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Understanding Cisco Cloud Fundamentals
Understanding Cisco Cloud Fundamentals


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Questions & Answers for Cisco 210-451

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Question #1

The Cisco InterCloud Fabric Director provides what functionality?

A. It is the single point of management and consumption for hybrid Cloud solutions.

B. It is the single point of management and consumption for public Cloud solutions.

C. It is the single point of management and consumption for private Cloud solutions.

D. It is a plugin of a Virtual Machine Manager to provide management and configuration for hybrid Cloud solutions.

Question #2

Which Cloud storage technology would be accessed via the following URL?



C. Cinder

D. Swift

Question #3

VMware's ESXi Hypervisor is a Type-1 hypervisor. What does this mean?

A. It should be placed first in your data center.

B. It runs a conventional operating system and abstracts the guest operating system from its host system.

C. It should only be run in class 1 data centers with high availability.

D. It runs directly on the host hardware to control and manage the guest operating systems.

Question #4

Refer to the command line display below:
vsan database
vsan 1000 name FCoE
vlan 1000
fcoe vlan 1000
int e1/1
switchport mode trunk
switchport trunk allowed vlan 1000
no shut
int vfc10
bind interface e1/1
switchport trunk allowed vsan 1000
no shut
On which line does the error occur that prevents FCoE from operating correctly in a Cisco
Nexus switch?

A. fcoe vlan 1000

B. switchport trunk allowed vsan 1000

C. int vfc10

D. bind interface e1/1

Question #5

Whichthreeare the components of Cisco InterCloud solution? (Choose three.)

A. Cisco InterCloud Fabric Director

B. Cisco InterCloud Fabric Provider Platform

C. Cisco InterCloud Fabric Secure Cloud Extension

D. Cisco InterCloud Fabric Portal

E. Cisco InterCloud Fabric Secure Cloud Protocol

F. Cisco InterCloud Fabric Service Platform

Question #6

IaaS is an acronym for what type of Cloud?

A. Instances as a Service

B. Infrastructure as a Service

C. Internet as a Service

D. Images as a Service

Question #7

What two protocols does a physical switch and Nexus 1000V support? (Choose two.)





Question #8

In an Openstack Cloud deployment which has a fibre channel SAN providing the block
storage, which two options are valid fibre channel zone member types? (Choose two.)


B. DomainID


D. OpenStack Volume ID

Question #9

Which Cloud service model is appropriate for a physical data center move to the Cloud?

A. Infrastructure as a Service

B. Platform as a Service

C. Compute as a Service

D. Software as a Service

Question #10

Which administrative task is most disruptive to a Cisco UCS B-Series cluster?

A. reboot of a Fabric Interconnect

B. changing the switching mode of a Fabric Interconnect

C. re-seating a server

D. resetting an IOM

Question #11

Which platform is ideally used to orchestrate a FlexPod from a single management

A. Cisco UCS Manager

B. Cisco UCS Director

C. Cisco Prime Cloud Automation Manager

D. Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure Manager

Question #12

Whichtwo options are characteristics of NAS? (Choose two.)

A. NAS provides block-based storage only.

B. NAS provides storage and filesystems.

C. NAS requires no authentication.

D. SMB is a protocol that can be used for NAS.

Question #13

Cisco APICs utilize sharding to provide what function for an ACI fabric?

A. It provides scalability and reliability to the data sets generated and processed by the Distributed Policy Repository, the endpoint registry, the Observer, and the Topology Manager

B. It provides replication of application network policies across the APICs in the cluster

C. It provides a method for determining which APIC will act as the master in a fabric during the election process

D. It provides horizontal scaling ability for policy management on APICs

Question #14

Which Cisco product is outside of a Vblock?

A. Cisco Nexus 1k

B. Cisco C-Series UCS

C. Cisco Nexus 3k

D. Cisco UCS Central

Question #15

Whichoption isthe correct steps to regenerate a UCS B-Series SSL certificate?

A. Open an SSH session to the CIMC IP # scope security # scope keyring default # set regenerate yes # commit-buffer

B. Open an SSH session to the CIMC IP # scope certificate # set regenerate yes # commit-buffer

C. Open an SSH session to the CIMC IP # scope security # scope certificate # set regenerate yes # commit-buffer

D. Using the UCSM GUI Navigate to the Admin tab Expand ALL > Key Management Right-click Key Management and choose regenerate certificate Click OK