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Question No : 1 - Topic 1

Scenario: of complaints that logons are taking longer than usual, consequently, user
productivity is being affected negatively. The administrator needs to reduce logon times in
order to correct the productivity issues.
What should the administrator do to reduce the logon time for users?

A. Enable Local Bitmap Caching
B. Disable unused virtual channels
C. Enable Special Folder Redirection
D. Disable the zone preference and failover policy

Question No : 2 - Topic 1

Which two reasons would cause an administrator to exclude certain applications from
Memory Optimization before testing them? (Choose two.)

A. Some application components are digitally signed
B. The applications allow Windows to load the .DLL files it calls
C. The applications are memory-intensive when run in multiple sessions
D. The applications use Windows Rights Management to protect its .DLL files
E. The applications download additional components from the Internet during installation

Question No : 3 - Topic 1

What should an administrator do to troubleshoot an issue involving a single user who is
unable to save files to his or her local desktop when other users can save files to their local

A. Check the properties of the Citrix XenApp farm
B. Check the permissions on the local client drive
C. Check the properties of the published applications
D. Check the permissions on the Citrix XenApp server drive

Question No : 4 - Topic 1

An administrator just installed and configured a Citrix license server using defaults;
however, the administrator did NOT open the vendor daemon port on the firewall.
The administrator has to open this port on the firewall to allow for communication between
the Citrix license server and the ______ (Choose the correct option to complete the

A. client devices
B. Citrix XenApp servers
C. License Management Console
D. Terminal Services licensing server

Question No : 5 - Topic 1

Scenario: An administrator has been asked to provide external users with access to
applications published on Citrix XenApp servers. There is a VPN connection for the
external users to access the Citrix XenApp environment and NAT is used to connect the IP
segments of the corporate network and the external users remote locations. Each Citrix
XenApp server has been assigned to unique IP address on the external router which is
translated into the internal address used on the Citrix XenApp servers. The external users
will connect to the production Web Interface sitE. No new hardware will be purchased for
the new site.
Which two steps must the administrator take to give the external users access to resources
in this environment? (Choose two.)

A. Set an alternate address to each Citrix XenApp server
B. Set a gateway translated address to each Citrix XenApp server
C. Create a client route within the Web Interface site to allow the new remote site network access to the Citrix XenApp servers using the alternate address
D. Create a client route within the Web Interface site to allow the new remote site network access to the Citrix XenApp servers using the gateway translated addresses

Question No : 6 - Topic 1

Scenario: A Citrix XenApp server in a farm is heavily loaded; logon time has increased
significantly. The CPU resources are dominated by a particular application. A single user
running that application is affecting all the other users connected to the Citrix XenApp
How would the administrator resolve this issue?

A. Assign the Advanced Load Evaluator to all servers
C. Create a new load evaluator to load manage the application by CPU utilization
D. Configure a special Health Monitoring and Recovery item to show when the CPU utilization is high

Question No : 7 - Topic 1

Scenario: A Citrix XenApp farm consists of one data center that hosts several dozen Citrix
XenApp servers. An administrator in the farm is creating a disaster recovery plan and has
secured data center space in Timbuktu. After provisioning a dozen servers to that location,
the administrator begins configuring zone preference and failover so that, if necessary, all
users can access applications from the disaster site.
Once properly configured, users can leverage the latest __________ when accessing the
farm through a __________. (Choose the three correct options to complete the sentence.)

A. Client for Java; XenApp Web site
B. Client for Linux; XenApp Web site
C. Plugin for Hosted Apps; XenApp Services site
D. Windows CE-based client; custom ICA connection
E. XenApp Plugin for Hosted Apps; Program Neighborhood interface

Question No : 8 - Topic 1

Scenario: An administrator configured Citrix XenApp in an environment and used a SQL
Server data storE. The SQL server data store database has been moved to another SQL
Which two steps must be performed on the Citrix XenApp servers to complete the
relocation of the data store? (Choose two.)

A. Run the CHFARM command
B. Create a new DSN file that points to the relocated database
C. Run the DSMAINT CONFIG command to change the IMA service configuration on all servers in the farm
D. Run the DSMAINT MIGRATE command to change the IMA service configuration on all servers in the farm

Question No : 9 - Topic 1

Scenario: In an environment, branch office users are assigned published desktops. There
is a dedicated T1 link between the headquarters and the branch officE. All users in the
branch office have reported that they experience poor session performance whenever
someone accesses multimedia content within a published desktop.
How should the administrator optimize the user sessions in the branch office?

A. Configure Session Reliability in the farm
B. Disable server to client content redirection in the farm
C. Configure a Citrix policy with client to server content redirection and apply it to the Branch Office User group
D. Configure a Citrix policy with Overall Session bandwidth limit and apply it to the client IP address range of the branch office

Question No : 10 - Topic 1

The %Disk Read Time and %Disk Write Time have increased in a Citrix XenApp farm
over a period of two weeks of operation.
How should the administrator correct this issue?

