backup Exec Administration Console. The tape drive is showing in
Microsoft Windows 2003 Device Manager under the Tape Devices branch. Which two
actions can be performed to resolve this problem? (Choose two.)

A. Restart the Backup Exec Server service

B. Right-click the Devices tree in Backup Exec and select Scan for New Hardware

C. Verify that the tape drive is on the VERITAS Backup Exec for Windows Servers HardwareCompatibility List

D. contact the tape drive manufacturer to confirm that there are no problems or updatesnecessary for the tape drive firmware

Question #7

The default option for job logging populates the job log with four job-specific categories.
These four categories are _______. (Choose four.)

A. Job priority

B. Skipped files

C. The media server name

D. Errors encountered

E. Completion statistics

F. Names of processed subdirectories

Question #8

Which item is changed by the opdate vault wizard in Backup Exec 10.0?

A. Moves media to the imported media set

B. Moves media to the foreign media set

C. Changes the overwrite protection period to infinite

D. Changes the media location in the Backup Exec interface

Question #9

A new data retrieval company has a server farm with 30 TB of storage at 10% capacity.
The Information Technology team has been tasked to develop a backup strategy. The
primary goal is to support backing up the full capacity of the server farm. To meet these
needs, the IT team invested in a high-capacity tape library, a stand-alone drive, and a
DVD-RW drive with UDF packet writing support. The IT team also set up a Backup-to-Disk
folder on the internal IDE drive as a backup target device.
To address the primary goal, support for backing up the full capacity, which backup device
is best to use when creating a backup job?

A. High-capacity tape library

B. 4mm stand-alone drive

C. DVD-RW drive with UDF packet writing support

D. Backup-to-Disk folder

Question #10

A push installation of the Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows Servers fails. You
choose to perform a local installation of the Remote Agent using the Backup Exec
installation media. Which two commands will perform a local installation of the Remote
Agent? (Choose two.)


B. Double-click WINNT\INSTALL\RANT32\setup.exe

C. WINNT\INSTALL\RANT32\setup.exe /RANT32: -s


Question #11

The append period is measured from the time the media was first _____.

A. Labeled

B. Allocated

C. Exported

D. Inventoried

Question #12

A restore job fails with Access Denied errors. Which action do you perform?

A. Start the Backup Exec Remote Agent on the appropriate machine

B. Enable restore rights in Logon Account Management for the appropriate account

C. Check the Resource Credentials for the restore job and associate a set of credentials thathas appropriate rights

D. change the logon account for the Backup Exec Remote Agent on the appropriate machine toan account that has appropriate rights

Question #13

Which two statements are true about selection lists? (Choose two.)

A. Selection lists store the information about what needs to be backed up.

B. Selection lists cannot be edited after they are associated with a policy.

C. The selection list can only be used on one Backup Job.

D. You can edit the list without editing the backup job itself.

Question #14

Which two are supported items in a device pool? (Choose two.)

A. Disk drive

B. Media Sets

C. Robotic Libraries

D. Stand-alone tape drive

E. Cascaded drive pool

F. Backup-to-disk folder

Question #15

You must configure which two options to run a scheduled job every hour Monday through
Friday? (Choose two.)

A. On the deek Days option, select every day except Saturday and Sunday

B. Select the epeat option and select 60 minutes

C. Select the restart Time Interval option and select 1 hour as the interval

D. Change the time Window to one hour

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