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LPI 117-301 Exam - LPI Level 3 301:Core

Questions & Answers for LPI 117-301

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Question #1

When working with NIS netgroups in LDAP, which attributes may be specified with the
nisNetgroup object class to store information about the netgroup? (Choose TWO correct

A. memberNisNetgroup

B. memberUid

C. nisNetgroupName

D. nisMapEntry

E. nisNetgroupTriple

Question #2

In capacity planning exercises, what tools assist in identifying processes of interest from
other processes? (Choose two.)

A. free

B. top

C. lshal

D. ps

Question #3

In the following output, what does the 1 in the b column indicate?

A. A process is blocked on I/O

B. A process is waiting on a parent to check its exit value

C. A process is swapped and waiting

D. A process is waiting

Question #4

Which of the following ACL lines allows access to all hosts that have an IP Address that
starts with 192.168.1?

A. by ipaddress=192.168.1.

B. by peername=192.168.1.*

C. by peername=192.168.1

D. by ipaddress=192.168.1.*

Question #5

Which of the following is the correct syntax for including a schema file in slapd.conf?

A. include /usr/local/etc/openldap/schema/core.schema

B. add /usr/local/etc/openldap/schema/core.schema

C. permit /usr/local/etc/openldap/schema/core.schema

D. allow /usr/local/etc/openldap/schema/core.schema

Question #6

What is the utility used to test that slapd.conf is usable and minimally complete?

A. slapdtest

B. slaptest

C. ldapsearch

D. ldaptest

Explanation: ( see 1.3, second sentence)

Question #7

The _______ Perl module gives the programmer the ability to work with LDIF files in perl.
(Specify the module in Perl's Module)


Question #8

What operating system tools can be used to collect capacity planning data? (Choose two.)

A. iostat

B. lsmod

C. fuser

D. vmstat

Question #9

In an LDAP masters's slapd.conf configuration file, a replica configuration option is needed
to enable a slave LDAP to replicate. What value is required in the following setting:
If using passwords for master/slave authentication? (Only specify the missing value)


Question #10

Which of the following resources would be measured for capacity planning? (Choose two.)

A. CPU Usage

B. Application load time

C. Disk Usage

D. Memory usage

Question #11

After finishing configuration of a UNIX client to authenticate with a Microsoft Active
Directory server, login attempts are unsuccessful. Which of the following is most likely the

A. The slapd daemon is not running

B. The user account in Active Director has the remote login setting disabled

C. The PAM library is searching the directory with the default search filter

D. Unix Client support is disabled in the Active Directory Configuration

Question #12

What settings may a user enter when configuring Microsoft Outlook to connect to an
LDAP white pages services? (Choose three.)

A. Alias dereferencing options

B. SASL configuration

C. Search base

D. Maximum number of entries to return on a successful search

E. Search timeout

Question #13

The _______ command, included with OpenLDAP, will generate password hashes suitable
for use in slapd.conf. (Enter the command with no options or parameters)


Question #14

After configuring a Unix workstation for LDAP authentication, you type the command 'id joe'
and discover that the user's UID/GID information is still being retrieved from local password
files. Which file did you most likely forget to update?


Question #15

When logged in to a workstation which retrieves most of its user information from NIS,
which command can be used to list ALL to users?

A. ypusers list

B. cat /etc/passwd

C. cat /var/lib/nis/passwd

D. getent passwd

E. show users

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