ISC CCSP Topic: Domain 5 (Operations)
December 20, 2022

3. HVAC Consideration

So this is Hawaii’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. So basically, there is an automatic air conditioner that adjusts as per the indoor temperatures. It goes on and off according to its needs, and it maintains a stable temperature.

So normally, data centre heating, ventilation, and the AC units are turned on and off based on the returned air temperature. Okay, the air conditioning system moves heat generated by equipment in the data centers outside, allowing the data centre to maintain a stable temperature range for the operating equipment. Thus, air management is essentially the prevention or elimination of the difference between the cooling air supply to the equipment and the hot air rejected from the equipment. So the equipment is releasing the heat and providing cooling air. When designed correctly, an air management system can reduce operating costs and heat-related processing interruptions or failures. If you don’t keep a good temperature, your machine may slow down or components may be damaged. As a result, centralized cooling must be properly considered when designing proper cooling systems.

A few key design issues include the configuration of equipment, air intake and heat exhaust ports, and the location of supply and return. So, when properly placed, there should not be a wall when the hot air is going and it is not cooled because of the tight no air gap between the walls. And also, I think all the datacenters take care of those things.

So a data center should have a cable management strategy to minimize air flow obstruction caused by the cable and the wiring. Definitely, strategy should target the entire cooling airflow path, including the rack level, equipment, air intake, and discharge areas. The method of creating a hot spot can be promoted through two methods: underflow and overhead obstructions. Cable congestion is in raised floor plenums, so there is a minimum effect. A clear height of 24 inches should be provided for raised floor installation.

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