A. Schedule weekly restarts of the servers in the farm
B. Schedule weekly defragmentation on the servers in the farm
C. Configure a policy to disable hard disk drive redirection in XenApp Advanced Configuration tool
D. Configure alerts in the Access Management Console to notify the Administrator when a counter is exceeded

Question No : 11 - Topic 1

Scenario: Users are reporting that their printers are not auto-creating. The administer
investigates and discovers that the Citrix Print Manager Server is Not running. When
attempting to start the service, the administrator receives the error shown in the attached
Click the Exhibit button to view the error message.
Citrix 1Y0-A08 question 11
Which two actions could resolve this issue? (Choose two.)

A. Recreate the Ctx_cpsvcuser account
B. Recreate the Network Service account
C. Recreate the Ctx_streamingsvc account
D. Ensure the Ctx_cpsvcuser account has logon as service rights
E. Ensure the Network Service account has logon as service rights
F. Ensure the Ctx_streamingsvc account has logon as service rights

Question No : 12 - Topic 1

With the least administrative effort, what could an administrator do to verify that the Citrix
XenApp servers in an environment have the same hot fix revision?

A. Run the CPATCH /L command and compare the hot fixes
B. Create a hot fix list and compare the servers using the Access Management Console
C. Use the Programs and Features option in the Windows Control Panel and compare the hot fixes
D. Create a new hot fix list and compare the servers to the hot fix list in the XenApp Advanced Configuration tool

Question No : 13 - Topic 1

In which situation should the CPU Utilization Management/CPU Rebalance service be set
to start automatically?

A. Citrix XenApp runs on a single processor server
B. The Resource Manager tool is used to monitor CPU sharing
C. It is desirable to monitor CPU sharing using the Access Management Console
D. Multiple instances of a single-threaded application are running on the same CPU

Question No : 14 - Topic 1

Scenario: An administrator clones a Citrix XenApp server to create a second server. The
administrator attempts to add the new server as a Secure Ticketing Authority (STA) server
in Secure Gateway settings using the FQDN of the server. While configuring the Secure
Gateway server, the administrator receives an error which states that the server is already
in the list as an STA server.
What should the administrator do to add the cloned server as an STA server?

A. Open the XML port on the firewall
B. Run sysprep on the cloned Citrix XenApp server
C. Modify the UID in the CTXSTA CONFIG file on the cloned Citrix XenApp server
D. Use the IP address of the STA server in the Secure Gateway settings instead of the FQDN

Question No : 15 - Topic 1

Scenario: An administrator needs to stream application to client devices, but some client
devices are NOT receiving the streamed applications. To resolve the issue, the
administrator must verify the type of plugin installed on those client devices.
Which two types of plugins are required to stream to client devices? (Choose two.)

A. XenApp plugin
B. The client for Java
C. Program Neighborhood
D. XenApp Plugin for Streamed Apps

Question No : 16 - Topic 1

Scenario: Citrix administrators in a remote office are experiencing slow performance when
using the Access Management ConsolE. The environment uses a Microsoft SQL 2005 data
store, and there are 300 Citrix XenApp servers in the farm.
What could be the cause of the slow performance?

A. The IMA service is NOT started
B. Too many servers are in the farm
C. Zone preference and failover is NOT configured
D. Latency between the remote location and the data store server

Question No : 17 - Topic 1

Scenario: A company has a Citrix XenApp farm hosting publishing applications for internal
employees and external contractors. These are 20 different Citrix policies configured in the
farm to control various settings and users activities. UserX is unable to save applications to
the local C: drive when running applications hosted on a Citrix XenApp server. The
administrator suspects that one of the Citrix policies is causing the issue.
How can the administrator determine which Citrix policies are being applied to UserX with
the least amount of administrative effort?

A. Run a Policy report from the Report Center
C. Run the Policy Search Engine in the XenApp Advanced Configuration tool
D. Run the Group Policy Results Wizard from the Group Policy Management Console

Question No : 18 - Topic 1

A user has two printers configured on a workstation: a laser printer configured as the
default printer and a color inkjet printer. However, when accessing hosted applications on a
Citrix XenApp server, the user can see only the laser printer.
What should the administrator do to verify if a Citrix policy is causing the issue?

A. Open the command prompt and view the policies with GPRESULT
B. Open the Access Management Console and view the resultant policy
C. Open the XenApp Advanced Configuration tool and view the resultant policy
D. Open the Terminal Services Configuration tool and view the configured settings

Question No : 19 - Topic 1

Scenario: Each time a Citrix XenApp server starts up, a message appears stating that at
least one service or driver failed during startup. The System Event log displays Event ID
error 3609, which states
Failed to load plugin C:\Program
Files\Citrix\System32\Citrix\IMA\Subsystems\RADESessionSs.dll with error
Which action resolves the error and allows the IMA service to start?

C. Verify that the server is communicating with the data store
D. Verify that the server can communicate with the application streaming profiles

Question No : 20 - Topic 1

Scenario: Users in a Citrix XenApp farm have complained that it takes anywhere from 45
to 120 seconds to log on to applications. An administrator is instructed to run a CDF trace
using CDF Control while users are logging onto the server.
Which utility must the administrator run to parse data in order to ensure that the CDF trace
contains the appropriate information necessary to troubleshoot this issue?


Showing 1-20 of 201 Questions   (Page 1 out of 11)



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